What can a person do?

What can a person do?

If you watch a movie alone, you don't have to tell him that the hulk became a hulk because of gamma rays.

# go to the movies alone

go to the movies alone. Although it looks lonely, movies are never used to share with others, are they? If you look at Johnnie to's "Gun Fire", you will feel that the chivalrous tenderness in it is the temperament you yearn for most, but when some people look at it, they will only say that it is full of Mars and blood.

do you remember when you were watching the last top of Inception, you inadvertently said on the way back: "Nolan's" memory fragments "is even more memorable than this."

she seemed to want to say something, but she swallowed it and just turned to look at you.

the moment you see the look in her eyes, you know that she doesn't even know that Inception is directed by Nolan, let alone the movie "memory fragments" that others find boring to death.

what a movie lover fears most is not a youth film in which the heroine wants to have an abortion on the big screen, but the person sitting next to him always treats the movie as a variety show and watches only the Cass lineup.

so, it's good to watch a movie alone, at least not to be disappointed because you don't have a bosom friend.

# running alone

compared to two people, I think I prefer running alone. In fact, in my opinion, running is one of the lowest-cost sports. You only need to put on a pair of shoes, put on your earplugs if you like, and you can run on the school road.

especially when there is a light rain in the sky, Rain Water sweeps away the boredom that could not fall before, just as if the mirror was covered with dust and wiped clean. If you say to your roommates at this time, "Let's go for a run."

he must have looked disdainful and felt that today I had been topped by Wen Qing again: "can't you see it's raining outside?"

then he will give a series of reasons for not running in the rain, as well as the experience of a high fever after being caught in the rain. You disagree with him, but your interest in running is also discouraged.

so, it's best to run alone. You can observe everything on the road and decide your pace according to the scenery on both sides. You can also run while listening to Eason Chan's "Life Goes On" and remember the beautiful things that have happened recently from his lyrics.

there is always a sea of sad people wandering in this narrow ladder

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some are high and some are low

can cherish everything

# I don't know if you have the habit of writing alone. I remember that when I was a freshman, one of my teachers told us, "when other people are writing, you are murdering that work, do you know?"

he almost spoke my heart, because every time someone looked at me and typed, I was so worried that I couldn't type a word. It's not that I don't have confidence in what I write, but my state can be described as "mentally naked" when I write. So watching a person create is no different from watching a person take a bath. You will not only make him absent-minded and unable to create well, but also make him full of mistakes and dare not let go to pick up the inadvertently dropped soap. So writing is destined to be something that can only be done when we are alone.

Writing is actually a process of sharing and self-examination. Writing and speaking are two completely different things. Sometimes when we talk, we can talk eloquently and laugh at the same time. But when I was writing, I couldn't even listen to the song, for fear that when the rhythm changed, the things in my head would disappear. In fact, "writing" is a process of remembering. When you write "do you still remember the day of the college entrance examination", the black serif in your eyes will be combined into a classmate's appearance? when you write "do you remember", in fact, you already know that she must remember, because that is your most precious memory.

so when you are alone, write a letter, even if you don't want to send it.

# what about you, what do you do when you are alone? #