To freshmen: why can't I be your class assistant?

To freshmen: why can't I be your class assistant?

Because I can't be your sweet little cotton-padded jacket.

I said last semester that I would be a class assistant at CET-15, but I resigned because of my own problems. I'm sorry to say, but with the consent of all the teachers, I suddenly got into trouble, so that they needed to find someone else to help the class.

really let them down, but it may also be a good thing, because after thinking about it over and over again, I found that I could not be a good assistant class, and it would disappoint the teachers.

originally I was supposed to bring level 15 Chinese language and literature, but now I may not be able to know you, so here I would like to write down what I was going to say in the first class meeting.

# I received a lot of questions that I couldn't answer #

I wrote an article "if you want to go to my university" not long ago, if you haven't read it, you can click on the blue word to read it. In fact, to tell you the truth, this article took me a long time, because I want to really give some advice to my brothers and sisters.

but I find that the questions received after the suggestion are puzzling.

some of my brothers and sisters will add to my Wechat and ask me, "Hello, brother. I majored in chemical engineering /normal school /electronics, but what I like is literature /photography /dealing with people. Should I change my major?"

generally speaking, when I see such a problem, I will avoid it by saying, "I'm busy."

that's why I'm not fit to be a class assistant, because I don't want to answer this question at all. And if you become an assistant class, you have an obligation to answer all the students' questions, although in my opinion, this is not a doubt, but a "stupid question".

back to the above conversation, why don't I want to answer their questions?

because as a person who has just passed the verification of your friend, I know neither your character nor your ambition, let alone your family situation. You only gave me two very simple messages and asked me to give you advice on whether to change your major. Do you think it's too "stupid"?

but in fact, I can also answer you like this:

Please follow your heart, because only by not forgetting your original ideals and aspirations can you accomplish your mission. "

I don't know if you will be satisfied with my answer. Anyway, as myself, I don't want to give such "advice". Because although it sounds reasonable, it's not bullshit. There are N ways to pursue the heart, "curve to save the nation," who says it won't work? Is it true that only when you work against your parents and go on a rampage is to pursue your heart?

besides, when you ask such a question, have you ever thought about what kind of answer you want? If you just want me to give you some chicken blood, why don't you just ask me, "I'm confused right now. Can you tell me a story to make me powerful?" If you really want practical advice, why not ask your counselor with your report card and plan, but ask me, a stranger who has nothing to do with you?

# Nobody will really care you #

this sentence does have some taste of soul chicken soup, but it is quite right.

when I was a freshman, I was a very ordinary student, although I just thought I was "hidden" at that time. At that time, I often slept in class, because I thought the teacher gave a bad lecture and had no professional ethics at all, so I had to take practical actions to protest. Then I copy every major assigned by my teacher on the Internet, because I know that the teacher will not look at my homework carefully at all. However, even if I play basketball, I don't want to be the most active one, because I "play" with the mentality of "I'm just here for sports, why do I have to work so hard", so it's understandable that people don't think I'm good at playing basketball.

have you noticed that it seems to be due to the lack of objective factors that I don't do things seriously, but as long as I list them, you can clearly find this logical error.

Why should people satisfy your objective factors? Why does the teacher speak so well that you can't sleep? Why help you revise your homework that you don't do seriously? Why should they praise a teammate who doesn't play actively?

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We can also list a lot of questions like this: why did the student union interview you as a "hidden" person? Why does the girl you like want to talk to someone who has never talked to her?

Why did they care you? Especially when you don't care yourself. You don't want to tap your own talent, why do others want to tap your talent?

Hmm, so even if I become an assistant class, I will not really care you, because by the time I finish digging, you are already a sophomore and you don't need me.

# Survivor bias #

then again, because I have "practiced" all these situations. So when I was a freshman, I was really a very ordinary college student, so ordinary that I only knew the 40 students in my class. As soon as I entered the canteen, I was submerged in the queue. But I really didn't mind at that time, because I knew that "the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley", and "if it is gold, it will shine."

it wasn't until I was a sophomore that I realized that those who said on TV that "if it is gold must shine" TM already glowed! How else would I know? Those who can't shine are already dead. They don't even have a chance to say, "if it's gold, it won't shine."

this is called survivor deviation. I don't want to help you Baidu, because you didn't give me any money.

maybe you have to ask again why people on TV lied to us.

aren't these all our favorite excuses to paralyze ourselves? They just said what we wanted to hear. And it's not like you haven't heard the phrase "Qianlang died on the beach".

well, in fact, if youIf you like, I can have a class meeting class, just take care of the meal!

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