When you reach middle age: don't bear it, don't hate, don't save, don't wait

When you reach middle age: don't bear it, don't hate, don't save, don't wait

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I have heard such a sentence:

I think so deeply.

when we reach middle age, each of us has become two faces:

one is to bear the responsibility on our shoulders, so strong that we are fearless;

the other is to bury fatigue at the bottom of our hearts and be vulnerable to a single blow.

it's just that life is like fleeting, ferry people have to ferry themselves first; life is really hard, and only by building a raft can you be your own ferry man.


when people reach middle age, they have resentment

middle age, which is like a watershed in life.

if you cross the past, you will be flat; if you can't get through, there is only confusion and helplessness.

but there are rugged roads in front and countless pursuers behind, and it's not easy to get past.

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in the end, the pain of the body is borne by itself, and the resentment in the heart is endured alone.

however, hiding the resentment for a moment, I can't cross the hurdle in my heart, and I can't really reconcile with myself for the rest of my life.

in this life, it is easier to be lenient than to be lenient.

those grievances of the past, we must learn to let go, and those who can't help it, we must try to say it.

when the anger dissipates, everything will pass; when the grievances are dispersed, life will be comfortable.

there is a good saying:

so don't wronge yourself because of the past, and don't live tomorrow for the sake of others.

those who are unwilling and sad, vent with the tears, then dry the tears and move on.


when people reach middle age, don't hate

Zhihu someone asks:

there is an answer like this:

Yes, in the middle of my life, I have already understood what courage is, and learned not to be alone and brave blindly, but to take care of the child's family and choose to "accept it".

even if you suffer a lot, you will laugh it off; even if it is difficult, you will persevere desperately.

people with strong hearts will not only save face, but will put aside their self-esteem for the sake of life.

Life is both sweet and bitter.

many things need to be accomplished by ourselves, and those grievances, entanglements, and unwillingness will eventually turn into responsibilities and responsibilities in the wind and rain, and become the warmth of our winter days.

remember that when you reach middle age, don't hate when you are in trouble. every concession and softness is for the stability of the years and the peace of life.


when people reach middle age, don't save money if they have money.

people often say:

"money is called money only when it is spent. It's just a number."

I don't know the meaning of this sentence when I was a child. It is only after middle age that people realize that money is valuable only when it is spent.

however, most people spend their lives saving money to raise children in the first half of their lives and buying their lives in the second half of their lives.

I have worked hard all my life, either to make wedding clothes for my children or to build houses and tiles for my family.

when it's your turn, you can reduce as much as you can, save if you can, don't want to spend money, and don't want to spend.

however, if a person is too frugal with himself, he is apt to lose the joy of life.

when you reach middle age, you should not only know how to make money, but also know how to spend money. Don't wronge yourself when you shouldn't save.

only those who know how to love themselves will try to love their family.

"every time you spend money, you invest in the life you want, and if you are willing to pay for the beauty and romance, you deserve the beauty and romance."

the more difficult life is, the more you need to know how to live, don't save money, and be kind to yourself, so that life can be colorful and fun.


people reach middle age, love others

people reach middle age, experience thousands of times, how happy it is to meet someone who loves you.

but we are always used to being loved, forget to love, completely immersed in the feeling of happiness, but ignore the people around us, and are waiting for a loving response.

just like a friend of mine, he enjoys the care of his wife every day, but never understands his wife's needs and desires.

in fact, his wife had been waiting for his care, but in the end, her patience ran out, and she didn't wait for my friend's attention and support.

A relationship, if you wait too much, the love will fade; if you wait for a long time, the heart will be cold.

everyone's time and energy are limited. Only when you love someone well can you reap happiness.

so, if you love someone, don't be stingy with your feelings, be considerate, respect them, and let them know what you mean.

Don't wait for love to be gone, to try to fix it; don't wait for someone to be gone, to repent.

feelings can't stand waiting. Please love hard while love is still there.


Life is fireworks, life is wind and rain, there are always all kinds of grievances hidden in stumbling, but there are always countless hopes, so: don't bear grievances, learn to vent, try to change;

when you have difficulties, don't hate, be generous, be open-minded;

Don't save money, cherish the present, don't regret;

Happiness don't wait, chase it hard, love it with your heart.

Don't hate when you are in trouble, be broad-minded and open-minded;

Don't save money, cherish the present, don't regret it;

Don't be happy, chase it hard, love it with your heart.

remember that the grievances of middle-aged people are useless. Only by holding their own umbrellas and being strong alone can life be hard.

May every middle-aged person go through the vicissitudes of life, no longer confused, no longer look back, peace of mind and calm for the rest of his life.