Turn (must be read in this life)

Turn (must be read in this life)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

as the saying goes, "the ship will be straight when it comes to the bridge."

there are always countless problems in life, like a curved river, which make people have to worry about it.

but as long as the ship comes to the bridge, we will find that the ship will pass smoothly under the influence of the special terrain of the bridge hole.

in life, where there is a lock, there is a key, and where there is a problem, there is an answer.

there is always a road ahead, as long as you are willing to turn.


think that happiness is gain, loss is disaster, and take gain and loss very seriously.

but I don't know that the so-called gains and losses are just a cycle.

as the ancients said, "misfortune is where misfortune lies, and misfortune is where misfortune lies".

the fate of gain and loss does not mean that he does not strive for it with a negative mentality, nor does it comfort himself by using Ah Q's spiritual victory method when dealing with loss.

but learn to be bearish, know how to turn, and not play a corner with obsession.

Sun Shu-ao in "Zhuangzi Tian Zi Fang" chose to be calm between gains and losses, so that he was not complacent and showed great glory when he was in the highest official position three times, and did not change his face after he was resigned three times.

the highest state of not being surprised or humiliated is probably like this.

Life is a cycle between gains and losses, such as spring, summer, autumn and winter, exchanging warmth for cold and heat for cooling.

what we have is only a bargaining chip on the way of life, just a substitute for happiness.

the greatest disappointment to life is to keep on thinking about what you have gained and what you have lost.


the relationship turns, leaving and staying by the day

there are not so many people who get what they want and get what they want, but many things go against their wishes and fail.

there is always regret and regret, leaving scars in the heart;

there is always love and hatred, leaving a mark in the years.

the relationship between people is subtle and unpredictable, from indestructible to broken at a touch, sometimes in an instant.

there is always friendship, which is clearly seen and destroyed at the moment of non-payment of debts and treachery.

there is always love. After becoming kindred, we meet the worst attitude and temper and finally go our separate ways.

there is always kinship. In the days to come, those who are neglected and disliked and bored, and those who live at last will regret for the rest of their lives.

those who want to leave have already left, and those who stay should not bear it in mind.

Don't spend your precious time remembering the past.

cherish the present before you can live the rest of your life.

it is normal to meet, meet, know, love, hate and part with each other.

relationships that come from karma, for better or worse, need to be treated "around the corner".

there is no one, who should have lived for.

treat those who love us and give back with love, so that we will not be arrogant and unscrupulous.

everyone who appears in our lives has a reason and meaning.

treat those who hurt us as experience and test, so that they will not be full of grievances and melancholy for life.


the mentality of

A lot of things, such as energy, can be transformed into each other.

the result of transformation is affected by mentality.

the granny has two sons, both of whom have opened shops, which are adjacent to each other.

one sells umbrellas and the other sells cloth shoes, which makes her very upset.

on rainy days, grandma will worry that her first son's cloth shoes will not be sold.

on a sunny day, the grandmother will worry that her first son's umbrella will not be sold.

someone saw this and said, "

, let the granny untie her heart knot."

I believe that after reading this story, many people will lament the importance of positive energy to people.

but think about it: if the grandmother puts forward constructive suggestions to her two sons while solving her own mental problems, the initial pessimism will become more meaningful.

on rainy days, the old woman asked her two sons to sell umbrellas together, and on sunny days, they asked the two sons to sell cloth shoes together.

if we integrate resources, we can naturally maximize benefits.

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as a result, the grandmother not only changed her state of mind and made herself comfortable, but also solved the problems of her two sons.

Li Ka-shing said:

to turn your mind around is not to cover your ears and steal the bell or deceive yourself and others, but to see the reality clearly and face it positively.


in the middle of his life, he has already been covered with bruises and bruises.

everyone is healing and gritting their teeth forward.

Wang Guowei wrote in picking Mulberry:

joys and sorrows are all in the corner.

for the rest of my life, may you and I both be able to follow the fate and use the wisdom of turning to run into the happiness around the corner.