When you reach middle age, learn to make yourself happy.

When you reach middle age, learn to make yourself happy.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

when people reach middle age,

many adults lose the ability to be happy.

maybe life is too tired, maybe it's too stressful.

or most of the time, we are always busy caring for and pleasing others, but we always forget to take care of ourselves.

there is such a movie line: to be a man, the most important thing is to be happy.

in the second half of life, working hard is not the goal, but making yourself happy is the meaning.


learn to empty yourself that's true. When you're in a good mood, you walk briskly and get things done smoothly.

but how can you be born a human being without a trace of trouble?

bills of life, annoying relationships, stress at work, missed love. Everything can be a reason not to be happy.

for those repressed emotions, not every kind of emotion can be cured, and there is medicine to cure.

most of the experiences of resentment, love and separation are accompanied by feelings of regret, loss and sadness.

if they are not cleaned up in time, they will accumulate and overflow in your heart.

having the ability to deal with emotions is an important secret to staying happy.

there is a psychological concept called "empty cup mentality".

says that people should have the ability to empty themselves on a regular basis.

the house is sorted out regularly, cleaning dust, collecting things, and throwing away rubbish, the house will become clean and bright; so is the heart of


clean up your heart regularly, wipe off the noise in your heart, and your heart will become clean and bright.

learn to empty, there will be a place for the sun to shine in and happiness to live in.

learn to return to zero and not be held back by the trivialities of the past in order to settle in the present and achieve peace.


learn to accept yourself

Wang Xiaobo once said:

if we try our best, things will still backfire. apart from anger, we also have a state of mind, that is, acceptance.

accept that you are beyond your reach, find that you still have room for improvement, and then work hard to improve.

accept your imperfections, admit your shortcomings, and then live your own series in your own time zone.

there is no shortage of people who are better than themselves in life. What they lack is a heart that dares to face and accept themselves.

in life, too many people compete with themselves because of their imperfections, which is actually embarrassing themselves.

some people feel that they are not beautiful enough and knock on the door of the hospital again and again;

some people want more money and use their health to satisfy their greedy material desires;

some people cannot accept the limitation of talent, but hard practice has achieved little success.

in fact, if you don't take beauty as your career, you don't need a unified assembly line of beauty. your eyes and noses are the characteristics of creation.

if you didn't keep up with the comparison, you wouldn't have to be so tired. As long as the food is healthy, the clothes are clean, and the house is enough.

and talent is incomparable. You have what you are good at, and he is good at it.

Don't always use your own weaknesses to look at the strengths of others.

people should recognize themselves, then accept their imperfections, and also see their own strengths.

I have heard a sentence that makes sense:

although the eyes are not beautiful, the nose is beautiful and the teeth are neat;  although the days are not abundant, the family members are very healthy and love each other;  although they are not as good at learning as they are, they are not as good as me at other tracks.

accept your imperfections and discover your strengths.

you will find that you are already beautiful.

you are loved by the Creator, not useless.

accept yourself, accept your imperfections and flaws, and you can live your life in peace and harmony.


learn to praise yourself

how long has it been since you praised yourself?

is to stand in front of the mirror and look at your healthy complexion, tall and straight figure, shining eyes, and say it out loud:

Today, you also look full of vitality.

our cultural atmosphere always requires us:

when we see the excellence of others, we can't help but blurt out praise "you are so good" and "you are so beautiful".

when it's your turn to shine, you always humbly remind yourself to "work hard" and "Don't be proud".

We really need the ability to praise ourselves.

once, I participated in a healing activity called "praise Bath".

in the event, everyone has to be the protagonist once, and then be praised by everyone below in turn.

"you look good when your eyelashes bend!"

"your teeth are white and neat."

"you were amazing when you played the piano."

there was a sister in her 30s who was moved to tears when she was praised.

she said that she had not been so praised and cured for a long time. She always felt that she was low in the dust, but forgot that she was also full of glory.

praise is a great ability, we are not only good at discovering the strengths of others, but alsoKnow how to discover your strengths.

Bi Shumin said:

waiting for others to praise you, you might as well learn to praise yourself from today.

"Today's hair is combed well, too."

"Today's clothes look good, too."

"Today I am also shining, in the youngest day of my life."

what a beautiful day, the sun is strong, the waves are gentle, and I deserve all kind treatment.

learn to praise yourself, please yourself, be an ordinary but confident person, life will be full of surprises.

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learn to make yourself happy

how short life is, the twinkling of an eye will be middle age.

in the rest of the day, we don't have much time to worry. Please try your best to bring happiness to your side.

do something that makes you happy, whether it's cooking a delicious meal, meeting a new friend, or developing a new hobby, you should use a pair of eyes that are good at finding beauty to find the beauty of life.

if not, try to create the light of life.

everyone is a unique existence, and every life is a wonderful life.

the key is that from today on, you must adjust your mindset.

think of a popular comment:

to make friends who will make you happy, to love people who won't make you cry, to go in the direction you want to go, to fulfill dreams big or small, life should be beautiful and gentle, and so should you.

learning to make yourself happy is a necessary superpower for everyone.

you know, you are never incomplete, you are so happy and beautiful.