To the Spring Festival: may you get what you ask for and have no regrets about what you lose

To the Spring Festival: may you get what you ask for and have no regrets about what you lose

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the sound of firecrackers is over the years, and the fleeting time is not in the gap.

New Year's Eve has arrived. After 12:00 tonight, this year will really be last year.

New year's Eve, which used to be a lively day for family reunion, is a little different this year.

under the initiative of "celebrating the Spring Festival in place", many people have turned their return to their hometown into keeping watch.

after "beating the worker" and "tail payer", "original person" has also become a hot word.

when celebrating the Spring Festival alone in a foreign land, it is hard to avoid feeling sad.

someone said, "I know everything, but I still want to go home."

there are also people who say: "if I don't go home for the first time this year, I am looking forward to going back every day where I tried so hard to escape."

however, distance blocks reunion, but not love.

the more you are alone, the more you want to have a good Spring Festival.


rarely go home, without a sense of ceremony

in Chinese tradition, the Spring Festival is the most important festival of the year.

more than a month in advance, people began to be busy, shopping for New year's goods, offering sacrifices to stoves, putting up Spring Festival couplets, hanging New year's pictures, eating New year's Eve dinner, and keeping watch for the New year.

although the customs may be different in different places, they are all full of rituals.

when we were young, our ceremonial feeling for the Spring Festival was to wear new clothes, new hats, receive red envelopes, and set off firecrackers.

when we grow up, our ceremonial sense of Spring Festival is nothing more than a family getting together for a good drink.

at the end of the month and the end of the year, bid farewell to the old and welcome the new.

in any case, the Spring Festival should not be perfunctory.

as the Little Prince says:

this sense of ritual is not affectation or showing off, but makes us feel that we are living, not living.

the reason why many people think that the flavor of the New year is getting weaker and weaker is actually the lack of a sense of ritual.

if you have less preparation for the New year, you will naturally expect less.

when we are used to dealing with life, everything becomes boring;

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when we prepare a meal carefully, life also becomes graceful and lovely.

the ritual of Chinese New year doesn't need to be too complicated. It's enough to think about it.

as a stranger and a reminder of my hometown, you might as well send a greeting to your parents, say a loving word to your lover, say a blessing to a friend, and cook a good meal for yourself.

these trivial daily tasks are the best sense of etiquette.

I hope that all of us can not make do with it, live this year with our heart, and make the dull life dazzling.


less reunion and happiness

A family of young and old with amiable lights is the biggest expectation of the Spring Festival.  leaving home thousands of miles away and thinking of nothing to return is the biggest regret this year.

but without reunion, there is no lack of happiness.

accompanied by a familiar flavor of the year, it is a kind of reunion.

recently, many netizens have posted the delicious food from their hometown.

some people received pickles pickled by their mother, while others received bacon specially smoked and roasted by their father.

in the distant hometown, our parents always think about us. They "fill the trunk" and become "fill the refrigerator".

some people feel sorry for the express delivery fee, joking: "with 10 yuan per jin of express delivery, send 2 yuan a jin of radish."

however, parents send not only New year's goods, but also concern for their children.

countless unspeakable love are hidden in these boxes of express delivery.

small parcels travel through thousands of mountains and rivers, covering the concerns of their parents and the warmth of their hometown.

this love, seemingly clumsy, is extremely warm, comforting the hearts of wanderers.

there is a kind of missing, which is called greed.

eating hometown food is enough to relieve homesickness.

in the past, we always wanted to escape from our hometown and longed to venture into the outside world.

now, going home has become a luxury, but we are haunted by our hometown.

as writer Liu Liangcheng said:

when you are homesick, try to be "reunited" with your family.

it is a kind of happiness to talk to each other on the phone and take a look across the screen.

in addition, we can watch a Spring Festival Gala with them, share a bright moon, or even cook the same dish and share a New year's Eve dinner with them.

people are not far away, looking forward to the warm spring breeze, we can often go home to see.


less nagging and a sense of order

this New year, without familiar local accents and parents' nagging, we are inevitably a little lost.

but the more so, the less you can let yourself go, but to calm down.

A sense of order in life is established through little things.

We can keep exercising and regain our inner calmness and calm in the sweat;

we can also clean up the room and find the daily rhythm in the breakup in an orderly way;

we can also hide in the kitchen and get emotional comfort in the fireworks.

when you are out for the Spring Festival, you must take good care of yourself.

only if you have a good life can your parents feel at ease.

for the Spring Festival on the spot, what is done is done. Instead of complaining, it is better to accept it.

besides, from another point of view, this is one of the few new experiences in our lives.

this year, we don't have to face the chatter of our relatives or the comparison of our friends.

even the pressure of marriage is much less.

being alone is a person's happiness.

We can take advantage of this time to keep a low profile, read a good book and watch a good movie, so as to make our lives thicker.

when we withdraw from the lively party, we will examine ourselves more calmly;

when we jump out of the normal routine, we can plan the future more clearly.

as Zhou Guoping wrote:

I hope we can all start a new journey this holiday, let go of all the tiredness of the past and start a new journey full of energy.


the place of peace of mind, that is, the long-lost family members of our hometown

, is a concern that we cannot give up;

the lights in other places are always reserved for us.

my peace of mind is my hometown.

with love in my heart, even ordinary days can shine;

I have a home to go home, and I don't feel lonely even when I am wandering outside.

celebrating the Spring Festival on the spot is for better reunion in the future.

being well with each other is the most precious gift to each other.

A glass of wine to the past, never look back.

May we still feel worthy of the world after going through the vicissitudes of life;

May we all be happy and healthy in the new year of the Ox.

May we all be treated gently by the years, take a smooth road, gain what we ask for, and have no regrets about what we lose.