What disease, what mouth to avoid (resolute collection)

What disease, what mouth to avoid (resolute collection)

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illness enters through the mouth, and the key to health is to keep your mouth shut.

different foods have different properties, especially when they are sick, avoiding food is better than good medicine.

Uncle Fan compiled a list of taboos for health care today. Remember to collect them in time and share them with your family and friends.

gastritis: avoid alcohol, strong tea, cold drinks, chili, glutinous rice, konjac, fresh dates, bamboo shoots, fried food when gastric mucosa damage, we should try to avoid eating indigestible, irritating food, such as too hot, too spicy, too cold, too hard, greasy food, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

diarrhea: avoid crude fiber food, raw cold melons and fruits, bean products, seafood, radish

diarrhea, in order to reduce the burden of intestines and stomach, the food should be easy to digest, soft, less residue and no irritation.

patients with gout should limit alcohol and reduce the intake of high purine food so as not to cause high uric acid.

long-term heavy drinking can not only aggravate fatty liver, but also cause alcoholic liver.

Diabetes: taboo, sweet food, egg yolk, spicy irritating food, fried food, cream, animal viscera

allergy: avoid seafood, taro, mango, mutton, wine, lettuce, shepherd's purse, bean sprout, mushroom, peanut  allergic constitution, including urticaria, eczema, asthma, allergic rhinitis, etc., should avoid eating hair food.

Hypertension: avoid alcohol, salty food, barbecue, spicy food, egg yolk, bacon, animal viscera

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Hypertension diet should be low-salt and light, eat less seasonings, eat more fresh vegetables, foods rich in potassium, can prevent stroke.

Heart disease: avoid animal offal, squid, fat, egg yolk, pickled food, sweet food

cold cold: avoid alcohol, cold drink, coffee, persimmon, seafood, dog meat, mutton, spicy food  cold cold, avoid raw cold melons and cold drinks, it is appropriate to eat food with pungent temperature, sweat and cold;  wind-hot cold, avoid hot and spicy food such as dog meat, mutton, chili, and greasy meat.

the ancients said that if you want your body to be safe, light food is better than a panacea.

all in all, the principle of avoiding certain foods when you are sick is: light diet, easy digestion, seven percent satiety, and easy recovery.