To February: the Spring Festival is coming. May all the people I miss be all right.

To February: the Spring Festival is coming. May all the people I miss be all right.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time is like a bird that leaps by without leaving a trace.

in the twinkling of an eye, 2021, which has just opened the title page, has finished its first month.

whether you are ready or not, from today on, we will bid farewell to the cold January and usher in the recovery of February.

in the new February, we might as well give ourselves some sense of ritual and solemnly say:

January, goodbye!

February, Hello!


about the Spring Festival: no matter where you celebrate the Spring Festival, the most important thing is peace

with the advent of February, the Spring Festival is approaching.

Baijie is the first.

Spring Festival is the most grand traditional festival in China.

when I was a child, I most expected to wear new clothes and receive red envelopes during the Spring Festival.

when you grow up, the greatest significance of Chinese New year is reunion.

during the Spring Festival in previous years, no matter how far the journey was, people would take their suitcases and embark on the way home.

because of the epidemic this year, many people have to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.

in this special Spring Festival, there is a kind of yearning, called "not going home for the Spring Festival".

I can't go back to my hometown, leaving countless nostalgia and fetters.

the topic "when your parents learn that you are not coming home for the Spring Festival" has gone viral on Weibo these days, with the comments area full of joys and sorrows.

someone said, "this is the first time I've been out for the Spring Festival since I grew up. I really want to go home."

some people also say: "my parents say they are fine, but their hearts are empty."

however, to withstand this moment of desolation is to get together better in the future.

after all, "being well with each other" is much more important than "sitting around".

as the writer Zhou Guoping said:

feelings do not become thinner because of the distance.

even if we are apart, we can make up for our lovesickness by phone or video.

as long as you are connected to each other, it is the best comfort.

what's more, from another point of view, it is better to enjoy than to lose.

being alone is the best value-added period for a person.

We can spend our time visiting relatives and friends to communicate deeply with ourselves and take advantage of this time to recharge our batteries.

when the spring flowers bloom, go home often and have a look.

the road ahead is vast and the future is promising.

May the epidemic end as soon as possible, and may you and I meet safely.


about life: no matter whether you have money or not, the most important thing is to be contented

very often, we often feel that we are unhappy because we have no money.

but in fact, those who are unhappy when they have no money are also difficult to be happy when they are rich.

people who are really happy are not free from troubles, but are contented.

those who are easily contented can enjoy themselves in bitterness even in a shack;

those who are not satisfied are still full of gloom even if they are rich and rich.

as Li Yinhe said:

the world Xixi, all for profit, this is beyond reproach.

but if you are obsessed with fame and wealth, you will sacrifice the cost and the loss will outweigh the gain.

A person, no matter how rich he is, can only eat three meals and sleep.

in modern society, many people are burdened with excessive pressure, fall into the predicament of "involution" and turn themselves into "tool people".

in the final analysis, you still want too much and ask for too much.

proper desires can push you, but excessive desires can get lost.

as the ancients said, "when people are not satisfied, they often encounter disasters and sorrows."

greed is close to poverty, greed is close to burning.

lust is hard to fill. The more greedy a person is, the more painful he is.

people kidnapped by desire will sooner or later become a tragedy.

when people are alive, it is a pity to ask but not to do so. Seven or eight points is enough.

in an impetuous life, inner abundance, peace and joy is the greatest blessing.

otherwise, no matter how much you have in material, you can't be free and easy in your heart.

Lin Qingxuan said:

Happiness is within reach, and a bottle of soda can make people happy.

days are fleeting, so there is no need to frown.

put aside the gains and losses, open up fame and wealth, open-minded, you will eventually harvest your own happiness.


about work: act according to your ability.

recently, the word "sudden death" appears frequently in people's field of vision.

according to statistics, as many as 550000 people die suddenly in our country every year, which is equivalent to one person falling down every minute.

in the 2020 National Health Insight report, 53% of people were worried about their sudden death.

Sub-health has become the "standard" of white-collar workers.

how many people stay up late to work overtime while holding a thermos cup;

how many people complain about their work and stand by at any time.

We are like a speeding train, overloaded and speeding up.

however, we forget that there is no job worth your life for money.

to the company, we are just an ordinary screw, but to the family, we are all they have.

fighting is a good thing, but you should also do what you can and give your body a moment to catch your breath.

Yan Fu Road, no old or young, too hard life, is a disaster.

as Yu Juan, a teacher at Fudan University, said:

Life is a natural river, not an either-or competition.

We don't have to be proud of our temporary lead.Don't be panicked by a moment of backwardness.

you should finish the journey at your own pace and at ease.

there will be a long time to come, so don't drain yourself quickly.

live well, don't lose your health.

once you lose your health, everything is out of the question.

everything you owe to your body will be repaid doubly in the future.

Life is not easy. You must be full of energy in order to withstand the difficulties of the world.

take good care of yourself, follow a regular schedule, exercise and eat a balanced diet. This is the highest level of self-discipline.


Spring Festival is approaching, may all the good things accompany you

this winter will be especially difficult.

this New year, it's a little lonely.

however, after the cold winter, the mountain flowers are in full bloom.

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as Sanmao wrote in the years:

February is coming, the Spring Festival is coming, and new hopes will follow.

Xingguang does not ask the passers-by, as long as there is light in the eyes, no matter how difficult the road is, it can be done step by step.

the sound of firecrackers has driven away the old year, and the spring breeze sent warm drink to avoid adversity and seek happiness.

A new day, life is clear and everything is lovely.

May all we see is scenery and all we hear is good news.

in the new January, the breeze is blowing gently and the years are getting warmer.

May we all do what we like and live to be what we want.

in the new year, may there be no "epidemic" in the world and peace in the world.

May all the people I miss are all right, and I believe that all the good things will be with you.