What are you without a student job?

What are you without a student job?

"sometimes I feel like I'm entertaining myself", kumquat and lemon | I hope to share the world in our eyes with all the students.

I hope to share our view of the world with college students

in fact, I have been thinking about what I am without my student work. It's just that at the beginning of my sophomore year, I have to face the problem nakedly.

who didn't have a big one and plunged into the university with warm blood? which teenager didn't fantasize about spelling out a day in college and turned to the lofty ambition written in the moments at the beginning of freshman year? now it seems a little ironic, plunging into the student union without hitting the south wall and not looking back. At that time, naive is naive, always fantasize about entering the student union, into a variety of departments, and then as powerful as they can. However, now life has given me a loud slap in the face.

I am still too young.

freshmen always want to do a lot of work, and they don't know where to spill their blood. People say: Ah, college should be part of a club, and students will study and exercise. So he dived in like a newborn calf. at that time, everyone was talking about who joined which department. I was chosen at that time, two, awesome. Everyone thought that I had a full freshman year, including myself. Busy, although there are pitifully few classes, there is very little free time each week.

at first I was really happy, although I was only doing some of the simplest manual labor and mechanical repetition, which seems to be a waste of life today, but I enjoy it. Talk to everyone: what are you doing in the office recently? I'm very tired, but I think it's very good.

everyone thinks that I had a full and wonderful time in college. In fact, I am the only one who knows best that I have been deceiving myself and others all the time. The cause of the matter was a certain week, due to a certain reason. At that time, I was so busy that I got a week-long vacancy period, that is to say, my so-called student work was shut down for a whole week. I think I should be able to take advantage of this rare gap to have a good time, but this idea only stayed for half a day. After class that morning, I went back to the dormitory and called League of Legends for the first time in the afternoon. I couldn't feel better when the alarm clock reminding me to be on duty rang out and was chic and thrown aside. When I went to bed early that night, a thought flashed through my mind: it seems that I am too idle. Am I living too badly? All of a sudden, except for those complicated and boring student work, my university seems to be nothing. I was so idle that week that I couldn't sleep every night.

in fact, I probably knew clearly at that time that what I was doing for the department did not have to be me. I could do it for me, and my existence was just a human photocopier and occasional typewriter for voluntary work. I also know that 90% of my student work that spends 80% of my time a week is a waste of time doing useless things. What I get here is not as good as a part-time job of handing out flyers for 80 yuan a day. In fact, there is no essential difference between them. They can make you full every day, and the latter is at least full. In the end, my evaluation of these things has only one word: virtual! The thief is fucking empty! You said to yourself: after all, we were happy together! It's like you're kidnapping yourself. I said to myself, after all, student work has taught me a lot, and he has made me very substantial. In fact, I am just afraid that after losing, I have no choice but to go back to that shutdown week, endless decadence and emptiness, there is no time limit.

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so, I really envy those who have skills and hobbies.

I struggled for a long time in this period, and then I was a sophomore. I really didn't like being a minister, and so on. In order to continue to hold on to that straw, I braved my head on the ground, and the result was conceivable. Nobody like me, who is incompetent, has mediocre qualifications and looks, and there are more people who are better at being a man than I am. And I am eccentric and unwilling to make do with it. In the last two departments, both departments retired gloriously and officially named veteran cadres. According to tradition, veteran cadres are honored to retire, but it is time for you to leave. Even bubbling in the group, no one is willing to talk to you, let alone work and so on. It was only then that I was deeply aware of my loneliness, and I didn't even have a chance to catch this straw. So that who asked about sophomore plans in the department, I just hastily replied: Oh, I don't want to do that. I'm too tired. In fact, I am sour, really sour, grape party, can not be picked grapes I have to stimulate myself to say that grapes are super sweet.

in fact, I know I have nothing but student work, but I don't have to lie to myself anymore. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I began my endless lockout period. I did nothing day and night but watched the students around me busy with the recruitment of new students, and occasionally looked at these young people with perturbed blood. I think of myself at that time. My nose is sometimes sore, and my heart is half a blessing and half a theater viewer. I really want to be a warm-hearted brother, too!