You are lucky to leave me.

You are lucky to leave me.

Two people who don't understand love, try to understand love.

I hope to share with you the world in our eyes

when I first met you, I was so inconspicuous, and you were so inconspicuous. So it's destined to be not a fairy tale, but like most love. We talked more and more because of the seating arrangement, "communicating" under the teacher's nose in class, and going to the mall to drink and watch movies after class. The old-fashioned story can not even compare with "those years", but it is the true portrayal of most people.

you and I met in the classroom, got along in the street, and fell in love at night.

in the end, you cried and said that I didn't care about you at all, and I said you didn't think about me. We were full of anger, knowing that it wasn't from the bottom of our heart, and we knew it would hurt each other, but we said it, and it was justified. It's called "killing each other."

if you want to calculate who gives more in this relationship, it's better to calculate who gives more money, because it's easier to calculate. Because for most young people who reach out their hands and ask their parents for money, price seems to be equated with feelings.

A good-looking girl sent another moments, with eight beautiful scenery photos, hotel photos and a picture of her with a boy. If I remember correctly, in the short two years I have known her, such a circle of friends has appeared 5.6 times. The heroine's mood is the same, but the appearance of the hero is different.

take you to eat delicious food and give you expensive gifts, which shows how important you are to me.

although I don't want to admit the correctness of this logic, I often fall into this strange circle because we don't know how to express our love.

is buying flowers love? Is it love to eat? Is it love to watch a movie? Is it love to hold hands?

if I give you a kiss on Valentine's Day and say to you, "I love you." But if there are no roses on your hands, is it still love?

many people think it's perfunctory, not love.

the story takes place in two people who don't know love. They don't know love, but they want to understand it.

A girlfriend of a friend named FMagle F understands love like this: "if you love me, you should accompany me all the time."

so they meet when they are in the same university without classes, from the school canteen to the auditorium next to the football field, to the milk tea shop at the school gate, and to the library that never reads books inside. Anyway, as long as there is enough time for two people, the woman will take out the phone and ask F to go out for a walk:

"I'm so bored, why don't you go for a walk?"

but F was thinking about how to play the platinum segment of LOL and was fighting fiercely in the game. However, he knows that "playing games" is not a serious thing, so he has no reason to refuse his girlfriend's request. I couldn't help asking him, "aren't you bored when you go out with your girlfriend every day?"

"boring, I feel happy to see it two or three times a week, but it's really boring to see it two or three times a day." He sighed and looked at me. "but there's no way. You can't say to your girlfriend,'it's boring to go out with you', can you? Because she'll think you don't love her at all. At that time, we will have to spend more time explaining and enlightening her, and it will be more troublesome. "

so F picked up his backpack and gave his promotion to me at this golden level. His back looked a little lonely, although it was not a sad thing, but I could see that he still had a little helplessness.

at the end of the story, change the background music first.

six months later, F broke up.

the day he broke up, he asked me to have a drink. I thought the breakup was a relief for him. Because he no longer has to spend so much time with his girlfriend, he can do his own thing well, but after listening to him, I know that it is to no avail to retain.

"I am an ordinary person, and without her, I would be more ordinary.

you say I can do my own thing, but for me, what is'my own business'?

I am a junior, although my grades have not been lagged behind, and I won a scholarship. But this is not necessarily a good thing, that two thousand yuan is indeed a material and spiritual encouragement to me, but who really remembered me for it?

I know a lot of things, but I can use very little. I know that I am an ordinary person, so ordinary that she can meet a hundred ordinary people like me after she breaks up with me.

I used to say that I was great and went to accompany her whenever I was free. But think about it, if I didn't spend that time with her, wouldn't I read boring books, play boring games and go to boring forums?

and after breaking up, I realized that if I really had something of my own to do, how could she ask me to accompany her every day. "

I was puzzled and asked him, "but didn't you say she thought,'if you love me, you should accompany me all the time'?"

F said with a wry smile, "she did think so at first, but a month later she began to ask me to find a part-time job and do something." She said, "to be honest, your family is not very rich. If you don't work hard now, how will you marry me in the future?"

at that time, I was foolish, thinking that she was implying that I was not good enough to her, so I went online and bought her a present.

that necklace is more than 300 yuan, with Mars printed on it. I think it suits her very well.

but when I gave it to her that afternoon, she asked me where I got the money. I said I saved it. She said she didn't want what she bought for her living expenses. She wanted to earn it back.

so I began to take a part-time job, hand out flyers and go to work at Pizza Hut. I thought she would be satisfied.

but it wasn't long before she broke up with me, and she cried a lot the night she broke up.Say I don't know anything at all, just like a child.

I said I really don't understand. Didn't I go to work? What more do you want from me.

she said, I want you to find your goal. You can't do what I say. You are a man. Can you have some opinions? Hard work is not the same as exchanging time for money. Have you ever seriously thought about what you can do to marry me in the future?

I said a lot, but she still said that I didn't understand at all. I cried as soon as I was in a hurry, because I found that I was 21 years old, and I really didn't even think about these things. I know I'm going to lose her, because I'm really not qualified to marry her. "

You'll be turning heads with our magical colelction of conservative long dress. These are the best options for the big day.

after saying this, he began to drink by himself, and I accompanied him, but I couldn't keep up with the speed of his begging for drunkenness. Half an hour later I carried him back to his dormitory when he was so drunk. I thought he wouldn't wake up that night.

I went back to my dormitory only to find that he posted this moments:

"you are lucky to leave me. "

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