What do you think of the class assistant?

What do you think of the class assistant?

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Today's cover picture was sent to me by Brother Fanshuo. This is a work he took for his assistant class. He once told me how important his help was to his university, and I was wondering if one day I would be important to others, too.

so I signed up to be an assistant class not long ago, and last Thursday, I was informed that I had passed the interview and that I would be an assistant class at CET-15 next semester.

in fact, I want to be a class assistant, and there are two other points, that is, I also want to gain some writing material through this experience, and cultivate my own sense of responsibility while collecting. To put it better, I want to make progress with my brothers and sisters.

"what do you think of the assistant class?"


I think

for the ignorant freshmen,

is their first impression of college students

and their future orientation

active help will bring out active classes

quiet classes


for a freshman, it is simply omnipotent.

Assistant class can influence the style of a class.

our class assistant is a stable big brother.

so the study atmosphere of our class is super good, and

basically establishes the low-key and stable style of our class.

although he graduated two years ago, we often talk about him.


my first impression of my class assistant was that when we first entered school, he came to solve the problem for us and took a taxi of more than 100 yuan from the lake to Guancheng. He likes to blow water with us and share each other's lives, whether it is learning, feelings, or life, he plays more of the role of a sharer in our lives. I think, really, the assistant class does not need too much posture to guide, too strong ability to manage, sometimes lead by example, equal communication is enough

Yuan Xin Xin:

my class assistant is a very powerful person. I always admire him very much. As a monitor, I have the most overlap with him. Usually, you can ask him if you don't understand. He also tries his best to help me and needs to find resources. As long as I say it, I have the most overlap with him. Class assistants will try their best to help me. Under the guidance of the class assistant, everything is all right as a freshman. Bless the assistant class to find the class sister-in-law quickly.

pudding sauce:

I am the monitor, so I have more contact with the assistant class. No matter what kind of monitor others say, there will be what kind of class, but I would like to say that there is what kind of class aid there is. Our assistant class is usually funny, but it is introverted when there are many people. As a man who has changed from a science man to a liberal arts man, he can always give us a bowl of soul chicken soup when we are confused, warm and intimate.

Xie Shuttle:

our assistant's eyes are very big, and his name happens to be Daming, big bright eyes. As soon as he starts learning, he almost always answers any questions in seconds, and now he still is. If he can't get back in time, he will first say that I will call you back later. For a while, I couldn't figure it out because of one thing. I remember posting a very emotional moments at that time. Soon after I posted it, I deleted it, but the assistant seemed to notice and took the initiative to tell me a lot. At that time, my heart was really warm. I felt that someone in this strange environment cared about what you said was super rare.

Yellow haired girl:

my assistant is a good friend I will never let go. Maybe if I didn't meet and get acquainted with the assistant, I wouldn't have become the assistant of others.

Pei Pei-ling:


he said that this was his first class.

will also be his last class.

I don't know why I feel that he is an extremely responsible person after listening to him.

I will consult him whenever I encounter any difficulties.


he was the first person I met in college.

I was the one who sent him out of school the day before yesterday.

Huang JAson:

at first I thought he was a counselor with three tubes and four tubes.

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only later did I find out that he was a class assistant and did his best.


he was the first beam of light I met when I went to college.

Zhang Jingshi:

although I don't have any special feelings for my class assistant, I think that even the most powerful people can't take care of the 50 people in the class. I don't think anyone but them wants to shake No. 22 from the lake to the city every now and then, or even risk not being able to catch a ride to hold an evening class meeting for us, which may be an extremely important thing in their opinion.

so, I want to thank them for their "value" here.