Keep in mind the Tianya that I share with you and those parties you have formed.

Keep in mind the Tianya that I share with you and those parties you have formed.

I will be your friend for life.

I hope to share our view of the world with college students

the Korean dog abuse drama "my Ghost King" during the summer vacation is very popular, and the male and female CP line is ten grades sweet, but that's not what I'm talking about. There is a very small plot in the play, which is so small that few people pay attention to it, but it moves me to the ground. The man used to be the kind of good student who was always bullied in high school, and another handsome bully took the lead in bullying him. Although the bullied man never resisted, the hatred was ingrained at that time. Many years after graduation, the male master in his early thirties became a first-class Western chef, won numerous awards, appeared on TV programs, and had his own fan group, which is regarded as a success.

once he ran into a former classmate, the same boy who always bullied him in high school, and now he has become an uncle who leads a busy life. Out of selfishness, he invited them to meet at his own western restaurant. The boy who took the lead in bullying him arrived late, and he changed from a slightly better-looking teenager to an uncle with a beer belly, selling vacuum cleaners. During the meal, the man never forgot the humiliation he had suffered, and now he is the most successful one. With his sense of superiority, he humiliated the person who took the lead in bullying him in front of everyone, and he also told the classmate who bullied him that he sold vacuum cleaners. He could help the introducer buy the vacuum cleaner he had been selling, and said in a tone of pride and complacency, "if you need any help, just call me."

later, the classmate thanked but refused his help. he apologized to the man on the phone and admitted that he had gone too far. After he finished, the man was stunned. He didn't expect that he had been thinking about things for many years. People who spent all kinds of thoughts to be humiliated could one day bow their heads so easily and say "I'm sorry". One day they can let it go so easily. I don't seem to hate him as much as I thought.

it is said that there is a short story between Yang Qianqian and Huang Weiwen (hereinafter referred to as "Wyman"). At that time, Qianzhu and wyman were close friends, and wyman would give all the good words he wrote to Qianzhu to sing. Qianyu is the kind of careless person, known as "laughing aunt", wyman on the contrary, delicate, sensitive. On one occasion, Qianzhu had no head and no head to talk in front of the media, and the wrong words led to a misunderstanding, a cold war and a lack of contact with wyman. A few years later, wyman wrote a song and sang it to Eason Chan. Their mutual friend told Qianli to listen carefully. Once she overheard the song on the radio in her car. After listening to it, she parked her car on the side of the road and burst into tears.

this song, as we all know, is called "Best Bad friend".

Qianzhu, who was pregnant in 2012, wore a black dress and appeared at the concert at the Wyman exhibition. After singing "what a pity you are Aquarius", "Yong" and "Wild Child", Wyman pushed the stroller onto the stage, crying bitterly and sipping hatred in a hug, while Eason Chan came from the lifting platform, singing "Best Bad Friends": "Friends, I will be your friend for a second; my friend, I will be your friend for life".

at the beginning of this year, also at the Red Pavilion, a solo concert was held in Qianzhu, where wyman held a bouquet.

I don't know if both of them have been relieved and whether they have untied their knot, but every time I see them together, I think of the important friends I missed in my life. A few years ago, I told a good friend the story of my best and bad friend. At that time, the loyalty between my friends was so strong that I was moved to death by such a story. I just didn't think about it, but later, because of the same trivial things, we misunderstood each other, had a cold war, cut off contact, ran into each other on the road, took a detour or treated each other like air at a distance. By now, we already have a new life, new friends, new social circle, thinking that we should not have the opportunity to interact in this life, even I think it is normal not to see each other for the next few decades. Every day, sometimes busy and idle, eating, sleeping and playing games, pretending to be close to all kinds of new acquaintances has nothing in common. In normal life, I don't think of this person, occasionally, or maybe just one night. Someone inadvertently mentioned it.

there are always people with common acquaintance who intentionally or unintentionally mention your news. They don't know what we had before. I will pretend to be open-minded and mention it once, and I will lose my heart for a week.

at the beginning of the year, I heard the new song "the Best debt" in the early hours of the morning. Well, it was wyman who filled in the words for her so many years later, and it began by singing: there have been too many opportunities to meet each other since the last day we left. It's a pity that we are never soft-hearted.

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the first sentence is heavy enough for me. At that time, I met every day, but no one was willing to throw in the towel first. Everyone thought they were right. They wanted to save face and suffer, and treated each other as air. They seemed to be very spineless and handsome. Just look back and think, why don't you talk to me first, even if you don't apologize, don't talk about it, just ask me if I have enough to eat, and everything will be all right. But no, never thought, why do you ask people to ask you, but do not want to take the initiative to ask others?

you are also naturally good at cold war

No one has ever let the front line

is it true that everyone lost at the end of the battle

everyone lost to the hour

after the college entrance examination, I heard from others about your score, which university you were admitted to, and after college, I heard what happened to you in your city and in your university. If it were not for these accidents, we would be people who share the big and small things of life and help make suggestions every day. If it were not for these accidents, I would go to your city to see you, or you would come by my city to see me. It's just, it won't be without these accidents, or we'll lose touch like countless old friends. There will be no if conjecture, no regrets, but will be slowly "pushed and followed."It is also possible to "live flow". I thought, if we hadn't fought, would we have been defeated by time at this time?

in fact, we all have a knot in our hearts, but what are the consequences of making up for it? The consequence is that in lost in Hong Kong, when Xu Lai (Xu Zheng) is finally able to have sex with his first love Yang Yi, he can't kiss. What I like most about the whole film is the entanglement of whether or not to kiss. When you chase it for so long, when you dream of having sex for so long, you may not be really happy, you may not really want it, and the reality may not develop as you want it. When Xu said, "I can't even kiss", everyone was laughing, but I'm sorry, I can't laugh. (this paragraph is selected from another unpublished article, "lost in Hong Kong." (do you understand?)

Why bother to settle each other's debts even if you get to know each other with a match in warm years?

but when you are big, you still have the advantage that you no longer cling to small mistakes. If you are free to mind, you only care how we get here. In fact, lovers and best friends can understand that it is not too late to win or lose. In the early morning, some roommates have already fallen asleep. Some are whispering in the quilt, others may still be chasing comics. I sit in my upper bunk and hear this song as if I had heard the song of "the best bad friend". It can also be regarded as knowing you at the end of the world, who cares about that gaffe. I have always felt that every word written by Huang Weiwen is like stabbing me, like the skilful slap of "Luoshengmen".

that day was the friend's birthday. In January, I thought about buying a gift, writing a letter, and sending it to him anonymously. I just thought that maybe the other person had forgotten about it a long time ago. Finally gave up the original idea.

I hate you so much that you are bigger than the universe

compressed to the smallest piece of paper

the streets scattered with the wind

I decided not to take

who is good or bad

I don't need to decompose

ten thousand years later

I didn't take the initiative to dispel misunderstandings and knots, but as the song says, those hatreds, how big things I felt at that time, have already fallen apart with the clock. I didn't take those misunderstandings to heart long ago, and I didn't care about whether you went too far or I was too determined. To tell you the truth, I'm relieved, but I didn't want to come to you. Because I think it is no longer necessary to eliminate this matter, maybe it will not evolve according to what I want in my heart, hug and cry to untie all my heart knots, and it may also lead to the symptoms of each other. I am afraid that even if we talk about it, we will never get in touch with each other again, it will be more painful.

but if one day, maybe a classmate reunion, maybe a friend's wedding, if I happen to meet, I think I will smile to drink to you, do not have to say anything, just understand each other.

the end of the song goes like this:

I just hope to let go of Tianya

I share with you in this life

and those parties you have been with

used to be young and frivolous and foolish enough to say, "I will not wish anyone happiness. If your life has nothing to do with me, what do I want you to do with happiness?" At this moment, I really want to, even if your life has nothing to do with me in the future, I hope you have a good life.

remember, you once told me a line in "Jiajian": it's not friendship, it's righteousness. When I was typesetting, the school broadcast Gu Xizai's "Blood Burning": "morality is your guide, and you will make me proud tomorrow." But unfortunately, you can't hear me.

Thank you, it may not be the best, it is really bad for your friends.

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just one question tonight. Do you have any regrets?