You are a lucky man, and you will have a good appearance.

You are a lucky man, and you will have a good appearance.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

as the old saying goes, "lucky people have their own luck."

in this world, everyone wants to be blessed and blessed.

as everyone knows, if you want to love each other one day, you must have a premise to become a lucky person.

know very well that auspicious people are not made by nature, but by our virtues and good deeds.

if you can persist in doing good deeds, be tolerant to others, and do things kindly, blessings will come uninvited!


your kindness is unknown, God knows

there is a saying in

whether it is noble, poor or humble, kindness is the foundation of being a human being. if you treat others with all your heart, even if you don't ask for anything in return, the reward will come all of a sudden.

all things in the world have their own cycle of cause and effect. A person will bear fruit whatever cause is planted, and what one gives will be what he gets.

kind-hearted people do not take advantage of others, sow warmth and kindness, form good karma, reap blessings, and lend a helping hand when they are down and out.

and malicious people, misbehaving, calculating others, deceiving and deceiving others, will eventually get severe punishment from heaven, and when they are down, they will end up with no one to care about.

there is jubilation in doing good and aftermath in doing evil. To be kind to others is to bless yourself, but to hurt others is to cut off your own way.

people are kind and kind. Although the good fortune has not come, the misfortune is far away.

your kindness is unknown, God knows. Even if we are kind-hearted, we will suffer losses, but we believe that as long as we persist in being kind and virtuous, blessings will favor us.

those who are blessed will be blessed, and those who love will return. Be a kind and warm person, and kindness will return to yourself sooner or later.

all one's life, one must be virtuous and virtuous, treat others with kindness, walk with kindness, and believe that your blessings are as endless as your virtues.


if you are in the atmosphere, you must be blessed

Mr. Lin Zexu once said:

accept all rivers, tolerance is great; if you stand on the wall, if you have no desire, you will be strong.

this is true. Let the sea be calm for a while and take a step back.

tolerance is a virtue. To make way for others and forgive others is to let go of yourself and make way for yourself.

if you are big, you will be blessed.

during the reign of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, there was a university scholar named Zhang Ying.

one day Zhang Ying received a letter from home saying that his family had a dispute with his neighbor in order to fight for a three-foot-wide homestead and asked him to use his power to dredge the connection and win the case.

after reading the letter, Zhang Ying smiled calmly and wrote a letter with a poem: if a book comes only for the wall, why not let him have three feet? the Great Wall is still there today, but there is no Qin Shihuang at that time.

after receiving the reply, the family gave up three feet of homestead.

neighbors learned that they also conceded three feet of homestead.

as a result, it became a six-foot lane, and the story of turning swords into swords has spread to this day.

on the road of life, when we learn to be lenient to others, we will eventually be praised and tolerated by others.

to tolerate others and leave room for others is to give yourself a way back.

when disputes arise, we should be magnanimous, spare others, and keep ourselves clean.

one more tolerance, one more understanding, will not cling to minor mistakes, control their emotions, do not lose their temper, learn to be magnanimous and tolerant to face disputes between right and wrong, believing that big things will become small and small things will turn into small things.

people live in the world, when you learn to tolerate others, you are bound to be understood, considerate, and well treated by others.

be a magnanimous and tolerant person for the rest of your life, and you will naturally have good luck to approach you.


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there must be a lot of blessings in dealing with the world with kindness

Caigen Tan says:

the king of talent; the man of talent, the slave of virtue!

people are alive. If they have nothing, they can't lose their conscience or character.

only by being virtuous can one carry things, and one's moral character is the source of attracting blessings.

A kind man would rather suffer from himself than take advantage of others. He would rather be misunderstood than care too much about others.

put conscience first, keep your word, don't count others, treat others sincerely, and never deal with hypocrisy.

when Kong Rong was four years old, he ate pears with other brothers, and Kong Rong took the small ones.

he was asked why he did it.

he replied: because I am the youngest child, I should take the younger one, which has become a beautiful talk through the ages.

coincidentally, during the Eastern Han Dynasty, when Zhen Yu gave sheep to the emperor, everyone had different opinions on how to divide the sheep.

however, Zhen Yu chose Lean Sheep, and the other doctors stopped arguing.

when the emperor heard about this, he praised Zhen Yu's kind style.

soon, Zhen Yu was promoted to dean of Tai College.

A person, if you are kind to the world, your career will prosper because of your kindness, and your life will be hung up because of your kindness.

kindness may not lead you to success, but as long as we are kind to others, God will take care of us and give us more in another form.

A person's life is actually a process of cultivating the mind and accumulating virtue.

be kind-hearted, do good deeds, get good results, be lenient to others, don't care about the atmosphere, and be kind-hearted in order to become a lucky person and be blessed with good fortune!

May you be kind, kind, tolerant and generous enough for the rest of your life.