Wind and rain life, cold and warm self-crossing

Wind and rain life, cold and warm self-crossing

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there is a saying:

"people who seem invincible on the surface may not be sad behind them;

people who often smile on their faces may not be without scars in their hearts, but a person who has gone through a lot of difficult times has learned to know himself."

No matter what stage it is, there will always be countless storms and tribulations in life.

it's like some sadness, which others can't feel, and some difficulties that can only be understood by themselves.

those human feelings hidden in life are like an endless cross-ditch, only their own experience can be considered complete.

and the so-called mature, but in this stormy life, experience the cold and warm at the same time, but also gradually learn to hold an umbrella for themselves.


in life, wind and rain is the norm

someone in Zhihu asked, "Why is there no such thing as' easy'in the adult world?"

one of the high praise replied:

I deeply agree.

Life is never plain sailing. There is always enough suffering to learn to grow and enjoy enough sweetness.

and all you can do is to forge ahead in the wind and rain.

"is life always so painful? Or is it just like this when you were young? "


in this world, no one can really live at ease. Different stages of life will experience different hardships and frustrations.

there is such a plot in the movie "Human Comedy":

male host Pu Tong is a host with a meagre salary and an easy and easy job.

because the company is in arrears of wages, the husband and wife are so poor that they can't even afford the basic rent.

that's it. He still lent his only 60,000 yuan to his friend. As a result, the husband and wife often quarrel.

once he had a drink with a friend, and when he was drunk, he said a sentence that pierced the hearts of countless people:

"my business is a small thing, but it can still crush people to death."

everyone has countless difficulties and dangers, as well as countless pains and sufferings.

those good and bad, joys and sorrows are the gifts of life and the tests of life.

and life has never been harder than expected.

Yu Hua wrote in "alive":

accept helplessness, in the face of ups and downs, only by taking wind and rain as the normal life, can we face life better.


count on others, and you lose

in the TV series "the first half of my Life", there is a line:

think about it, it is true.

in this life, no one can really rely on but himself.

all the joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows experienced in the process of growing up have to be experienced by one person.

as for others, he can help for a while, but not for a lifetime; he can accompany you for a ride, but not for the rest of his life.

Life is in a hurry, all passers-by.

counting on others is nothing; counting on yourself is the only way to get out of the life you want.

Tibetan Jian, the dumpling queen, dropped out of school to work at the age of 15 because she was born poor.

when he was 22 years old, he met a doctor with a distinguished family background in Thailand, and the two fell in love at first sight and soon got married.

after marriage, in order to handle his father's funeral, the husband left Zang Jian and his two daughters and returned home first.

when Zang Jian went to Thailand, he found that her husband had already fallen in love with someone else.

the strong Tibetan Jian, unwilling to swallow his anger, turned around and left with the child and went to Hong Kong.

because of the language barrier, she can only do some manual work of serving tea, washing toilets and working as a nurse. She only sleeps for two or three hours a day, and her life is very hard.

but even so, she is still on her own.

once, a friend visited the house and found that her dumplings were particularly delicious:

A joke, but Zang Jian took it seriously, pushing a cart to Wanchai Wharf every day to sell dumplings.

soon, with her superb craftsmanship, she attracted many customers, won investment, opened a factory, and gradually became familiar with the "Wanchai Wharf" dumplings.

people in this life, we will meet a lot of people, experience a lot of things, those human feelings are cold and warm, ups and downs, and finally can only taste by ourselves.

those who once wanted to rely on others can only lose completely in the end; only themselves are the biggest ones to rely on.



in the process of growing up, if you want to gain a foothold in heaven and earth and start a career, you can only rely on yourself.

the most important person is himself; no matter how good others are, it can only be the icing on the cake.

relying on mountains will fall, but everyone can run.

in this world, only you are the biggest backer of a person.

in ancient times, there was a businessman who sold paper and salt and often went out for business.

every time he goes out, the businessman prays to heaven:

"bless me all the way, never meet robbers and take away my money;

Don't rain, wet paper and salt, and don't get dark too fast." lest I walk alone at night. "

however, no matter what the businessman asks, there will be robbers on every journey, it will rain when it should rain, and it will still be dark when it is dark.

the businessman also thought of various ways. He hired a caravan instead of going out alone, and chose to go with some business friends instead of walking alone.

when it rains, the rainproof equipment you carry with you will be covered with paper and salt every night.Take out the torch and illuminate the road around you.

later, businessmen and friends talked about this experience and said:

in everything, it is better to ask for help than to ask for yourself, because this is the most long-term way to success.

Hugo once said:

the more you experience, the more you will understand: the most important person on the road to growth is never others, but yourself.

only by staying independent can you control your life.

try not to lie. What you get by yourself is far more reliable than what you rely on others to give.

Don't expect too much of others, because everyone has his own life, and life can only make his own decisions.


Life is really hard. Only

someone has asked on the Internet: "Why do you like to post less and less on moments?"

there is a high praise answer that goes like this:

Yes, everyone has their own life, and no matter how close they are, they can't really empathize.

those joys and sorrows, bitterness and joys are not only life experiences, but also their own disasters.

what you can do is not to just run away, but to rein in your mind, clench your teeth, and move forward with a heavy load.

one day, you will understand that in this world, you only rely on yourself.

but no one can bear the suffering given by life for you, and no one can take away your strength.

comedian Charlie Chaplin's parents separated for a long time because of emotional problems, and Chaplin lived with his mother.

later, his mother suffered from severe neurasthenia, so Chaplin was sent to a school for poor children.

at the age of 13, Chaplin chose to drop out of school and try to live on his own. He did a lot of work and did chores to support himself.

No matter how poor life is, he never complains. Instead, he is optimistic and faces the tribulations of life.

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after becoming famous, Chaplin, recalling this period of time, said:

"when I was in the orphanage, I often wandered the streets because I was hungry and had nothing to eat.

but I keep telling myself what to complain about.

one day, I will become the most famous comedian in the world. The current adversity just makes me stronger. "

with this persistence, Chaplin suffered a lot for his dream, tasted all kinds of hardships, and finally changed from an unknown actor to a world-class comedian.

No one can live easily and happily, and everyone's life will always have all kinds of tribulations.

those who suffer in life, life is difficult, can only rely on their own step by step to overcome.

as mentioned in the Reader:

the way through pain is to experience it, absorb it, explore it, and understand what it means.

the harder it is, the more you have to survive on your own, because if you get through it, you win. "

do not be a vine if you can live as a tree in your whole life. Always rely on others to pull forward, if one day that person left, there is no guarantee that you will not fall black and blue. "

this is a sentence on the Internet, but it is full of meaning.

We are always asking for sense of security from others, but in fact, sense of security is not given by others, but obtained by ourselves.

if you have so many difficulties, you have to get through by yourself, and you have to earn everything you want.

instead of waiting for others to send umbrellas in the wind and rain, it is better to live as your own big tree.

A life of wind and rain is self-aware of cold and warm.

May everyone learn to cross by themselves, overcome the ups and downs of life, be their own ferryman, and become the sun of others.