Three stories about loneliness.

Three stories about loneliness.

Took part in the speech contest and spoke the rotten manuscripts.

Today, I want to tell you three stories about loneliness. But before I talk, I'd like to ask all of you here, if I asked you to associate loneliness with an APP, which APP would you choose? If I had a choice, I would choose Wechat, and someone would surely ask me, "Wechat has 600m users, how does it have anything to do with loneliness?" "

I don't know if you remember the start-up picture of Wechat, which is a little man standing on a planet, looking at the blue earth alone.

in fact, the earth in the picture is not painted by Tencent artists out of thin air, it is a real picture, its name is "THE BLUE MARBLE", and its Chinese name is "blue marbles". This picture was taken by an Apollo 17 astronaut flying to the moon on December 7, 1972, when the spaceship was 45000 kilometers away from Earth. In other words, the distance between the three people on the ship and the earth is also 45000 kilometers. If the ends of the earth is the furthest distance between people, then they are a thousand miles away from their families.

they took on the mission of all mankind to move toward the moon, and if they were not careful, they would become rubbish in space. They were the loneliest people in the universe at that time. They stayed in outer space for a total of 12 days, that is, 288 hours. The three of them have completed the last human landing on the moon so far, so they are also the greatest people in the universe. Wechat uses this picture to commemorate their loneliness to tell us:

how far you can go depends on how far you can go with loneliness.

all right, after talking about the blue marbles, we look back at the lonely little man. Although it has no features at all, anyone who knows Wechat knows that he is the father of Wechat, Zhang Xiaolong.

18 years ago, Zhang Xiaolong alone wrote 50, 000 lines of code and made a home-made free online mailbox with 2 million users, which is called FOXMAIL. In 2005, FOXMAIL was acquired by Tencent, and Zhang Xiaolong became the general manager of Tencent's research and development department in Guangzhou. His first task was to transform QQ Mail, who could not even be used internally by Tencent at that time. This looks like going back to his old job, because both of them are about web mailboxes, but in fact, FOXMAIL is the client, and QQ Mail is the web end, they are two completely different products. But it took only three years for Zhang Xiaolong to be called a "seven-star product" by Tencent internally.

in 2010, Zhang Xiaolong and his team shifted their attention from the web to the mobile Internet. At that time, everyone on the team thought that Mi Xiao was the biggest competitor. But what Zhang Xiaolong fears most is to become the second Mobile QQ. He is determined to make a different communication tool and subvert the whole market. Zhang Xiaolong and his team are used to typing code at night, so they are called miners by people around them, and to this day, they are still proud of the title. On January 21, 2011, Wechat 1.0 was officially released. In the next eight months, Wechat swept the market for only two reasons, namely, "simplicity and speed". Even if you use the very slow GPRS at that time, Wechat can easily push the progress bar to the end. By 2013, Wechat had 600m users, making it the most widely used communication tool in Asia.

but Zhang Xiaolong does not use Wechat as a tool. "Wechat is a way of life," he said. "

Zhang Xiaolong was once asked to write about his experience. He just smiled and said, "if I say it, I'm afraid that later people will never dare to write a program again."

this is his loneliness.

the third lonely story is about Wechat public platform.

on May 15th, 2014, I founded my Subscription account. By the next day, my fans soared to three figures, 124. Then I started to push a message every day, until July 20, 2014, the summer vacation of my freshman year, when I looked at the number of fans and found that my fan count had dropped from three digits to double digits.

so I angrily entrusted my feelings to the text and wrote an article entitled "like a Warrior, pick up your spear and rush forward!" "

I was very excited when I wrote it, and I wrote this paragraph at the end of the article:

the article is very short, 665 words, but it cost me a lot of emotion. I think we must brew before we succeed. Maybe when I write down my 100th word, I may be half successful. Thank you for watching, thank you for following me. Thank you.

I have fully said three "Thank you", which shows how sincere I am. The next day, when I clicked on this article, you can guess how much it was read.

is "1". In other words, I am the only one who has clicked on this article, even my girlfriend has not read it.

the moment I saw "1", I must have felt the loneliest time in my life. Although I don't care about the amount of reading, I really can't accept this fact.

I thought about giving up at that time, so I picked up my phone and opened Wechat to announce the death of my Subscription account in moments. Just when Wechat was launched, I saw the "blue marble" I had shown before. I thought of Apollo 17 and the loneliness of 45000 kilometers. I began to ask myself

"what have I got to lose?"

so I began the first struggle of my life. I asked myself to write 1000 words every day.

on March 28 this year, I really wrote down my 100th word.

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and my fansIt also reached an unprecedented high of 2456. Sometimes when I go to dinner, I will hear others discussing the articles I wrote yesterday behind me. Sometimes, I am in a daze to the computer. Subscription account's backstage will receive a lot of messages urging me to write articles.

I began to wonder if I really made it, but I didn't come up with the answer, because 2456 fans are still too few.

but most importantly, I dare to tell others that I have a Subscription account, which is called disorganized.

now many people ask me backstage whether loneliness is a required course in life. I still can't answer it after thinking about it for a long time, because I'm only 21 years old, and I can't tell which is a required course and which is an elective. But what I want to tell them is:

alone, although the defeat is glorious