Trade-offs of different ages (epiphany)

Trade-offs of different ages (epiphany)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people have different missions in different periods of their lives.

live this life, different journey, have different pursuit.

when you are 20 years old, don't covet 67 ease; when you are 60 years old, don't fight like two or thirty-one.

if you do something at any stage, you will not go wrong; if you are responsible for anything at any stage, you will not live in vain!


20 years old, no comparison, be your own

20-year-old children, are no longer children, we should set good goals, we should persevere.

when it's time to study, continue to pursue further studies; when it's time to get a job, work hard.

Don't aim too high, you should work conscientiously, don't be lazy, don't give up!


30 years old, take care of the family, less entertainment

less wine, less social gathering, the age to strive for charge, don't be greedy for comfort!

do more housework, work harder, and there will be less disputes at home.

at the age of 30, I am no longer alone. While performing my personal duties, I must learn to be lenient and tolerant.


40 years old, insist on, enrich yourself

at this time, in order to pay better for the family, we must learn to exercise ourselves, exercise the body, exercise the will!


50 years old, bearish, rest with the ups and downs of others

other people's success or failure has nothing to do with you, other people's trivial daily life, do not talk about.

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look down on people who leave you easily, look down on the thorns of life, children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren, don't worry, it's up to heaven to lose, don't worry.

50 years old, let life slow down, let yourself calm down, this age should know how to precipitate yourself.


60 years old, do not fight, laugh to come and go

tolerate life, tolerate family, comfort yourself!

at this time, you should worry less, try to relax yourself, don't regret for the past, don't be sad for people who are not worth it, you should learn to face life optimistically and live happily every day of your life.


70 years old, optimistic, be kind to yourself

70 years old, you must pay attention to your body, exercise more, more vegetables, less fat, less oil and salt.

have time to study delicious food, nothing to talk to your wife, do not let yourself nervous, do not let yourself busy, how easy how to live, how healthy how to live!

different ages, different choices, different years, different lives.

each of us has only one life, and we can't start all over again. To live well in every age is the greatest gain in life.

Let what should come and go, do not insist on love and hate, do not entangle to stay, cherish more time, and be kind to relatives and friends.

A lifetime, try to be rich, this life, only live for yourself!