What's the matter? father is old.

What's the matter? father is old.

So my father must be reading my article right now.

for example, from primary school to junior high school, from Monday to Friday, I have to go to bed before 9pm. But on weekends, my father may wake me up at midnight and ask me if I want to eat midnight snacks.

when I was in high school, he asked me to come home at the weekend and sit on the writing desk, read and write, even after I had finished my homework.

or, at the same time, he told me not to discuss current affairs in chaos, because it was not good, and then he began to analyze Hong Kong news with me at 6: 30 every evening. After I went to college, he said that he didn't like me coming home every week, because every time I came home, it felt like I didn't do anything. He would rather I spend dozens of yuan to go out and have a drink with someone else and have a chat.

he always encouraged me to go out and have a look. He said that when he was young, he asked those "Guangzhou boys" to take him around Guangzhou when he made money. He didn't know the meaning of wandering around, but he thought it was a good thing.


he used to have a bad temper and often scolded me loudly.

once I was playing World of Warcraft and he was playing mahjong. He loudly asked me to buy him a pack of cigarettes. I dragged him until he came to the room and scolded me: "I told you to do something slowly."

then I took his ten yuan to the door and shouted, "selfish!"

when I got home and handed the cigarette to him, he said to me very seriously, "do you think I'm deaf?"

apart from that, he didn't say anything, so I haven't scolded my family since that day.

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when I start to write in a mess, he will tell me what's wrong with me. On one occasion, he said that what I wrote had a taste of "money", which gave people a bad impression, and sometimes the articles I wrote were so extreme that they were like him. He hopes that I can read more love novels and jokes so that more people can read them.

I replied to him directly and loudly at that time: "you don't understand at all. I just write for college students!"

when he heard this, he continued to eat.

when I think of it now, in fact, he doesn't want me to change my mind, but he just wants my writing to be more peaceful so as not to attract criticism.


I used to be in our school's school newspaper, so I took it home and showed it to them. I still remember that afternoon, he specially called me and asked me:

"how to send photos to moments?"

I told her to ask her sister because I couldn't tell her over the phone. Before long, the only photo he posted on Wechat was the disorganized interview in the school newspaper.

so my father must be reading my article right now.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.

"how does literature describe a father?"

"figure" /Zhu Ziqing

I saw him wearing a small black cloth hat, a black cloth mandarin coat and a dark blue cloth cotton robe. He hobbled to the side of the railway and slowly leaned down. But when he crossed the railway, it was not easy for him to climb to the platform over there. He climbed up with his hands and his feet shrank upward, and his fat body leaned slightly to the left, showing a look of effort. Then I saw his back, and my tears came down quickly. I quickly wiped away my tears. I'm afraid he'll see it, and I'm afraid others will see it.

"watching" /long Yingtai

after finishing my doctorate, I went back to Taiwan to teach. On my first day at college, my father sent me a long distance in his cheap feed van. When I arrived, I found that he did not drive to the main entrance of the university, but parked in the narrow alley of the side door. After unloading his luggage, he climbed back into the car and was ready to go back. he obviously started the engine, but rolled down the window, stretched his head out and said, "daughter, my father feels very sorry to you. This kind of car is really not a car for a university professor." "

I watched his minivan back carefully, then puffed out of the alley, leaving a cloud of black smoke. Until the car turned the corner out of sight, I was still standing there, next to a suitcase.

"steps" /Lin Senxiang

Father has nothing to do and feels very upset. In the past, he could sit on the bluestone steps for several hours, but since that time his waist flashed, he seemed to have lost this interest, refused to talk to others, and rarely stepped out of our steps. I went out once in a while and came back with a look as if I had lost something.

I just took a rest with my father on the threshold. His stubborn head was buried in his knee for a long time without moving. His hair was very short, like the stubble that had just been harvested. It was uneven, gray and lost its vitality.

after a long time, my father asked himself and asked me: what happened to this man?

what's the matter? father is old.

"there is no best father, but there is a father who loves you the most."