When you get married, you must depend on your family circumstances.

When you get married, you must depend on your family circumstances.

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it's a long way to live, and choosing a partner is a big deal, not to be trifled with.

because what kind of partner you choose, you tend to have what kind of marriage.

A long marriage is never just the help of two people, but also the concerted efforts of two families.

so when you get married, you must depend on your family circumstances.

it is difficult to blend with different families; it is difficult to have two hearts with different families.

only when you are spiritually matched can you have the same magnetic field in marriage.


Women who get married without considering their family circumstances all lose miserably.

there has been a saying on the Internet:

Yes, when you are passionately in love, all the disadvantages are angel freckles, and all obstacles are witch's poisonous apples.

but when the filter of passion and love fades, all that is left, except for the feathers of life, is that marriage is riddled with holes.

some time ago, neighbor Sister Zhou suddenly posted a circle of friends:

the child has grown up and there is no need to worry about it.

I'm too tired to have you for the rest of my life.

only with one difference and two widths can each person be happy.

I hurriedly asked her what was wrong.

she told me that she was divorced.

at that time, the family disliked their poor family and did not agree with me to marry.

but I was young at that time, so I wouldn't listen! I married him crying to death.

only after marriage do I realize that love cannot have enough water and water-the rent, water and electricity are there, the food is there, and the pressure of life is there....

but we poor couples feel sadder about everything. If it hadn't been for the children, we would have broken up long ago.

after the children finished the college entrance examination this year, they simply left.

"A marriage that only thinks about money is absurd, and a marriage that doesn't think about money is stupid."

Yes, but we poor couples feel more sad about everything. No matter how deep our feelings are, we can't stand the repeated rubbing of life.

what is more cruel is that couples from different families, even if they are lucky enough to avoid the material gun, are often hurt by the hidden arrow of the spirit.

believe it or not, you see:

Lee Kun-hee, the eldest daughter of Samsung Group Chairman Lee Kun-hee, "married" security guard Ren Youjae. After marriage, Ren Youzhai drank heavily, was violent, did not make progress, and even punched and punched his pregnant wife.

finally, it ends with Lee Fu-jin paying a break-up fee of 14.1 billion won.

Why? Isn't it true that money and status are nothing in front of true love?

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Yes, maybe money and status are nothing. However, the gap in values, horizons and cognition brought about by different family circumstances is irreparable.

therefore, women who marry without regard to their family means lose miserably.

after all, marriage is not a vow that you do not marry when you are passionately in love, nor is it a beautiful fairy tale of princesses and castle roses in the story, but the daily repetition of firewood, rice, salt, sauce and vinegar tea and the realistic conflict of values, vision, and cognition.

while two people from different families, it is easy to lose their passionate hormones in this boring repetition and hurtful reality. Gradually, see all the vows and fairy tales of illusory.

finally, hurt others and hurt themselves.


the good other half are all influenced by their family circumstances

the popularity of "just 30" some time ago.

in the play, Mao Xiaotong plays Zhong Xiaoqin, a girl who has been cared for by her parents since childhood.

she grew up in a family loved by her parents, so she is looking forward to romance and surprises after marriage.

but her husband, Chen Yu, is just the opposite.

because of bad feelings, my father abandoned his family when Chen Yu was very young.

after his father left, his mother poured out all the grievances that had grown in the unhappy marriage on him.

it can be said that Chen Yu has never seen the word "happiness" in his parents' marriage, so he does not dare to expect happiness in his own marriage.

in his view, marriage is for ease and security-marriage is just a safe haven for him.

on the other hand, Zhong Xiaoqin retorts that "if you want to avoid the wind, who will be Hong Kong?"

so, there is the scene that everyone in the play applauds-- they are divorced.

although they got back together at the end of the story, it is not difficult to see from their marriage that

there is a good reference standard for ta's parents.

as someone said:

I think so.

Happy families all hide the appearance of love.

in the minds of many people, Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu are the most ideal marriage in the world.

but few people know that their happy marriage actually benefits from their own happy original family.

Yang Jiang's parents have always had a good relationship. She once wrote in "remembering my Father":

the love of her parents filled the family with warmth and happiness, and also benefited Yang Jiang a lot.

because I have seen what it looks like to be loved, I know how to choose;

because I know the joy of loving, I know how to love.

Marriage is not only the union of two people, but also the continuous running-in of two families.

the atmosphere of a native family can have an indelible impact on your partner for the rest of your life.

and ta's osmosis determines what ta looks like in marriage.


the best marriage is a spiritual match

in life, when we talk about marriage, we always listen.To four words-"it's a perfect match".

so, what is a perfect match?

is it true that if you study in Britain and the United States, ta will get a PhD?

or if your family earns 1 million yuan a year, his family must earn 800000 yuan a year?

No, these are not a good match.

the real match is the harmony of the piano in the concept, the eyebrow in the thinking, and the mass graves in the belief.

as Cai Kangyong said:

my impression of a perfect match, including their own educational class, cultural background, and so on.

with different family circumstances and social circles, there will be less and less topics to exchange with each other after marriage, resulting in couples going farther and farther away.

this is the so-called "wrong door, wrong door".

families are different, so there is no need for forced integration.

when two people from different families are together, life will only become more and more tiring and difficult:

you want him to buy a bouquet of flowers on his anniversary, but ta says you waste it;

you yearn for more rituals in life, but ta thinks you are hypocritical;

you look forward to poetry and distance, but ta thinks you are artificial;


you can't change his perception, and he can't understand what you think. You are never on the same frequency.

in the end, we can only be bored with each other.

Yes, the hormone of love allows two people to start a family, but not a family.

Marriage is a practice of love. Only by finding the right people can we go wider and farther on the pilgrimage road of marriage.

therefore, the best marriage is not only an economic match, but also a spiritual match.

because you are right, you never feel inferior; because you are right, you are never proud.

just as Jane Eyre said:

you should know:

in spirit, you can be happy and carefree;

marriage with the same magnetic field, you can share the beauty of the world.

the rest of your life is not long, please be with the right person.


when you get married, you must look at your family circumstances.

there is a question in Zhihu: why do so many people get married because they love each other, but still end in divorce?

there is a high praise answer that pokes the tears and pain points of many people:

falling in love is a romantic love affair; marriage is a life of firewood, rice and oil.

it is easy to talk about love, but not easy to live.

there are too many couples, because their families are so different that they do not deserve to learn, do not agree with each other, and have the wrong door. Gradually, marriage lights up red.

finally, when we say we leave, we leave, and when we break up, we break up.

Yes, getting married is no better than being in love. It's not just romance, it's more trivial.

if you want to "see each other with me all day long" in the chicken feathers of a place of life, you must choose a person who is worthy of learning, harmony, and the right door.

these, to a large extent, depend on each other's family circumstances.

so when you get married, you must depend on your family circumstances.

you know, only when you are spiritually matched can you have the same magnetic field in marriage.

May you have the love of ta, the care of ta, the warmth of ta, the hand of ta, and the old age with ta for the rest of your life.

may you learn to match, be in harmony, and be right for the rest of your life.