To April: the road ahead is vast and everything can be expected.

To April: the road ahead is vast and everything can be expected.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time is fleeting, all of a sudden.

in the twinkling of an eye, 1/4 has passed in 2021.

with the warm sun in spring, we bid farewell to the warm and cold days and ushered in the most beautiful April day in the world.

coincides with the recovery of all things, pink Li Bai on the shore and green willow on the stranger.

on this beautiful day, let's bid farewell to the past seriously and say, "see you in March and Hello in April."

I hope that in the new April, we can all be as beautiful as spring.


about work: as a result of hard work

recently, a friend complained to me: "years later, all my friends have been promoted and raised, but only I am still standing still."

this friend has always been very strong. For a moment, falling behind others makes him feel like a pain in his throat.

in fact, you don't have to. Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

the speed of the moment cannot determine the outcome.

as Feng Tang wrote in his new book:

walking around in the world, gains and losses go with fate, and people with a broad heart are at peace.

many people cannot be forced to stay, and many things cannot be forced.

rather than embarrass yourself, it is better to let nature take its course;

instead of haggling, it is better to let it go.

hard work is the best way for us to deal with our work.

as the saying goes, "it is up to man to plan things and to get things done."

unsatisfactory, this is the normal state of life.

A lot of things, we work hard, try our best, that's enough.

No one can control the result.

you know, not every seed has a chance to break out of the ground.

while waiting for the flowers to bloom, we should also be prepared to lose hope, so that we won't live too hard.

for the rest of our lives, may we all live our lives at our own pace without happiness or sorrow.


about life: dare to accept pussy, starting from the heart

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writer gentleman Yitze said:

young and frivolous, we are always full of enthusiasm and want to compete in everything;

when we reach middle age, we gradually learn to accept pussy and move forward like a snail.

in the past, when we encountered a little grievance, we shouted all over the world;

now we are used to being silent and become flexible and flexible.

some netizens shared their experience and said: "in the company, I can straighten up and give executive training." But when the child behaves badly, I humbly can't hold my head up in front of the teacher. "

there are so many bitterness in life that we have to be pussy.

but this kind of pussy is not weak or timid, but another kind of maturity.

because we care, because of responsibility, we are willing to put down our dignity and protect our family from the wind and rain.

these behaviors look weak on the surface, but we are stronger than anyone else on the inside.

what's more, when the word "pussy" is taken apart and written, it is "from the heart".

only by following our hearts can we become stronger and stronger.

in life, dare to accept the chicken, "from the heart", is a kind of great wisdom to retreat into progress.


about feelings: often awake and occasionally confused

there is a debate in "Strange talk": "if there is a button to see how much your partner loves you, do you want to press it?"

the positive side thinks that it must be pressed, and the love of the other party should be accurate to the numerical value.

the opposing side insists that it cannot be pressed. Instead of spying on each other by all means, it is better to settle down your own soul.

this is an inexplicable question, and the answer varies from person to person.

but we should know that the relationship between people is not a calculation problem with a standard answer, but a subjective problem that justifies itself.

in a relationship, if you live too sober and see each other too thoroughly, you will be exhausted and farther and farther away from happiness.

if you are occasionally confused, care less and argue less, you can enjoy yourself.

on the major issue of right and wrong, we must be clear-headed and stick to the bottom line.

but on small things that don't matter, you might as well go with it and turn a blind eye.

only in this way can we turn every moment of life into a beautiful day.

as the saying goes:

if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, half be confused and half follow.

often sober and occasionally confused is the most comfortable state of a person in a relationship.


about the past: what should be put, what should be forgotten

there is a question on Zhihu: "what kind of life is the most failed?"

one replied, "waste most of your time in self-pity about the past."

I think so.

for the past, no matter how many regrets and dissatisfaction you have, it won't help.

most of the time, our annoyance stems from our obsession with the past.

for example:

has been criticized by the leader, but he still has bitter feelings after a long time;

has quarreled with a friend, but now I still feel bitter about it;

I have lost my temper with my child and have been blaming myself silently all the time.

thinking about these trifles for a long time, my heart is naturally tired, and people wring.

sometimes forgetfulness is actually a good thing.

Let bygones be bygones, let bygones be bygones, and forget what should be forgotten, so that we can fully live our present life.

the sunshine of yesterdayDon't do today's laundry;

yesterday's ticket, can't get to the place I want to go.

if you look back frequently and keep on thinking about it, you will have no other use but to block yourself.

time is a good medicine, bitter but effective, and will help you heal all your wounds.

as Tai Jaiji wrote:

No matter how difficult the day is, smile and pack the past into the corner.

Don't struggle, don't panic, don't make do with it, you will eventually live to be what you want.


in April, everything is full of joy

Paul Coelho wrote in the fantastic Journey of Shepherd Boys:

April, the sun is dazzling, the spring breeze is tender, and there is a vast road ahead.

in Weng Juan's pen, this is a busy season, and people "just planted sericulture in the fields", and there are few idle people.

in the bottom of Bai Juyi's heart, this is the blooming season, and the beauty of "peach blossoms in the mountain temple begins to bloom" is fascinating.

in Sima Guang's eyes, the sky cleared up after the spring rain, and the mountains were green and pleasant, and suddenly felt that "Nanshan households turned clear".

bathed in the beautiful spring light, I hope we can all keep our hearts boiling hot, maintain our enthusiasm for life, and live every moment.

I hope we can all learn to listen to our inner desires and pursue our dreams without hesitation.

although life is difficult, may we survive the dark night and still laugh heartily;

even if the future is rough, may we have the courage to go on a journey to the mountains and seas;

No matter what happens in the world, may we go through the vicissitudes of life and still feel that the world is worth it.