Walking, there are 10 benefits, 3 ways, is the best health

Walking, there are 10 benefits, 3 ways, is the best health

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

as the saying goes, "Walking is the father of a hundred exercises."

Walking is the best way to exercise and prolong life.

and no specific venue, equipment, or time is required.

when commuting to and from work, shopping, seeing off children, and going to the park every day, you can take two steps.

keep walking and "walk" back to your lost health while sitting.


walking has ten benefits:

1, enhance cardiopulmonary function

brisk walk for 20 minutes, the heart rate can be increased by 70%, and its effect is exactly the same as jogging.

at the same time, walking does not make the breathing and heartbeat too fast, causing a burden on the heart and lungs.

if you keep walking for a long time, you can exercise cardiopulmonary function smoothly and gently.

effectively prevent upper respiratory tract infection and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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2, improve blood circulation

when people are active, their blood vessels dilate and become more flexible.

the blood circulation is more open, and the blood pressure decreases accordingly.

the cold hands and feet caused by obstruction of qi and blood, fear of cold and cold can be improved by walking.

3. Improve immunity

traditional Chinese medicine talks about the "vital qi" of the human body, while western medicine talks about the "immunity" of the human body.

manifestations of deficiency of vital qi /immunity:

during the day, they are always sleepy, tired easily, too lazy to walk, allergic rhinitis, urticaria and so on.

by walking, it can stimulate the internal vitality of the human body, replenish qi, and enhance immunity.

if you are weak, you should throw off your arms and stride.

to achieve the purpose of exercise, it is appropriate to walk more than 5000 meters per hour.

4, aiding digestion and lowering blood sugar

walking can promote the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism.

taking a walk before and after meals is an effective measure for the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Studies have confirmed that middle-aged and elderly people walk for one to two hours at a speed of 3 kilometers per hour.

the basal metabolic rate is increased by 48%, and the metabolism of sugar is also improved.

5. Prevent osteoporosis

as the saying goes, "Old legs grow old first."

if people do not exercise for a long time, their bones are more likely to age and degenerate.

when walking, the body needs to mobilize the muscles of the whole body.

helps to keep the joint running flexibly, delay and prevent osteoporosis.

moving in the sun is beneficial to the absorption of calcium by the human body.

especially for the elderly, it can effectively prevent the degenerative changes of joints.

compared with the joint damage caused by running, walking is the most gentle and harmless exercise.

6. Prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis

walking in a relaxed state can effectively relieve muscle tension.

for the spine and cervical vertebrae, it is a positive rest and adjustment.

if walking is accompanied by raising head and chest and swinging shoulders sharply,

is more helpful to adjust the posture of sitting at a desk for a long time and prevent and cure cervical spondylosis.

7, ensure sleep quality

keep walking every day, such as walking to and from work, taking a walk after supper,

can improve the quality of sleep at night and make the whole body and mind comfortable, comfortable and comfortable.

8, keep a healthy weight

walk 6000 steps every day, the distance is 3 to 4 kilometers.

exercise time is 30 minutes, which is equivalent to moderate intensity exercise.

it not only maintains the basic metabolism of human body, but also consumes excess energy effectively.

maintain a healthy weight and prevent diseases such as "three high".

9, enhance brain activity

during walking, the brain is flexible, and its thinking ability, attention and memory are better than usual.

Blood and oxygen are transported to all parts of the brain, keeping the brain awake under the action of β-endorphin.

when walking, the human brain will judge things and sort out its thoughts.

10, relieve mental stress

Walking can make you feel better and feel more energetic.

using more feet can improve the control state of autonomic nerve in the body,

make the switching between sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve more flexible,

so as to relieve pressure and relieve anxiety.


there are three ways to walk:

1. The correct body

is to adjust the body so that the posture of walking is correct.

when walking, raise your head, keep your chest out, and tuck in your abdomen, with your arms swinging back and forth naturally.

the head can be rotated slowly from side to side to move the neck.

pay attention to strong landing with the thumb of the foot and the inside of the heel.

this is not only good for straightening posture, but also relaxing muscles and activating collaterals.

plays a certain role in preventing varicose veins and leg cramps.

2. Meditation

is to adjust the state of mind so that the state of mind is in a state of peace and joy.

throw away all your troubles and boredom and take a relaxed, happy, focused walk.

to do this, you can enjoy the scenery while walking.

look at the blue sky, white clouds, green trees and red flowers.

3. To adjust breath

is to adjust your breath while walking.

slowly spit out carbon dioxide and other exhaust gases from the body and inhale fresh air slowly.

in this way, you can constantly "spit out the old and accept the new".

breathing should be light, slow, deep and fine, and keep it natural and uniform.