To be a man, it is high to be patient, valuable to give, and heart to be good.

To be a man, it is high to be patient, valuable to give, and heart to be good.

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tolerance is a pattern

the ancients said: "he who can do ninja can be called a powerful adult."

sometimes he does not speak or argue, not because he has a guilty heart, but because he has good thoughts and a broad mind.

there is such a story in the History of Song Dynasty.

an officer, who is greedy for bargains, stole wood from the government to make furniture, and his boss wanted to kill it soon after he knew about it.

in order to protect himself, the officer lied and made a false confession: "this is what the judge asked me to do."

the boss went to the judge and asked him for confirmation.

unexpectedly, the judge admitted this calmly, and the officer was saved from death.

however, the judge was dismissed as a result, and he left peacefully without refuting himself.

because he knows that his forbearance may change a person again. Sure enough, when the officer learned of this, he had an uneasy conscience, repented and turned over a new leaf.

everyone wants to be treated gently by the world, and sometimes your patience will help others out of difficulties.

as the ancients said, "tolerance is virtue, it must be respected by others."

this is a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of magnanimity.

Ninja contains dirt, the pure man clears himself; a hundred patience becomes gold, and he can cross people.

sometimes, behind the calm, there is a broader sea and sky.

A person can only have a pattern if he can't stand it for a while.


Jean is a kind of wisdom

Cai Gentan once said: "Let one step be high in the world, and it is a blessing to be lenient to others."

the so-called let people take one step into the sky, and the heart is wide and the sky is clear.

when you are alive, there is room for compromise.

A person who knows how to make concessions has a broad mind.

during the Ming Dynasty, two family enemies lived in the town, and they usually ignored each other and had no overlap.

one night, they came out of the market and walked back and forth, keeping a certain distance.

it was so dark that one of them fell into the dark ditch with a "oops".

when another person heard this, he hurried forward and thought:

"after all, it is a human life. How can we let it die without saving it?"

so he broke off a branch and handed it to the man.

when the man was saved, he said "thank you" and looked up to see that he was his enemy.

he wondered, "Why did you save me?"

"return the favor."

he was even more confused, "where does it come from?"

"Tonight it's just you and me. If it hadn't been for your 'oops', I would have fallen into the ditch. So, how can I not return the favor? "

since then, the two have turned enemies into friends, from enemies to friends.

in fact, in life, giving way is nothing. If you are too persistent, you will lose more.

concession is tolerance, observing people's difficulties and understanding people's mistakes, and it is also a realm.

as the saying goes, "Let people have nothing to lose, and let people have nothing to lose."

in life, if you care about everything, the loss outweighs the gain.

sometimes, if you give way, you may be full of flowers and willows.

when you learn to give in, life will be more open.


kindness is a kind of wealth

A Dream of Red Mansions has a poem:

"A box full of gold, a box full of silver, open eyes beggars slander."

Gold and silver treasures will always be wasted one day, and good people will always be respected.

Nie er, a famous composer, once met a little girl who bought a newspaper in a windy railway station in winter.

she was so weak that the crowd pushed her down and the newspapers were scattered all over the floor.

Nie er saw this and immediately bought all the newspapers and wrote a "selling newspaper song" for her.

his kindness, sincerity and compassion are all composed into music, affecting people from generation to generation.

kindness is human nature.

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A kind person who lives between heaven and earth is the most ordinary and happiest.

because he is simple enough and enthusiastic enough, he does not return it, only for the choice of his heart.

all Fukuda is inseparable from the heart. If you look at the gains and losses of the world with a pure heart, good fortune will come.


there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: if you want to stand, you want to reach others.

True happiness is the fullness of the heart and the certainty of life.

be a human being, transposition more, learn to cherish, get along with each other will be happy.

sometimes, endure for a while, not cowardice, give way, there will be a broad world, and a good life can be considered perfect.