When you are in a bad mood: stick to these three things

When you are in a bad mood: stick to these three things

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everyone inevitably has moments of depression.

sometimes, if you don't deliberately suppress your emotions, it doesn't mean you can vent your emotions blindly.

No matter how you feel at the moment, stick to the following three things.


first, live a good life.

perhaps most people have felt this way.

when I am in a bad mood, I am full of anger. I can neither eat well nor sleep well, so I use my body to punish myself.

when you are young, when you encounter any big little thing, you feel that it is an insurmountable mountain, an insurmountable river, worry and anxiety, occupying your whole body and mind.

when you get older, you will understand that everything in this world is trivial except life and death. Maturity does not mean writing all the emotions on your face.

it is precisely that even if you feel a little uncomfortable and unhappy, you can still restrain yourself and ensure a normal life and rest.

Life is about eating three meals a day and going to bed early and getting up early.

if a person can be calm and calm in front of anything, he won't forget to take good care of himself for the sake of lost people, bad things, bad experiences.

slowly you will understand that there is no one in the world worth starving you, nothing worth staying up all night,

people who care about you are reluctant to hurt you, unimportant things, and it's not worth torturing yourself.

loving yourself well is the most basic self-discipline of an adult.


second, work hard.

many times, when we are in a bad mood, we tend to be impetuous. It is not only difficult to concentrate, but also difficult to calm down and do something.

in fact, no matter what situation you are in, or how much pain you are going through.

when it's time to do a good job, do a good job. When it's time to work hard, you should also work hard.

never be emotional, let alone go to work with emotion.

if you allow yourself to indulge in disappointment and pain, you will snowball your bad state and mess up your life and work.

when you focus on what is right in front of you, what you need to do and what you need to do, it also better relieves your boredom.

on the contrary, the more idle you are, the more absent-minded you are, or even the more you go to the wrong end, the more trouble and trouble you will bring to yourself.

an adult should have the basic ability to manage emotions.

the more you have something on your mind, the worse you will do, and the more bitter you will feel.

sometimes, doing things well will help you resolve a lot of unhappiness in your heart.

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doing nothing and doing nothing well will only worsen your mood.

it is inevitable for everyone to encounter some bad things.

but if you want to make yourself better, you can't indulge your emotions and allow them to erode your heart and interfere with your life and work.


third, speak well.

I wonder if you have found that it is not difficult for a person to speak well when he is in a good mood.

the most difficult thing is that when you are depressed, you can still maintain a calm attitude and maintain the courtesy and respect that you should have towards others.

when you are in a bad mood, you will feel that the whole world is against you, even yelling at others is understandable, and you always think you can be understood and forgiven by others.

in fact, no one has an obligation to bear your bad temper, even those closest to you.

A sentence that could have been said well and said with a low face is easy to offend people.

A meaning that could have been expressed well, but if you say it impatiently, it will easily arouse the dissatisfaction of others.

an exchange, which could have been a good communication, can easily lead to gaps and contradictions with each other.

Napoleon once said, "he who can control his emotions is greater than the general who takes down a city."

Don't use a bad mood as an excuse or an excuse to let others understand and take care of you.

the more sad you are, the more you should speak well.

because you don't know how many hurtful words people will say when they are depressed, and how much influence and consequences they will bring to themselves.


We all have some bad moments.

but no matter how difficult it is for you at the moment, remember:

live a good life, don't torture yourself, work hard, live up to today, talk well, and don't hurt others.

Adult life is not easy. May you not let your mood get sick or use your emotions to control your life for the rest of your life.

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