To myself for the rest of my life

To myself for the rest of my life

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the autumn wind is getting colder, the frost has fallen, and the pace of winter is getting closer and closer.

A year is coming to an end, and half your life has passed. Maybe you have a lot of regrets, a lot of reluctance, and thousands of words you want to say to yourself.

the past cannot be remonstrated, but those who come can still be pursued.

Please give these words to yourself, no matter how you live in the first half of your life, whether you are bitter or happy, and in the face of the rest of your life.


Don't worry. The coming will always come

this year. Maybe you haven't been promoted or got a raise, and the biggest increase is only your age.

maybe you haven't found a partner and are still alone.

maybe you see other people's gorgeous counterattack, but you still stay where you are.

maybe you will be anxious, distressed, or even afraid of the passage of time.

but honey, anxiety is the most useless thing in the world. It doesn't change anything but make your mood worse.

Please believe that it is yours, and it will come later; it is useless to force it if it is not yours.

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some people get married and have children at the age of 20, while others find true love at the age of 40.

some people become famous at the age of 30, while others grow up late at the age of 60.

there is no best life, only the life that suits you best. Only by letting go of anxiety can we wait for the flowers to bloom.


Don't be entangled, those who should go will always go

people floating in the rivers and lakes, it is inevitable to encounter some bad people and things.

maybe there are people who are open-ended and always make you sick; maybe some people don't like you and secretly block you; maybe someone deceives your feelings and makes you heartbroken and miserable.

many of us have experienced these things, and some of us can't swallow this breath and insist on fighting for victory or defeat according to reason, which only makes our mood worse.

some people gently brush off these bad things as dust, but make their lives better and better.

Don't dwell on bad things, they will be gone sooner or later; don't argue with bad people, they are destined to be passers-by.

to let go of bad people and bad things is to let go of yourself.


Don't worry, smile more every day

We are often in a bad mood because of a little thing:

A criticism from the leader, a joke from a colleague, the husband refuses to work, and the child's grades are not good.

although it's not a big deal, it always brings a good mood to an abrupt end.

Wang Guozhen wrote an excellent poem:

Life is short, one day is sad, one day is happy, one day is angry, one day is happy.

instead of frowning gloomily, it is better to give yourself a smile every day and go on happily and energetically.

Happiness is sometimes difficult, but the more you want it, the less you get it; sometimes it's simple. Smile, it's no big deal.


Don't stay up late, do more exercise when you have time

Life lies in exercise, and health lies in keeping in good health.

looks young, not only because of kindness, but also because of good health.

some people are young and old, while others are still full of vitality over the age of 50.

A large part of the difference lies in exercise.

No matter how busy your work is, no matter how tired your life is, you must set aside time for exercise every day.

run, dance, climb, play ball, let yourself sweat and get rid of the illness.

go to bed early, get up on time, drink plenty of water, eat well, be kind to your body, and your body will treat you well.

you don't have to go to an expensive gym, just a persistent heart.

the body is the capital of the revolution, and health is the greatest strength. With a good body, there are unlimited possibilities in the future.


Don't be confused. Read more

sometimes, you will be empty and don't know the meaning of life.

sometimes you get confused and can't find your future direction.

everyone has confusion, but you can't be confused all the time.

to borrow a sentence from Mr. Yang Jiang:

when you find life boring, go read, books can give you warmth;

when you don't know what to do, go read, books can give you strength.

if you read too many books, your temperament and speech will naturally change; if you read too many books, people's horizons and patterns will be different.

Reading may not help you solve all your problems, but it can enrich your soul, strengthen your will, make you a better self and create a better life.


Don't complain, make more money

there is a good saying:

sometimes we are easy to complain and feel sorry for ourselves. in the final analysis, we are not satisfied with the current situation of life.

but if you have money, you will find that none of this is a problem.

when you see something you like, you can take it home directly; if you want to go, you can book an air ticket directly; when you meet someone you like, you can love it.

can give children better educational resources, better medical conditions for parents, and straighten their backs.

it is better to win than to be angry; it is better to make money than to complain.

make money, not only to create a better environment for your family, but also to make your life more confident and dignified.

after all, when you are weak, there are the most bad people around you.

when you are strong, you are surrounded by pleasant smiles.


Don't be aggrieved, love yourself

half of your life, everyone has a lot of regrets.

maybe in order to meet your parents' expectations, choose a major you don't like;

maybe you silently swallow too many grievances in order to take care of your lover's emotions;

maybe you spend a lot of money for your children, but you haven't bought yourself new clothes for a long time.

We always want to save the best for last, but miss a lot of opportunities in vain;

We always think about how to please others, but forget to love ourselves.

Life is short, don't be too full of love. First of all, you are yourself, and then you are the lover, parent and child of others. Only when you love yourself well can you have the strength to love others.

learn to live for yourself for the rest of your life.

do what you want to do, see where you want to go, and see people who want to see.

your life is only once; your future is in your hands.

if you think life is too difficult, make it easy; if life is too hard, add some honey to yourself.

as Sanmao said:

not long for the rest of your life. May you smile every day and exercise regularly; put what you should put and forget what you should forget.