Uphill and downhill (good depth)

Uphill and downhill (good depth)

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there was a saying in ancient Greece:

uphill and downhill roads are actually the same way. Whether it is uphill or downhill depends on how you go.

Life is like a slope, which will reach its peak and experience its trough.

if you can stand steadily when you go uphill and stand when you go downhill, you can turn ups and downs into a smooth road and take every step in your capricious life.


go uphill calmly, go downhill calmly

there is a saying: "if you work hard because you work hard, you will follow your fate."

there are so many things in this world that are changing, and many of the results are beyond our control.

just do your best in everything. If you persist in success or failure, you will only be burdened by it.

A generation of sage Wang Yangming recited it at the age of eight and was able to write a poem at the age of ten, and was regarded as a champion since childhood.

but since he was 22 years old, he failed the list twice in a row when he took part in the examination.

at that time, many candidates cried because they were nameless on the list, but only Wang Yangming was indifferent.

everyone thought he was too sad, so they all came to comfort him.

Wang Yangming said with a smile, "you are all ashamed of falling behind, but I am ashamed of losing your heart."

because he understands that on the track of life, there are sometimes ups and downs.

in prosperity, we should be calm and sober; in adversity, we should have the courage to accept it calmly.

in 1965, go master Lim Hai-Feng played against Sakata.

Lim Hai-Feng lost the first game. He was very anxious and frustrated when he lost the first game.

before going to Okinawa for the second round challenge, he went to his teacher Go Saigen for advice.

Go Saigen told him:

"you should not worry too much about gains and losses and relax. You are only 23 years old, and you have made such an achievement. God has already been very kind to you.

Don't be afraid of losing chess, as long as you know how to learn from failure, then losing chess is good for you, too. "

Lim Hai-Feng enlightened from this.

writer Daisuo Suzuki once said:

"as long as there is persistence, there are limitations, and the pattern of life is limited. Without persistence, there are unlimited possibilities in life."

when we were young, we always thought that the good or bad of life depends on the success or failure of a certain time.

A retrogression in performance makes a complete loss of confidence; a fall behind in a game is difficult to bear; a defeat in work is mistaken for the end of the future.

but all wins or losses are temporary.

Don't be proud when you succeed, because it will pass, and don't be depressed when you fail, because it will pass.

A long life, as long as you keep a normal mind, don't be conceited when going uphill, don't be depressed when you go downhill, you can keep calm and calm in the ups and downs of life.


try your best to go uphill, give up downhill

there is a saying: "if you give up lightly, you are weak; if you do not give up, you are stupid; and if you know how to give up, you are wise."

whatever you do, just do your best.

turn when you turn, turn when you turn.

the more you insist, the more you will lose. The more persistent you are, the more you will push yourself to a dead end.

A mountain climber was lucky enough to be chosen to take part in climbing Mount Everest.

originally everyone had high hopes for him, thinking that he would definitely reach the top, but at an altitude of 6400 meters above sea level, he chose to give up because of lack of physical strength.

later, when he talked about the experience, everyone felt sorry for him.

because everyone thinks he can hold on a little longer and climb a little higher.

but he said very calmly:

"No, I know best. 6400 meters above sea level is the highest point of my mountaineering career, and I have no regrets at all."

writer Lin Yutang once said: it is better to give up wisely than to cling blindly.

if you can't reach the height, you don't have to force it, just try your best.

if you can't reach the end, you don't have to push it, just fight for it.

to force blindly, the embarrassment is only oneself, blindly insist, only oneself is moved.

what is more important than being able to pick up is to learn to let go.

when people go uphill, only by doing their best can they not leave regrets.

when people go downhill, only when they learn to give up can they have room for turning back.

Don't look up when you go uphill, don't look down when you go downhill

Mr. Yang Jiang once said:

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No matter where you go up in your life, someone is looking up at you, and there are people looking down at you on the steps.

you look up with inferiority and complacency. Only by looking down can you see who you really are.

the great wisdom of life is not to think highly of yourself when going uphill and not to look down upon yourself when going downhill.

in 2018, Bai Yansong faced the question in his first large-scale personal keynote speech.

A college student asked

"with the passage of time, someone has begun to be unfamiliar with you. Is this a sign that you are out of date?"

Bai Yansong did not show any displeasure, but replied sincerely:

"everyone will be out of date. If you understand history, you will know that 500 years of history is sometimes less than half a page in textbooks. This is especially true for a person, and it is perfectly normal to be out of date. "

from a popular CCTV host to a gradually unknown host, Bai Yansong has a thorough view of this process.

he understands that it is impossible to climb the ladder step by step in one's life.

is at its peakIt is a rare wisdom to accept the fact that you will go downhill one day without praising yourself too high and taking yourself too seriously.

there is such a story.

when Kennedy visited NASA's Space Center, he saw a cleaner with a broom.

so he pretended to be concerned and went to offer his condolences: "this master is sweeping the floor."

as a result, the man didn't look up and replied, "well, no, I'm helping a man go to the moon."

there is a saying in "Fodu predestined people": "when you fall into the situation of 'cloth shoes' in the journey of life, equality will make you respect yourself, stand firm, and straighten your chest."

when a person is low, the hardest thing is not to let others think highly of you, but to think highly of yourself.

there is a saying: "above man, regard man as man; under man, regard oneself as man."

when going uphill, don't be arrogant.

after all, leave the platform, leave the opportunity, when the prosperity fades, you may be useless.

Don't belittle yourself when going downhill.

even without wealth, fame and blessing, you are still glowing.


there seem to be many paths in life, but in fact there are only two, uphill and downhill.

just as the moon rises, the moon sinks, and the tide rises and falls.

"the true meaning of life is to appreciate its ups and downs neither humbly nor arrogantly."

one cannot climb a peak or a trough for a long time.

with peace of mind, you can calmly face the ups and downs of life.