Nana | if you persevere, you will always live.

Nana | if you persevere, you will always live.

If this is really an advertisement, then you should be lucky for me, if you really like chaos.


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the nana team that came into contact with Dongguan workers at the end of last semester. At that time, they were about to make a nana team belonging to nana Subscription account, and they asked me to come over to help. As a result, I didn't do anything. Instead, I grabbed their meal. So I had no choice but to write down what I had observed about nana.

if this is really an advertisement, then you should be glad for me, because the chaos finally has its own way to make money. Unfortunately, I didn't communicate with them before writing this article, and I never thought of asking for red envelopes. Simply because of two words:


# people tend to ignore the things in front of them, such as the wonton noodles prepared by my mother every morning, my girlfriend waiting by the phone at 11:00 in the evening, and the teacher's "non-interference" in your actions in college class.

and the update package seed of TV series /movies /variety shows /games that you downloaded on nana.

when talking about nana, we must talk about our school's Internet restriction policy. I once wrote an article entitled "Dongguan worker Internet restriction, what do I think?" ". If you are interested, you can click in and have a look. Dongguan Institute of Technology determines their total Internet traffic for a month according to their grade points. Low achiever, like me, can only use 11G traffic per month. What does that mean?

I can only download 8 HD movies or listen to 500 songs on Douban FM a month.

well, God said there should be movies and music, so there was nana.

in June 2013, five unfamiliar college students bought a second-hand server from someone else and planned to do an on-campus forum at school. Although Dongguan workers already had the forum of "7 buildings" at that time, they knew that "7 buildings" could no longer meet the real demand because its servers were not placed in the school.

June is so strange. It's clear in the morning, but it's cloudy in the afternoon. People know that it will rain, but they don't know when it will rain. At this time, they are huddled in front of the computer to discuss the first topic.

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they do not know that it is a seemingly hasty decision that has led countless Dongguan students to ask the question

"Why is nana called nana?"

"I don't know, but it's called nana anyway. And the first na is the fourth 'that', and the second na is the third 'that'. This pronunciation cannot be changed. "

it is said that the five people at that time argued about the name for a long time, until finally, the leader pointed to one of the girls and said,

"then use your name as the name of the forum, nana."

this decision seems hasty, but there is nothing to object to. In this way, these five people started from this name and created a period of history belonging to Guanggong. But two years later, only two of the five remain here, one from the Department of physical Education and the other from the College of Arts.

Note: pictures and text are irrelevant

when they first did nana, they recruited a group of moderators to assist in the operation of the forum. Like them, this group of moderators believe in idealism, no salary, no flow subsidy, and only those who seem to have no "eggs" to delete posts and "copper coins". But when they returned to the dorm after class, they stared at nana, deleting posts and collecting feedback in a timely manner.

even in some cases, moderators need to put up with the incomprehension of their classmates. Because there are always some posts with the smell of gunpowder in the "teahouse", using the title symbol to question loudly the reasons for the moderators' deletion. Said that they are "permission dogs", randomly delete posts, do not respect others.

well, this "job" not only has no money, but also takes time, and will be scolded. And most importantly, they are going to be the first breeders of nana.

because if users want to download movies without traffic on the intranet, they need someone to seed the movies first, and then publish them to nana for others to download, and whether they can turn off the computer, because the computer will stop planting as soon as it is turned off. As I said, Dongguan workers are restricted to the Internet, and moderators are no exception.

so I heard that in order to update a Korean TV series that many people follow every day, they go to sit at the bus stop at Beimen after dinner, because there is a free WIFI in Songshan Lake. I also heard that every time they go home, they will first write down the names of dozens of movies in the book, and then download them at home and bring them back to school. They told me that at the beginning, no one would share, everyone would only take, so it was necessary for insiders to create this kind of atmosphere first.

"those were tough days. Sometimes you watch the number of downloads go up, but no one will thank you, and no one knows that you used the WIFI at the bus stop." But the latter is a little better, at least those people will add some prestige to you and say thank you, and that's enough. "

but it's better now. At least nana has the money to invite that group of owners out to dinner, and sometimes he can give out some small red envelopes as an incentive. But everyone knows that those people are not here for this thing.

this group of veteran moderators are now seniors and seniors. In another two years, how will you still remember them when you are making movies on nana? I'd better say those embarrassing words for you.

semi-guide, black leather, yxok200, modesty, PhysiX, thank you.

last semester, naNa finally started selling ads. Brother Xieying said to me, "in 14 years, we also thought about selling advertisements, but did you know that even if we went to Vanke's family and asked them that nana was willing to help them sell advertisements for free, they would not want them?"

"it's better now, at least with some income, and I can invite people from the nana team out to dinner." Otherwise, who will stay in nana when everyone has an internship? "

but in my opinion, nana is getting better and better now. Good luck.

I suddenly remembered the "good Sister Band" who held a concert in the worker's Sports a few days ago. They were the first independent musicians to hold a concert in the Beijing Workers' Sports crowdfunding. As a matter of fact, folk songs have been very popular in recent years, from "Miss Dong" to "zebra", "the brightest star in the night sky", and this year's "Nanshan South". I have been wondering why my sister's song has not become the same as the above songs. I'm not convinced for them.

Today, I saw a video of my sister singing in the worker's Sports on Weibo. When singing "A lot of people come and go, together and parting", they looked at each other and burst into tears. Their dream must have come true.

that's nice.

if you stick to it, you will certainly be able to live well.

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