Win (good in depth)

Win (good in depth)

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in the famous novel Offshore, there is a meaningful sentence:

I think so.

people who achieve great things always have abilities and patterns that ordinary people cannot achieve, and behind all the splendor are spiritual practices that others cannot see.

just like the five parts contained in the word "win": death, mouth, moon, shell, and fan, they actually reflect the five most critical steps in life.

if you take the right path, you will understand yourself, and if you go the wrong way, you will be able to see life clearly.



I heard a friend talk about his experience before:

when he was 30 years old, he lost his job and stayed at home, either going out for dinner and drinking or playing games at home every day.

thinking that he has enough savings in his card, he is not in a hurry to find a new job, but to enjoy a comfortable life.

until one day, he wanted to wear formal clothes to a party, only to find that his original suit was no longer in his current figure.

the moment his beer belly burst the button of his shirt, he suddenly woke up and would be completely ruined if he went on like this.

what people fear most in life is not to walk into the comfort zone, but to stay in the comfort zone, without a sense of crisis.

the simple word "death" represents the most important "crisis consciousness".

once you allow yourself to be idle, one day you will be swallowed up by "idleness". If the soul loses the fighting spirit, people will become confused.

how do people get rid of it?

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writer Li Shanglong mentioned a point of view:

immersed in comfort, doing nothing, there is no meaning in life without growth, and the potential of life lies in enriching yourself.

No matter what age you reach, don't be a frog in warm water, give up inertia, jump out of your comfort zone bravely, and keep yourself busy.

read a good book, learn a new skill, and keep meeting new yourself before you can have a new life.


mouth: people who can speak win as soon as they open their mouths.

there is a formula widely spread on the Internet:

people's success = 1%IQ (IQ) + 99%EQ (EQ)

used to think that great people succeed because they have superior IQ.

it was only later that I gradually realized that being considerate and having a high EQ is also an ability.

in recent years, actor Hu GE has attracted a lot of fans because of his acting skills, and his high EQ has been liked by the whole network many times.

at the award ceremony one year, Jinxing asked Hu GE:

"now there are three roses. Today happens to be International Working Women's Day. Please give these three roses to the most important woman in your life."

this question is more or less difficult to answer, and it will create a topic of public opinion if you are not careful.

Hu GE thought for a moment and replied,

"the first one I want to give to my family, this family means all the staff who came with me, as well as my fans. I hope this flower can be collected by teacher Venus.

the second one I want to give to my lover, not yet, but Yan Ni on the stage has played my lover, and I want to ask her to collect it.

the third flower is given to my mother, and I also want to give it to my daughter, which is not only the continuation of the bloodline but also the transmission of love.

if I give birth to a son and give it to him, I will tell him that roses have thorns, and the road to flowers and applause must be the road to cut through thorns. "

the answer not only takes care of everyone's feelings, but also mentions the trials that winners must go through.

the attitude of speaking reflects the height of doing things and the pattern of speaking, which determines the ability to make people comfortable.

people who are really mature do not reveal their weaknesses and speak of selfishness.

know people but do not judge people, see through, do not tell, in order to be superior.


month: the more punctual a person is, the more reliable he is.

as an old saying goes,

if reliability is the criterion of whether a person can make a deep acquaintance, then punctuality is the premise of testing whether a person is reliable or not.

unreliable people, it is difficult to give sense of security; unpunctual people, it is difficult to build trust.

there is a company that recruits and has an appointment for an interview with the job seeker, but the time is up, but the person has not been seen for a long time.

half an hour later, a young man came in a hurry and explained that he was late because of the traffic jam.

during the interview, because of his excellent professional ability, he was suitable for the position, so several interviewers thought he could be hired, but the boss crossed his resume.

the boss explained:

"such an important interview did not consider what might happen on the road and was not prepared to leave in advance.

how can I trust him and leave the job to him? You know, punctuality is more important than excellence. "

punctuality represents attaching importance to people and things, and it is also the most basic self-cultivation of a person. What is lacking in this world is not smart people, but people who are reassuring and reliable.

having principles, commitment and respect is a great talent.


Bay: money is the touchstone of character

money can save a person from suffering, but also make a person lose the bottom line in an instant.

as the saying goes, money is both an angel and a devil.

some time ago, the man who cheated money on the crowdfunding platform with his current girlfriend, using the medical records of his deceased ex-girlfriend, angered many people.

his ex-girlfriend died in 2018.But he was so addicted to profit that he didn't want to miss any opportunity to "make money".

affectionate, extremely indifferent, do not consider the feelings of the ex-girlfriend's family; Yu Li, regardless of the bottom line, gave up the moral values of life.

the most accurate explanation for the so-called "Bay" is "making money wisely". In the final analysis, it is the embodiment of moral character.

in the Longmen Security Bureau, Lu Sanjin hit the nail on the head:

they are strong because they have no bottom line, and in their rules, you will always suffer losses. "

the lack of the bottom line will make people lose their eyes step by step, can no longer see the original direction, and then go farther and farther in the wrong direction, losing the bottom line and losing character.

you have both ability and political integrity. Only by having virtue can you highlight your ability.

for those who fail in character, the journey of life is like walking on a dangerous bridge, falling to a low point sooner or later.


where you have to give up, you have to stay calm.

there is a question on Zhihu: what is a person's best state?

A high praise replied: people should be cautious when they are in their prime, and they should feel at ease when the situation is adverse.

No one's life is plain sailing, and no one can stay with you forever.

seeing that life and death are hard to part with, one day we will understand that giving up and getting something is the normal state of life.

Let nature take its course, everything will be perfect; if you can be contented in life, you can have a good life.

you and I are both mortal, and keeping a normal mind is the perfect way to deal with the impermanence of the world.

I like Feng Zikai's sentence very much: since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate; since it is not what you want, it is better to be relieved.

in fact, if you think about it carefully, the people who work hard to pursue may not be considerate and painstaking pursuit of things, but the simplicity of three meals a day after all.

No matter how far you go, don't forget your original heart, accept that you are an ordinary person, and try your best to live every day is true happiness.

German writer Hesse said in "Hot Spring convalescent guests":

Linyuan envy fish as well as retreat and form a net. Every step of life depends on your own down-to-earth steps. If you win or lose, you can only win life if you win.

click on it. May you look back on the past when you are in your twilight years and realize that you have already won yourself and lived a full life.