Your kindness, no one knows, God knows! (after reading it, I believe it)

Your kindness, no one knows, God knows! (after reading it, I believe it)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

everything in the world has cause and effect.

good, evil, loyalty and evil must be rewarded.

people do good deeds, no one knows, God knows,

will bring good luck and blessings.

people do evil, people do not understand, God knows,

will bring bad luck and misfortune. Kindness is the purest quality.

everyone has it.

kindness is the most warm-hearted act.

help others solve problems and show their actions.

be kind and gain hearts.

always be kind and leave a good name. Do not think that no one knows to do good,

raise your head three feet to have a god,

how good you are, how many good you have done,

how many injuries you have suffered and how many losses you have suffered because of goodness,

God knows all about it.

people bully you, heaven protects you,

people owe you, and God supplies you.

to be a person, you must be kind.

because good people,

do not harm others, live a down-to-earth life,

do not cheat, live in peace of mind.

if you are in trouble, you can get help.

if you are in trouble, you can be supported. Kindness is the source of good fortune.

kindness is the accumulation of good luck.

born kind, it is a gift.

later, kindness is a choice.

be a man with a good heart and do things by kindness.

when there is trouble, everyone will help you, and God will protect you. Kindness, is the amulet,

kindness, is the disaster eliminator.

be a kind person.

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I would rather suffer losses than hurt others.

I would rather get hurt than hurt others.

I would rather be fooled than cheated.

do more good deeds and do more good thoughts.

A kind heart can repair blessings, and

good people can get blessings.

in this life,

nothing can be done without kindness.

nothing can be lost without kindness.

if you want to be invincible in the world, you must practice your kindness.

if you don't want to have a bad name after others, you must keep your kindness.

your kindness, nobody knows, God knows,

your kindness, people don't understand, God knows.

stick to kindness for the rest of your life.

but do good deeds, don't ask about the future.

do more good deeds, there will be echoes!