What is a true friend and what is a false friendship? (every sentence sticks to the heart)

What is a true friend and what is a false friendship? (every sentence sticks to the heart)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

think about it. Over the years, people around you:

go around, walk through two or three thousand, go back and forth, leaving two or three.

there are many friends who can drink together, but few friends who can talk to each other all night.

but what does it matter?

as the saying goes:

"I have lived an ordinary life. Nothing special has happened but a few special people."

No matter what happens, you will stand firmly by my side;

know me before gossip.

support me more than anyone else.

stand up for me when you are frustrated and stand up for me when you are bullied.

will not blame me for my confusion, but will always tolerate my mistakes. People like me, uncommunicative and bad-tempered, should have been abandoned by many people a long time ago, but your existence lets me know that I am loved. "

and that's what friends are all about.


what is a true friend?

is there anyone around you when you have nothing?

is there anyone else with you when you are at a dead end?

if there is such a person, please cherish it.

as the saying goes:

No matter how the world changes, you will be together.

think of Zhu Lock and Jiang Nansun in the Golden years.

Zhu Lock is a girl like a weed.

Jiang Nansun is a girl like a princess, wearing the most expensive clothes, going to the best university, and having the best love, but it all became like a joke later.

my father was addicted to stock speculation until he had nothing.

finally, he was overwhelmed and chose to jump off a building and commit suicide.

leave huge debts, orphans and widows. The burden of the family fell on Nan Sun.

what Nan Sun didn't expect is that her boyfriend Zhang Anren, who once thought he could be with him for life, also changed his face at this time. In the past, you and I were all gone. Zhang Anren not only had a bad attitude towards Nan Sun, but also refused to help.

only Zhu Suosuo--

when Nansun encountered family misfortune and love betrayal, he turned the tide on his own.

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renting a house for Nansun, using up all his salary.

work overtime, drink and accompany clients for Nan Sun, in order to sell more apartments.

take care of grandma for Nan Sun, nothing else, just so that Nan Sun can go to Italy in order to escape from trouble.

Don't believe that friends are often more reliable than lovers.

the hourglass is upside down, the pain of life is experienced again and again, but there is a person who is more faithful than love, that is the luckiest thing in life.

just like Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo, they always have the strength to say that sentence:

at least you have my Zhu Lock, and I at least have your Chiang Nan-sun.

in front of you, I can be an innocent and romantic little girl.

whether happy or sad, smile or tears, there is no need to disguise yourself.

even if there are many shortcomings, even if the temper is complex.

I'm sure you won't leave me, too.

there is a saying:

some people are valuable because they have seen you through, but still will not leave you.

I think, in such a world full of defects, to meet such a friend, know your bad, better understand your good, even if you have rare treasures!


what is false friendship?

in the theme song of Friends, I was impressed by a lyric:

when the rain poured down.

I will support you by your side.

because you were there for me.

and this is the unparalleled tacit understanding between friends.

I know that friends are both true and false.

I know that wine and meat acquaintances are just for fun.

I know that the friendship of interests is nothing more than money.

I know that people have few real friends and many false friends in this life.

I remember watching a very heavy Oscar-winning movie called "looting Pear Flowers" a few days ago.

it tells the story of a girl named Sarah who was raped in a bar-

it was an ordinary day.

Sarah quarreled with her boyfriend and went to the bar to talk to her friend Lily, because Lily worked there.

drank some wine and danced. Sarah's beauty and sexiness attracted the attention of many men. And that's how the tragedy happened.

three men raped Sarah in turn.

afterwards, no one accused the three men of committing a crime. Instead, they accused Sarah of being a morally flawed, overdressed, flirtatious, bad woman.

the most difficult thing for Sarah to bear is that when she was humiliated by those men, Lily witnessed it, but did not stop it or call the police, but left as if nothing had happened.

even later, Sarah suffered a great deal of physical and mental trauma and was determined to take the men to court. Sally also repeatedly passed the buck and refused to testify in court.

afraid of losing her job and the threat of those men, this is the reason why Lily chose to be silent.

it turns out that there are some friends who really can't stand sincere deliberation.

there are some friendships, but they really can't stand the test of great winds and waves.

when nothing happens, your relationship is stronger than gold.  when something happens, your past is like scattered sand.

the mansion of friendship collapsed in an instant.

there is a saying like this:

people have to go through some changes in order to understand some feelings.

there are people who deliberately approach you for profit, while people who accompany you in obscurity are for friendship.

some people praise you with a purpose, while some people give you advice with good intentions.

I think so.

whether it is a true friend or a fake friendship, give up or cherish, may you know how to tell, may you understand.


for the rest of my life: who is sincere to me and to whom do I care?

this worldly friendship is in different forms--

some people are naturally gregarious and have friends all over the world.

some people are naturally lively, and noisy is the norm.

but one day, when you run away from the hustle and bustle and break up from the party, you will find that those who can accompany you may not be able to accompany you forever.

time is like a big wave panning for sand. What is washed away is sand, but what is left is gold.

there are only two or three people who can save you from fragile loneliness.

those who can never give up when you are up and down, it will be them in the end.

you must not forget those who help you;

live up to those who love you.

you can't trust those who lie to you;

those who play with you, don't be too real.

Bai Juyi said:

how much do you know each other, but the questions are different.

Aristotle said:

A true friend is one soul conceived in two bodies.

I think so.

knowing each other for a long time or not can not determine the direction of a friendship.

the same or different things you like can not determine the quality of a friendship.

it is your heart that really determines your friendship.