Understand (good text in depth)

Understand (good text in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

understanding is a bridge that allows people to communicate with each other;

understanding is a kind of understanding, understanding other people's desires to stop;

understanding is a kind of understanding and knowing the implication of others.

understand, even if do not say a word, even if the mountains and rivers are far away, the hearts of each other are still close to each other, sympathy is not far away.

A person who knows a word is easy to say, but difficult to do.

in this life, it is lucky to be understood; some people understand, it is happiness.


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know how to respect

, it seems simple, but in fact it is as heavy as Mount Tai.

Herzen once said:

respect is the cornerstone of life, the embodiment of virtue, the symbol of self-cultivation, and a lifetime of self-cultivation.

"Mencius left Lou Zhang sentence": "those who respect others, people always respect them."

only by knowing how to respect can we win respect.

Life has a long way to go, and respect is a compulsory course for all of us.

respect for others is respect for yourself.

people who know how to respect, such as the warm sun in winter and the breeze in summer, feel warm and comfortable to get along.

people who know how to respect are like air, which makes people feel comfortable and inseparable.


only when you know how to make concessions can there be a sky between

friends, if you know how to make concessions:

you won't lose trust because of interests, and you won't go your separate ways because of contradictions.

it is precisely because of mutual understanding that friends hold hands more and more tightly.

between relatives, if you know how to make concessions:

parents will not contradict, will follow; siblings will not be indifferent, will care.

the feeling that blood is thicker than water is always rooted and heart-to-heart.

between feelings, if you know how to make concessions:

see through a person's mind because you know too much; forgive a person for making mistakes because he is reluctant to give up; tolerate a person's character because he is too affectionate.

there is a good saying: "for those who are contentious, heaven will compete with them; for those who are modest, heaven will give way to them."

No matter what kind of feelings:

because he knows how to make concessions, he is compassionate; because he knows how to make concessions, he is tolerant; because he knows how to make concessions, he gains feelings.


if you know how to give, you can gain

Miyazaki Junyan:

Life is fair, and you get what you give.

give a state of mind, harvest a thought;

give a thought, harvest an action;

give an action, harvest a habit;

give a habit, harvest a destiny.

the so-called giving up means that you can get what you want only if you give up. Only when you are not stingy can you get what you want. Only when you know how to give first can you get something.

Life in the world is a process of giving up and getting, giving up and not giving up, getting and not being able to, are all between people's thoughts.

if the heart blossoms to the sun, people come to the warm breeze.


know how to cherish, only then deserve to have

person, always discontented.

you turn a blind eye to those who have always been kind to you, while you pay no attention to those who do not care about you.

you ignore those who care about you; those who don't care about you, you are determined.

everyone doesn't have much time and nothing to do; everyone has only one heart and no attention for no reason.

if you don't see a return, you will eventually quit; if you don't get a response, you will always get a chill.

Don't wait for loss, to know regret; don't wait for miss, to know regret.

cherish family, friends and the past.

if you know how to cherish it, you deserve it.


to be a human being

there are few real empathy between people, and some are just as cold and warm as drinking water.

so in life, do not understand and feel other people by your own feelings and judgments.

sometimes, a trivial matter in your opinion may be an insurmountable gap for others.

Human feelings can be added to the brick or icing on the cake.

if handled properly, it is not only a kind of maturity, but also a kind of ability, which can not only pull the distance between people, but also make their own life to a higher level.


when love is deep, it is speechless; when love is strong, it is nostalgia.

time will tell us, simple love, the longest; ordinary companionship, the most peace of mind; those who understand you, the warmest.

in the vast sea of people, it is not easy to meet someone who understands you. You must cherish it and treat it kindly.

that is not only the luck of your life, but also the happiness that needs to be protected.