Your face is your fengshui! (not superstition)

Your face is your fengshui! (not superstition)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

face, is one of the human organs,

and the face is the refraction of people's heart.

how a person looks,

his heart is like that.

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the face comes from parents and is born.

but the complexion depends on you.

is the result of acquired self-cultivation.

Life is made by oneself and comes from the heart.

people's state of mind is all reflected in their faces.

optimistic people treat people sincerely and gently, and

make people warm and comfortable.

people with a pessimistic attitude are mean to others, and

is extremely uncomfortable.

so, believe it or not,

your face is your fengshui, and

can affect your life and life. 01

what state of mind, what face

A person's life is good or not, you can tell by your face.

Happy people often have smiles on their faces, while

unfortunate people have sad faces.

optimistic people have a soft, ruddy complexion, and

negative people have a pale face.

A person's face,

is his signature.

people who love to smile are gentle between their eyebrows, treat people sincerely, and

attract others to approach actively.

poignant people have frowns and hypocritical smiles.

will keep others away.

the better the state of mind, the better the face.

often spend time with people with a good state of mind.

Life is not boring, and life is fun.


good and evil, beauty and ugliness  A person's good and evil, beauty and ugliness,

is not only hidden in the heart, but also in the face.

A kind person has a kind face, and a vicious person has a tricky look.

those with good intentions are kind-hearted and blessed, while those with evil intentions are ferocious and evil-looking.

A person's character is good or bad, all reflected in his face.

A person with bad intentions has fierce and intimidating eyes, and

a person with good conduct is clear-cut and magnanimous.

the first intuition of good and upright people is reliable.

people with bad drugs make people uneasy at first sight.

as the saying goes, "be upright, the color is white, and the appearance comes first". 03

your face, that is, your fengshui and good fengshui, is not condensed by money, but by appearance day by day.

you have fengshui wherever you look.

good people do good deeds and help others.

not only can you meet good fengshui, but wherever you go is a blessed land.

vicious people do a lot of evil.

can not only attract bad feng shui, but also become a ferocious house where they live.

appearance is inborn and not easy to change.

appearance comes from the heart and can be practiced.

the heart is pure, then the eyebrow is beautiful, the fengshui is clean,

the heart is evil, then the eyes are muddy and the fengshui is not clean.

so to be a man, instead of spending money looking for good fengshui, it is better to do good deeds and help others to attract good fengshui.

do good deeds, get God's protection, get blessings,

do good people, get God's blessing, prosperous family.

A person,

external beauty, is always an empty surface, and only

inner beauty can last forever.

cultivate the mind first.

if you have a good heart, you will have good luck.

if you have a good heart, your blessings will not be broken.

if you have a good heart, you can nourish feng shui.

if you have a kind heart, you will look young.

to be a man all one's life, to cultivate one's mind and to cultivate one's mind both inside and outside is a high realm.

a clean heart is a good character!