Interview student organization

Interview student organization

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Last year, I went to a department of the art troupe for an interview, and both the former minister and the then minister (now gloriously retired) were there. In fact, a senior in the same high school recommended me to try it. The interview process was very casual and natural, until the minister opened his cell phone photo album, showed me some black photos of former ministers, and asked me, "our department is very interesting. Can you accept this kind of black photo?" Ahem, the black photo belongs to the former minister, the silk stockings tied mouth expression and the twisted beautiful smile (self-filling). I smiled and said to them: I have already seen this picture in my third year of high school, and my sister has sent a circle. All of a sudden, the minister and other female deputy ministers laughed jokingly, and the former minister had a mlgb expression. I just want to say I'm sorry for the former minister. In fact, I said it on purpose to tease you, .

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the interviewer asked me to introduce the dress I was wearing and how to sell out. So I said: look how beautiful the lion is on the clothes.

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when I was a freshman, I went to interview the Organization Department of the College of Arts. In fact, I didn't know why I interviewed the Organization Department. Maybe it was because I knew my brother who was the minister at that time. In fact, the whole process of noodle scriptures was very common. I was so nervous that I didn't know what to say in the first test, and my performance was mediocre in the second test, so I was brushed. Now that I am a junior, I know that the student organization of the liberal arts college seldom brushes out the boys! I suddenly found that I had written so many bad words about the student organization because "the grapes I can't eat are sour."

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I still remember to interview the foreign relations department of an association. At that time, the interviewer asked a boy in our group to sell him a sanitary napkin. Well, at that time, the boy's face turned green and he couldn't hold back a word for a long time. The interviewer also chased him to ask about all kinds of materials and how to use them! Then the interviewer asked another girl in our group to sell him a condom. The best part was that the girl didn't know her. As a result, the interviewer explained to her, and then the girl became shy. Moreover, they asked me to sell them a bottle of mineral water that had been drunk by others. 20 yuan of water drunk by men did not necessarily mean that anyone would buy it for 20 yuan.

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I have a lot of feelings about the interview in the community. When I was a freshman, I interviewed several organizations, and some organizational questions made me very depressed. Their questions are exactly the same. sometimes their problems are not practical at all, and some even do not have the slightest humanistic concern in my opinion. The questions asked were cold, but some students were happy to answer them. When I was a freshman, I became an out-of-place girl in that interview. But until now, I do not regret my answer at that time. Because I always believe that what a college student should have most is compassion and care for the world.

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on the day of enrollment by the Youth League Committee of the department, it was originally said that he had gone to the interview early, but he still slept for a while to refresh himself. During the interview, I felt good about myself, but I was inevitably a little nervous. I was still trying to restrain myself, slow down my tone, and gradually opened up in the question and answer session, and the voice of the answer was even louder than that of a minister and the judges! I'm sure I can pass the primary! In the evening self-study, I received a text message saying that I was sorry that I could not pass. If I was not convinced, I must have sent a text message back to inquire about my shortcomings. I do not know whether my brother was timid in the face of my query or did not understand the interviewer, but he did not reply! Through this interview, I learned a lot that university is actually a mini version of society. Many of what you think is incredible is that other people take it for granted. We can't change others, and I don't want to change ourselves. What's the difference between a vibrant young man and a dying old man? If enrollment is only for the popularity competition between clubs, and will not tell the interviewer the inadequacies, the interviewer will only repeat mistakes, why is it called growth?


freshmen go to the interview newspaper, reinterview, let's divide the work and then go out for the interview. I am in charge of photography, one man is responsible for recording, one girl is responsible for the interview, the process is not observed, and then the two of them are confused. As a result, the questions I chose, my ideas, the interviews I took the initiative, the people and stories I provided, and when the interviewer asked questions in the final report, I stressed that we did this together. Then I watched the man jump out and say that his idea was his idea, and finally heard that he was accepted.

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A1: I will choose to go to class, because as a college student, the main task at this stage is still study, and student work can only be part of my extracurricular practice. In any case, I should not forget my main task of coming to the university. (my answer last year)

A2: I will choose to go to class, because from the perspective of personal development, if I am lucky enough to join your organization, I will certainly have a lot of ability and knowledge output, but the continuous output will always fail, so I still need a certain amount of input, that is, learning. Only input is greater than output, can I continue to contribute to the organization in the future, so I choose to go to class. In order to better contribute their own light and heat to the organization in the future. (if I still have a chance to be asked, my answer)

"A small organizational interview will value on-the-spot performance and performance, while a big organizational interview will ultimately focus on ability and strength." I know three friends who joined the trade association. One of them was already a Dell quasi-gold medal intern, and the other two had internships in companies before entering college. So, for realAll the skills in the interview will only be the icing on the cake on the basis of strength.