What is the difference between people who exercise and those who do not exercise?

What is the difference between people who exercise and those who do not exercise?

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when Wang Enge, president of Peking University, took office, he once told his students that one should make "two friends" in his life.

one of them is a library, and the other is a playground:


exercise is the best "health product"

during the interview, the reporter learned that the old man will exercise for an hour every day. Although he is over 100 years old, he does not have the "three highs". Moreover, when speaking in front of the camera, the old man's logic is clear and organized, showing everyone another way to live when he is old.

it is not alone that exercise leads to health and longevity.


exercise is the best "age freeze"

No matter how clever the medical method is, it can only change a person's skin. On the other hand, the changes brought about by exercise are reborn from the inside out.


exercise is the cure for everything

in recent years, with another news event, mental health has been widely concerned. Words such as "mental illness" and "depression" have also begun to appear frequently in people's lives.

according to the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression, and the number of patients has increased by about 18% in the past decade.

in China, the lifetime prevalence rate of depression is 6.9%. The 12-month prevalence rate is 3.6%. According to this data, it is estimated that there are more than 95 million people with depression in China so far.

because of the fast pace of life and great pressure in all aspects, everyone has to have some negative emotions more or less. When these negative emotions can not be resolved in time, a little adds up, it will lay hidden dangers for mental health.

and the healthiest and most effective way to deal with negative emotions is to exercise.

psychologists also say:

but the more difficult point is that when a person's heart is already filled with negative emotions, he doesn't want to move or do anything. It's no use telling him to go to the gym and exercise at this time.

the best way is to form the habit of exercise and fitness as soon as possible.

there is no doubt about the positive effect of exercise on physical and mental health. Men and women, old and young, should form the good habit of exercise, because it can bring us a brighter and more vivid life.

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A few days ago, a father went on Weibo hot search because he "asked his son to play outdoors for 2 hours every day, and no homework until he finished."

in the interview, the father said that the growth of a child is first of all the growth of physical and mental health, my basic requirement for him is that he should have a healthy physical and mental state, other, his own path is up to him to choose. The father's approach was almost unanimously praised by netizens, who said in the comment area that people who have this kind of educational concept can be called "good fathers in China."

regular exercise is to do a regular "clean-up" for our mood.

when the heart is spacious, life can be spacious.


the older you get, the more you understand that no matter when, health always comes first.

with health, we can go where we want to go, eat what we want, and do what we want to do. Otherwise, everything can only be a pipe dream.

Health is the premise of happiness, while exercise is the basis of health.

get into the habit of exercising, although you may be tired at first and frustrated by not seeing obvious results in the short term.

but as long as you stick to it, one year, two years.

when you have a healthier body, a younger appearance, and a happier state of mind than your peers, you must feel that the sweat is not in vain.