Three points, seven points, is a person's highest EQ

Three points, seven points, is a person's highest EQ

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giving up is a discipline, but it has to be a skill.

those who do not have enough ability cannot get it, and those who lack understanding are reluctant to give up.

the beauty of the method of giving up lies in the small words of great meaning; the value of the way of giving up lies in giving up and giving up.

Master Nebula said, "giving up seems to be for others, but it is actually for yourself."

it is said that a small house is small and a big one is big, but three points and seven points is a person's highest EQ.


give up three points of material desire and get seven points of freedom

Xunzi in the warring States period once said: "A gentleman serves things, a small man works in things."

that is to say, in a good life, people should let go of their obsession with material desires.

A high-quality life does not move towards complexity, but returns to simplicity, throwing away unnecessary material desires and baggage so that life can be refreshed and comfortable.

I once saw a story about Socrates on a Chinese paper.

one day, Socrates' enthroned student urged him to take a good stroll in the lively market.

the students said with one voice: "there are countless new things in the bustling market, teacher, you will come back with a full load."

the next day, the students asked Socrates what he had learned from his trip to the market.

Socrates said, "the biggest thing I learned from this trip to the market is that there are so many things I don't need."

actually, what we really need is not much.

in Zengguang Xian Wen, it is said: "A thousand hectares of fertile land can only eat three meals a day, and ten thousand rooms in Guangsha can only sleep three feet."

No matter who you are, you eat three meals a day and sleep in one bed at most.

the protagonist of life is not anything, but yourself. Give up the superfluous material desires in order to live the way you want.

three thousand prosperous, after all, simple, willing to be a philosophy of life, cut the complexity into simplicity, identify false things, and retain the real things, is the great wisdom.

give up three points of material desire, do not be burdened by things, in order to get seven points of freedom.


give up three interests and get seven points.

in the Book of the later Han Dynasty, it is said: "everyone knows to take it, but do not know that it is taken."

give up the three points of interest at hand, generous, but can make a lot of money.

many people often haggle over every penny and try their best to get two more points, but in the long run, they will only lose their interests and lose the pattern.

in a furniture market, there is a shop that is doing very well.

inevitably aroused the jealousy of their peers, so they maliciously reduced the price to fight a price war, but the business of that store was not greatly affected.

A friend was curious and asked the boss, "what's your business secret?"

the boss smiled and said: "there is no secret, nothing more than to help customers save money, I only recommend good ones, not expensive ones."

after listening to this, my friend laughed and scolded, "are you stupid? if you help customers save money, how can you make money?"

the boss shook his head and said, "you see, customers who come to me and buy suitable good furniture will naturally trust me and recommend friends and relatives to patronize them. Isn't that more profitable?"

there is an idiom that accumulates a little makes a Mickle, wins trust with sincerity, and gains nothing but more over the years.

there is a good saying in the Book of morality: "if the running water does not compete first, the argument is eloquent."

Life is like a long river returning to the sea, determining success or failure. It is never a narrow profit or loss, but an endless stream of rivers converging.

everyone wants the greatest benefit, but people who really have a pattern often choose to give up small profits, because they have already seen that there are more opportunities behind losses.

the human heart is like a mirror, giving up three points of benefit and feeding the pattern of seven points.


give up three points of false name, get seven points free and easy

there is a Buddhist saying: "the power is also empty, the name is also empty, in the twinkling of an eye a letter from the desolate suburbs."

the name is fleeting, but human nature is greedy and pains for it, but in the end, it becomes its own yoke.

on the contrary, those who really give up their false names are really free and easy.

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Mr. Qian Zhongshu is an indifferent person.

it is rumored that Qian Zhongshu was invited to a state dinner, and he replied, "I'm not going, I'm very busy." After sending people away, he quietly went back to his room to write.

Foreign readers want to visit Qian Zhongshu. He jokingly said on the phone, "if you eat a delicious egg, will you still go to the chicken that lays eggs?"

CCTV's "son of the East" also tried every means to interview him, but he politely refused.

on Qian Zhongshu's birthday in 1991, people from all walks of life celebrated his birthday one after another, and even the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences tried to hold a symposium on his birthday, but he firmly refused.

he doesn't need the applause of flowers from the outside to set off himself, or even need his fame to last forever.

Mr. Qian Zhongshu has always kept a constant mind on the road to old age, living a plain daily life, pursuing spiritual freedom and richness, and knowing clearly what kind of life he wants to live.

as Fudan teacher Chen Guo said, "I am amorous and at peace with the rest of the world."

even if the world is bustling, I disdain the bright colors of the downtown market and enjoy wearing plain clothes in the valley.

give up three points of fame and gain in order to swim between heaven and earth, communicate with the spirit of heaven and earth, and get seven points of free and easy and poetic.

Mr. Jia Pingwa said: in

life, we will be reluctant to give up a lot of things, but life is actually a spiritual practice from "reluctant" to "willing".

because, if you don't give up, you won't get it. Only if you give up can you get it.

give up three points of material desire, get seven points of freedom; give up three points of interests, get seven points of pattern; give up three points of false name, get seven points free and easy.

there are troubles in the world. May you and I know to let go, choose clearly, and have something to gain.