Which life advice should we choose is the right one?

Which life advice should we choose is the right one?

In this age when every piece of advice can be justified, how should we choose?

Let's start with a few life suggestions that we often hear.

about career planning

the career planning contest has been over for some time, and everyone who participates in it has realized the importance of career planning. Planning from now on, do not let yourself lose at the starting line of the workplace, whether it is student work or internship, seize all opportunities to exercise yourself, cultivate workplace ability, this is the idea that career planning instills in everyone. However, some people say that we have gone through more than a decade of "quality education". As the saying goes, universities should do what they want to do but have not done. Professional things can be done now and in the future, but what you want to do now will never be done again.

about procrastination

procrastination tells us that procrastination is a big taboo for successful people. Procrastination will lead to a sense of uselessness and emptiness, which will make people stop learning and sum up, resulting in a rapid decline in personal ability. Large areas of procrastination for a long time will reduce personal credit, which is ultimately not conducive to personal development. However, barrister Webster also said, "Don't do what you can put off till tomorrow." this is completely different from the positive values of successful students, because whether you do it or not, the task is there, and the more it is put off to the end. the more efficient it is to deal with things, so procrastinate if you can.

about maturity

everyone wants to be mature, to be happy and angry, to let nature take its course, to be calm when things happen, to be calm when it comes to success, and to be calm when it comes to frustration. However, some people say that youth is about to show its edge, and what a terrible thing it is to be young and mature. If you are unhappy, you should vent if you are in a bad mood. Why do you have to bury yourself in your heart and still smile at others? let the blood of youth suffocate in your heart.

I believe that many people have heard this completely different life advice, but each one can justify itself, which makes a lot of sense, so many people are confused, who should I believe? Which advice should I follow?

below I share with you two of my own choices for similar suggestions.

about college

College entrance examination scores are out of order (nine out of ten people know later). Many people say that I should repeat my studies, saying that I am too young to enter university so early. Even if I choose to go to university, out of consideration of contacts, opportunities, and relationships, I should also choose an ordinary university in my own province, which is conducive to future development. In the end, I came to Dongguan Institute of Technology, because I don't want to waste a year learning high school knowledge over and over again, which is a very painful thing. I just want to go out and see the outside world, regardless of whether it develops or not. I believe that the university has more opportunities to change my life, and the college entrance examination is not the only opportunity.

about disorganized

the other day, my roommate (a member of the literary competition of BathambyY University) asked me how much it would cost to write an article in disorderly writing. When I said I had no money, I was even more embarrassed to tell him how many harsh words we had to reward at one time, and my roommate said, "Why do you write it if you don't have money?" Why don't you follow me and write at least 50 yuan per thousand words, or if I introduce you to a few competitions, you can take part in it, which is much better than writing in that mess. The good intentions of my roommates may be right, but I am still willing to stay disorganized because there I will meet like-minded people, how wonderful it is to meet bosom friends, and for me who is still a big life, it is also important to have a team, and I will benefit a lot from the communication with Zhang Jingbo. All of this may be more important than $50, maybe not as important as $50, who knows? All I know is that I feel good here right now.

my choice is entirely based on my own application of the suggestion, to see if it is in line with my interests, my values, and my behavior, for example, I just don't like to do repetitive and meaningless work, so I don't choose to repeat it. I value my personal growth and experience, so I stay in a mess. For example, if some people like to pursue personality and do not go the usual way, then on the issue of procrastination, he will certainly choose to procrastinate again and again, and if some people want to follow the route of a Korean uncle to attract girls, he will definitely choose to be mature.

Let's take a look at the advice in the book on how to choose. The book tells us that you should listen to your inner voice and follow your inner choice. At first glance, literary youth has meaning. Think carefully, what is your heart? It's still your own knowledge! And cognition comes from our practice and learning of knowledge, in the final analysis, it is still based on our own experience at this stage to make a choice, so it is of no use.

when you are still obsessed with how to choose, have you ever wondered why we should choose? Because since most of us are right or wrong when it comes to choices, and we are troubled because the options we are facing seem to be so right, we can't tell which is right, that is, the choice that will lead us to success. So how do we know which one is the right one? The answer is that until the day you succeed, no one knows whether your original choice is right, that is, there is no right choice at all, we can only work hard to make the original choice appear correct.

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when we hear or see a suggestion, the first thing we should think about is not whether it is true or false, right or wrong, and then criticize or praise it, but first consider whether it is enlightening and helpful to us, absorb it if we have it, and listen to a story if we don't have it.

"Children distinguish between right and wrong, while adults only look at interests." -- "meet again indefinitely"