Every city should have such a Subscription account.

Every city should have such a Subscription account.

Subscription account who really does the content.

I hope to share our view of the world with college students

at the beginning of August, I was also an intern in Hiroye.

I remember that on the day I went there, as soon as I put my schoolbag under my feet, brother Jiaxing showed me the video they were going to push that day. My first reaction was:

"Wow, that was a good shot."

I wonder if you know how long it takes to make a three-minute short film. And at a later stage, dubbing and some simple special effects will be added. I once tried to write a 30-second commercial script, which took me two whole days and nearly 2000 words.

and they use covers and illustrations in the push, all of which are designed by themselves.

I didn't ask them how long they spent on that tweet, but I guess they used it for at least a week.

one week, one push.

is it easy? It's really not easy.

I stayed in their office all day, listening to which young entrepreneur they were going to interview in a few days, and where they were going to shoot the scene tomorrow, with scripts and copywriting on hand.

some main accounts in Dongguan have an average of 4 tweets a day, can do more than 28 tweets a week, and each post can be read at least 1W. In other words, 28W people have seen its content in a week.

but after retweeting, who remembers what was said in those tweets?

and about 4 or more of the 28 items are advertisements, assuming that each ad costs 3000 yuan, that is to say, they can earn at least 12k per week.

and "found" takes a week to make a push, and all the illustrations used in that push are taken by themselves at the scene, and they have to adjust colors, add words, and think about copywriting.

output is not proportional to pay at all.

not long ago I went to study in Subscription account's company, and they figured out who would forward every tweet I made at that time.

"this is a reminder, and those who grew up in Dongguan will definitely retweet it."

"this is about students. If you look for more pictures of the school, it is best to mention it in every school, then their students will naturally change."

but Discovery doesn't seem to think about such questions. They just post what they think is fun and wait for the group of readers who also think it is fun to retweet.

it seems to me that they do "search" with the mentality that "if you do it carefully, someone will appreciate it".

We don't care about hot spots and don't keep abreast of current events, but just follow their plans and implement them step by step.

remember that Gu Yeh said in a previous article:

I mentioned in a previous article that there are two types of artists: "self-high type" and "group high type".

that is to say, whether he makes a work for his own pleasure or for everyone's pleasure.

of course, no matter what type of artist he is, it doesn't prevent him from becoming a master, but those who eventually become master "self-high" artists usually 'accidentally' get high with others.

such things are indeed common in art circles

such as Van Gogh and Caravaggio. It was only many years after their death that their works were turned out again. Re-examine, and be recognized, and finally be praised to the altar.

well, "found" should be the so-called "self-high" artist.

facts have also proved that they often accidentally make people like me "high" when they are high.

don't you believe me? Here are a group of my favorite "found" illustrations and videos.

they hope to encourage young people who are on the run to put down their phones and come out through such a video.

"Variety is not as good as friends understand you, and life should not be so boring."

"meet a lot of people every day, but never meet the right one."

"are you tired at the age of 20?"

Our nursing friendly dress bridesmaid will make you look stunning. There are massive collections on sale now!

"seeing the same people repeating the same topic, you also want to change."

in this city, I don't know if Subscription account like this can beat the market. I don't know if "found" will die in a year.

but I sincerely hope that it can be done for a long time until it is profitable, until it defeats those "marketing accounts" to become really valuable Subscription account who belongs to our city.

but, who knows.