You can be kind, but you can't be bullied.

You can be kind, but you can't be bullied.

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some people say:

this is true.

there is nothing wrong with being kind, but if you just be kind, you will only get hurt in the end.

We cannot put a heart in front of others without reservation, nor can we allow our goodwill to be easily taken advantage of.

when you are alive, you should be kind, but you should also guard it.


you can be kind, but you have to bring your own edge.

there is a saying that

sometimes, tolerance and compromise not only cannot exchange for the tenderness of others, but also put yourself in a painful dilemma.

the more you give, the more others take it for granted; the longer you are kind, the more you take it for granted.

if you are full of sincerity, you will eventually become a "lamb to be slaughtered" in the eyes of others.

after all, in today's "survival of the fittest" society, everyone wants to maximize benefits, and unreserved kindness will naturally become a weakness to be exploited.

the intention of harming others must not be allowed, and the heart of preventing others must not be absent. If you want to win the respect of others, you must let yourself grow teeth.

NetEase Yunping once had such an answer:

instead of breaking up in discord in the end, it is better to treat them equally at the beginning.

you know, being an ordinary person with principles is far more popular than being a casual good person.

as the old saying goes:

treat kindness with kindness, and treat malice with tit for tat.

under tolerance, with edges and corners, kindness, with edge, so that you can have the best life.


you can be kind, but you should know the boundary

there is a question and answer on Zhihu: "how to understand that people are good at being deceived?"

there is an answer like this: "the good of being bullied by others is not the real goodness, but the sense of boundaries is not clear, the principle is not strong, and goodness is not without a bottom line."

in this world, the thinnest feelings and the coldest hearts.

therefore, for goodness to have its own boundaries, it should be hidden behind principles and bottom lines, rather than being exposed to others and letting them take.

Russell said:

"if reason does not exist, kindness is meaningless."

when there is no sense of boundaries between people, kindness will become a hurtful tool instead.

Sheng Mien, duo Mi Qiu, is not to give too much help to others, let people form dependence, forget each other's boundaries, can not recognize the sense of goodness.

in fact, most of the time, there are boundaries between people, but if you give too much, the boundaries will be shallow; if you give more, the friendship will fade.

kindness does not mean giving all the time. In this society, no one has the obligation to think of others all the time.

A person who puts the needs and feelings of others first, his life must be humble. It takes a ruler to be kind, and a measure to be patient.

you know, eat seven percent full, treat people seven percent good, so that we can walk in the world, no longer cold, no longer regret.


you can be kind, but you can't wronge yourself

in life, we often hear such words:

"they are all relatives, so put up with it; they are all friends, so why bother; just borrow it and don't think about it; it's over, forget it."

along the way, kind people always pay too much for others and do too little for themselves. We always think of others, but in the end, who will think for us?

I have heard such a saying:

A person should please himself the most in his life.

those relationships that need to be courted are not worth cherishing.

people who take advantage of you can forget; try to give up things that are difficult for you; learn to get away from the environment that bores you.

A good relationship is to perfect yourself first, and then give extra joy and goodwill to others.

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when we are comfortable, the world becomes pleasant.

A person's true maturity is to abandon the dispensable goodness and live for himself.


you can be kind, but not easy to bully

I have heard such a saying:

A soft heart without boundaries will only make the other party care less; kindness without edges and corners will only make you feel aggrieved.

there are many kinds of people in the world, and not everyone is worthy of our kindness.

cherish the people you give, treat them well, and stay away from those who have failed you.

Don't wait for your persistence to be failed and your heart trampled on before it's too late.

the kinder people are, the more they have to have a bottom line.

when goodness has boundaries, villains will not take an inch; when goodness has edge, wicked people will not do whatever they want.

kindness is precious, and so is kindness. Leaving your heart to those who deserve it is the best end-result of kindness.

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