How about an internship sharing meeting?

How about an internship sharing meeting?

In fact, I was asked to share at first, and I refused.

I hope to share our view of the world with college students

I am beginning to understand why those working people always envy us "students".

in our eyes, they are full, self-sufficient and can do something meaningful every day. In their eyes, we are free, carefree, and we can do whatever we want.

I "began to understand" them because I went to work this summer and knew it was not easy. Fortunately, I am only a junior. After the beginning of school, we can finally be "decadent" and get rid of the fast-paced life. I don't know if you remember TEDxXichenglou, but the creators in it are now seniors, and it's time to run around for their future.

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I went to 85 to have a drink with them the night before last. Maomao, who was an intern in Guangzhou during the summer vacation, told me what she had seen and heard. I laughed and wrote down her "practical information". Her company is creative, much like the Internet companies we remember, free office space, weekly "book clubs" and other activities. She said:

"although the salary of the intern there is not as high as the job here, I have decided to stay there as a senior because I think it gives me more things than money." that kind of atmosphere, you don't want to come out when you go in. "

and his previous internship at Vanke, he told us about his own plans and some small details that need to be paid attention to in the workplace. After listening to it, I found that I was really "naive" before. I was really like a student in the company. I didn't think about it at all.

listen, Mao Mao put in a sentence:

"Why don't we integrate this information and communicate with you?" Won't we be able to gain more by then? "

then our topic becomes "how to do an internship sharing meeting".

so I was assigned a task,

to write a push about the internship sharing meeting.

so whether or not you have a strange internship experience that you want to share with us

or want to know what unforgivable mistakes we have made in our internship

, it doesn't matter whether you are a god who has received countless offer

or just sent flyers.

A rookie who has worked at McDonald's

as long as you are willing to share with us

what you see

talk about your internship experience and feelings

then you might as well have an earth-shattering brainstorm

with us at 7:30 next Tuesday.

look at "We do work." Or "work us"

◤ reply platform\ "reasons you want to join" and\ "your internship\"

◤ you must be very "extroverted\" when it comes to your speech, don't be afraid

◤. We hope you are also a very "crazy" and "interesting" person

◤ if you find it interesting. Maybe you can help us share

◤ to listen to how TEDxXichenglou's creative team tells his internship story

◤ freely share your internship experience. Anyone can go up and talk about

◤ and say something you most want to do at work but can't be done at work

◤ location: I won't tell you yet. According to the stipulated time

◤ time: 7:30

◤ fee: 15.6RMB (we are not profitable, but you need money for snacks and drinks)

then these people will come to talk nonsense to us:

Banana Design Editor-in-Chief.

tell us about his internship experience in Dongguan graphic Design Company

Mao Mao, the initiator of practical study in Dongguan

tell us about her internship on the most interesting psychological platform in the universe.

Business Exchange

tell us about his views on being an intern in Vanke

and me, a failed intern

. Talking about the numerous mistakes I have made in the process of being a marketing account

I really can't make it up

because even I have to share

it can be seen how "dry" the practical information will be