When high achiever's wedding at Tsinghua University went viral, I had an epiphany about the circle of people. how important is it?

When high achiever's wedding at Tsinghua University went viral, I had an epiphany about the circle of people. how important is it?

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two days ago, a video of high achiever's wedding scene at Tsinghua University went viral.

at the wedding scene, guests were asked about the college entrance examination scores, and their answers changed the wedding seconds into Versailles.

A dozen guests scored an average of 680 in the college entrance examination. Some of them are top students in the provincial and municipal college entrance examination, and some are send-off students.

after watching the video, netizens not only have "sour", but also have some realistic answers.

some people say that most of high achiever's friends are also high achiever;

others say that excellent people can only make friends with good people, and the circle is simply too important.

this reminds me of a law in social science: the five-dimensional theory of close friends.

in fact, this law reflects a problem: the quality of your social circle determines the quality of your life.



A story was told by the media author @ Miao Ji.

in high school, Meow Ji had a friend of low achiever, who was very poor in culture class and was often at the bottom of the list.

but this friend is very artistic, has a strong and magnetic voice, and often hosts school shows.

because of his outstanding artistic talent, he was admitted into the broadcast hosting department by a university as an exception.

everyone thinks that after graduation, he will definitely go to the TV station and show his strength.

to everyone's amazement, after graduation, he did not choose a job, but studied for a master's degree.

moreover, instead of studying in the broadcasting department, he majored in philosophy.

my friend explained:

because I came into contact with the high-level circle and realized that I still have many shortcomings, I stood up to catch up, which is the change that the excellent circle brings to a person.

Man is the only animal that can accept cues.

being with high-level people will inspire you to grow and become better.

there is a particularly good saying:

"with hard-working people, you won't be lazy." When you are with positive people, you will not be depressed.

walk with the wise, and you will make a difference. If you keep company with great people, you can reach the top. "

low-level circles will continue to consume you and corrupt you until you are unable to accept your fate.

and in a circle where everyone is working hard, you will constantly reflect on yourself and be better.



this photo is a group photo of British Prime Minister Cameron and their dormitory when he was studying at Eton.

in the photo, number 5 is Cameron, and others are celebrities from all walks of life.

No. 1:Campbell Clarke: banker, owns a $1 billion hedge fund;

No. 2:Tom Goff: British horse racing leader, controls the UK's £3 billion horse racing industry;

No. 3:Simon Andreae: global TV producer, serves as executive vice president of FOX TV North America.

No. 4:James Learmond: founder of Crussh, a health food and beverage company.

there is also a photo of Cameron joining a club when he was at Oxford. The people in the photo

are even more powerful.

No. 1:The Hon. Edward Sebastian Grigg, chairman of Credit Suisse UK;

3:Ralph Perry Robinson, a former child actor and later home designer;

4:Ewen Fergusson, son of the British Ambassador to France, is now a famous lawyer in London

No. 8:Boris Johnson, chairman of the University of London Association, former Mayor of London and current British Prime Minister.

Why show these two photos?

I just want to tell you:

Society is not only about knowledge and diplomas, but also about strength and connections. If you have a wide range of contacts, the road will be wider.

in the enterprise family, Huang Zheng's background is not very good. His parents are both educated in junior high school and work as ordinary workers in the factory.

but Huang Zheng was admitted to Zhejiang University through his own efforts.

when I was in college, I met Ding Lei, the founder of NetEase. Later, after Ding Lei's introduction, I met the investor Duan Yongping.

in 2006, Duan Yongping bought Buffett lunch for $620000, and Duan Yongping took Huang Zheng with him.

it was this meal that made Huang Zheng find the courage and strength to start a business in the future.

and then to the story that happened later, everyone must have known that less than three years after its establishment, pinduoduo was successfully listed with a market capitalization as high as 160 billion yuan.

if Huang Zheng had not been admitted to Zhejiang University, had not known Ding Lei and Duan Yongping, and had not squeezed into the high-level circle, perhaps his life would have taken another path.

you have to remember that the people around you determine who you are and who you will become.

striving to enter the high-level circle is your first step to success.


before knowing

, there is a passage that is particularly popular:

the circle of ordinary people is talking about gossip, earning wages, and thinking about tomorrow. The circle of businessmen is talking about projects, making profits, and thinking about next year.

the circle of career people talks about opportunities, earns wealth, and thinks about the future and security.

in the circle of wise people, talking is giving and communicating.Yes, give, follow the way, and be rich naturally.

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this passage tells us that when you choose to be with different people, your cognition and vision are also different.

Luo Zhenyu once said that the reason why he can pay for his knowledge is mainly to improve his cognition through his friends.

his criteria for making friends are simple: people he admires.

when he found a very good person, he tried his best to invite him to his home for a chat.

by chatting with the master, you can expand what you don't know, familiarize yourself with unfamiliar areas, and improve your cognition.

then share this knowledge with users in a more efficient way.

in this way, he grows rapidly while helping more people in need.

the more people he helps, the more valuable he is, and the more amazing his realization will be.

Sun Zhenyao, former president of Hewlett-Packard, once said in his departure speech:

"the better the person is, the higher the cognition, the higher the level, and the more I can appreciate what it means one day. I will always climb to the top of you and have a panoramic view of the small mountains around me.

while low-level people see only the ants at the foot of the mountain, next to the bushes and jungles. "

what kind of person you choose to be with, your cognitive level is at the same level.

just like that popular joke on the Internet a long time ago.

A friend with an annual salary of 300000 will introduce you to business and start a business together, but if you have to invest tens of thousands of yuan, there is a lot of room for development in the future.

then you go and ask a friend who earns 5000 yuan a month if you can do it.

without even thinking about it, the friend said: it must be a lie, there is no such a good thing, you must not be fooled.

level and cognition determine a person's field of vision.

when you are with high-level people, your vision and pattern will be slowly opened, and the level of your life will continue to rise. Finally, I would like to share with you a short story told by Professor Li Daokui of Tsinghua University.

in the 1980s, he had a good friend who liked finance and wanted to work in finance.

but how to get to know people in the financial circle and enter the financial industry has become a difficult problem.

later, this friend would take a bus to Boston's Financial Street every weekend, and then call the financial company through the information bar in the lobby to look for opportunities.

before long, a financial company took a fancy to him and gave him the chance to be an intern.

five years later, my friend has become the head of the Asia-Pacific Department of one of the "big three" investment banks in the world.

Professor Li Daokui warned the students:

"Don't hesitate and recognize the general direction as soon as possible." Eliminate the choice, do not hesitate to look back, recognize the long term, identify yourself.

then try to find the circle you want to fight for, and you will keep going up with it. "

click on it. May you find an excellent circle and try your best to precipitate and improve yourself.

in the end, you must be farther away than you think right now.