You will meet whoever you are.

You will meet whoever you are.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

I don't know if you have found that in life, people with good relationships tend to have similar temperament and temperament.

if a person is full of complaints, most of his friends are depressed and have no hope for life.

on the contrary, if a person is positive and sunny, most of the people around him are optimistic.

this coincides with a saying once said by psychologists:

which is what we often say: you will meet whoever you are.


being with negative energy people is a kind of consumption

A few days ago, chatting with the reader @ Vivia, she said that she had not had a few days of comfort since she got married.

my husband was introduced, the job is stable, and the whole person looks clean.

less than three months after knowing each other, they quickly got married under the encouragement of their family.

unexpectedly, she had more contact after marriage, and she found that her husband was a person with a lot of negative energy.

every day I either complain to her about how difficult the work is, or keep complaining about how inconsiderate the boss is and how difficult it is for colleagues to get along with.

at that time, Vivian would always receive such a message as soon as she opened the chat page with her husband.

"I'm so tired. I have to work overtime today"

"the leader is so annoying that he always tells me what to do"

"I'm really going to be tortured and crazy by that colleague."

at first, Vivia would patiently listen to him and try her best to help him solve the problems he encountered.

but for a long time, Vivian found that she became particularly depressed in the process of constantly helping her husband channel negative emotions and looking for solutions.

she will be irritable and depressed from time to time.

I even have a negative feeling about work, and I get irritable at the thought of going to work every day.

she thought about having a heart-to-heart talk with her husband, but she found that no matter what, her husband just wouldn't listen, came and went, and even complained to others about her, saying that she had married a wife with a lot of things.

at that time, Vivian's mood hit rock bottom.

she wanted to escape, but she was always thinking about a hundred days of kindness for her husband and wife, and she said she was really falling apart.

many people say that negative emotion is a normal emotional catharsis of human beings, but I don't know if you have found that with negative energy people, you will gradually become negative and weary of the world.

people often say that if you are with different people, you will have a different life.

makes a lot of sense.


being with people with positive energy is an achievement.

I like what Han Han said:

once read a story in which the Buddha and the little monk were walking in the street. When they passed the salted fish shop, the Buddha said to the young monk, "touch the grass rope and smell what it smells like."

the young monk smelled and said: it smells bad.

after a while, the two passed another spice shop, full of fragrance.

the Buddha said to the little monk, touch the paper of spices and what does it smell like?

the young monk said: the fragrance smells to the nostrils.

after listening to the answer of the young monk, the Buddha said, "it's the same with making friends: if you make bad people, you will catch bad habits and learn bad behaviors; if you make good people, you will learn good habits and learn good behaviors."

not long ago, Mr. Shu wanted to quit smoking, but he suffered from not having enough self-control, so he kept repeating himself and couldn't quit completely.

one day he came to his friend and told his troubles to his friend.

after listening to this, my friend wrote a note and handed it to Mr. Tree.

there is only one sentence on the note: "visit a friend who has quit smoking, once in the morning, in the morning and in the evening."

Mr. Tree wondered what kind of friend this is. I confide in you sincerely, and you send me away like this!

the way his friend looked at him, he said to Mr. Tree, "there is no medicine that is more effective than the benign influence of a friend."

Mr. Shu thought that instead of worrying about not quitting smoking, he might as well try it according to the prescription given by his friend.

unexpectedly, a few months later, he really succeeded in quitting smoking!

so you see, people influence each other.

as Confucius said:

and good human settlements, such as entering the room of Zhi orchid and not hearing its fragrance for a long time, that is, it will be transformed into it.

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and poor human settlements, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, it will change with it if you don't smell it for a long time.

how your life is, it has a lot to do with the people around you.


become a better self and meet a better person

so, how do you meet a positive and energetic friend?

the answer is simple: if you want to meet what kind of person, let yourself become what kind of person.

Reader @ Xiao Piao once told me a story.

said that when she first started working, she especially wanted to meet the bigwigs in the industry.

she knows very well that she will be better only when she is with good people.

strangely, at that time, whether it was a meeting or an event, she tried to add a lot of people's Wechat.

as a result, people either blocked her circle of friends or did not reply to her past messages.

at that time, Xiao Piao was very depressed.

at that time, Xiao Piao did not understand. There was not only a magnetic field but also a circle between people.

only if you reach the threshold of that circle will it be possible to integrate into their world.

so what Uncle Fan wants to say todayYes, when we all know that "those who are close to Zhu and those who are close to ink are black", we should not only choose good friends but also live with them.

you should also remember that life has a long way to go, and only by making continuous efforts and moving forward, will it be possible to encounter more beauty and walk side by side with more excellent people.

if you are in full bloom, the breeze will come.

you will meet whoever you are.