Those who suffer losses with a smile are all smart people! (benefit for life after watching)

Those who suffer losses with a smile are all smart people! (benefit for life after watching)

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as the saying goes: losing is a blessing.

at present, it is generally accepted that this saying comes from Laozi's famous saying: "misfortune lies where good fortune depends, and happiness lies where misfortune lies."

means that misfortune may be hidden in misfortune, while misfortune may lurk in misfortune; misfortune may sometimes be transformed into blessing, and blessing may also be transformed into disaster.

this does not mean that misfortune is a blessing, and happiness is a curse.

but the phrase "loss is a blessing" means that a loss is a blessing. This obviously does not mean the same thing as what I said.

"misfortune leads to good fortune, good fortune lies in misfortune" is easy to understand, but it is difficult to understand that it is a blessing to suffer losses.

Buddhists believe that suffering losses can be rewarded with blessings.

the Buddha said: to suffer losses is to eliminate karma, and to suffer losses is to accumulate good, good cause and effect, and to suffer losses is to give alms.

Mr. Zhao Puchu has a "law of giving": what you give will be rewarded to you exponentially. When you give, the more you don't want to return, the greater the reward.

but many people think that to suffer a loss is to lose, how can it be said to be a blessing?

some people also say that it is just self-consolation and self-mockery of people who are incapable of exposure to light or have no choice but to suffer losses. Who only wants to suffer losses and not want to be exposed to light? If you can't eat grapes, say grapes are sour.

but there are many examples in the world that prove that losing is a blessing.

there are many examples in the world that can prove that it is a blessing to suffer losses.

before the three Kingdoms competed for hegemony, Zhou Yu was a county magistrate in Juchao County under Yuan Shu's jurisdiction. There was a year of famine and war broke out. The nesting people had no food to eat, so they had to eat bark and grass roots, and many people starved to death.

Zhou Yu felt compassion at the sight.

someone suggested that Lu Su, a rich man in this county, was benevolent, so why not go and borrow grain from him. Zhou Yu immediately visited Lu Su and explained his purpose.

I didn't expect that Lu Su immediately agreed to share half of the grain stored at home with Zhou Yu and take Zhou Yu to check the granary. Zhou Yu was so deeply moved that the two made friends immediately.

later, when Zhou Yu became a general of the State of Wu, he did not forget the kindness of Lu Su and recommended him to Sun Quan, and Lu Su became a prominent official of the Eastern Wu.

another example of modern people.

Yu Minhong, president of New Oriental, liked to serve his classmates when he was in middle school, carrying schoolbags, sweeping the floor and helping with homework. When I went to Peking University, one person carried the stool of the whole dormitory to occupy a place to watch a movie, and a person arranged the dormitory to fetch water.

he said: "it seems to be a loss to do these things, but in fact it is not." Why? When you really want to do something in the future, it's very easy to win the trust of your friends and classmates around you. "

both Lu Su and Yu Minhong are blessed by losses, but this is an accidental phenomenon and does not prove that losses are bound to be blessed. If Zhou Yu fails to achieve success in the future, will Lu Su be able to get a later bliss? If Yu Minhong didn't start a great career later, would he have a chance to get help from his classmates?

in this way, it is not necessarily a blessing to suffer losses.

No! It must be a blessing to suffer losses, and you are bound to get four kinds of blessings if you suffer losses.


to lose is to give.

giving can make you peaceful and happy.

youdao is: "giving is happier than receiving."

all losses are paid. No matter to the people, to the collective, to the country, as long as we give, we will have a bright heart, an open mind, no loss of Dali, and no fear.

if you suffer from doing good, just a psychological hint can make people feel a lot of sunshine.

if you give to those who hurt and hate you, even if you don't get the other person's understanding, you can help you extricate yourself from the distress caused to you by the other person. Because pay at the same time, the personality is noble, broad-minded.

when giving becomes a habit, you can feel moral progress, sublimation of mind, and long-term happiness and satisfaction.

Warren Buffett, the richest man in the United States, often donates money to help the poor, and many people who receive donations will write to him not only to thank him, but also to tell him that these donations have completely changed the lives of the family. Buffett said he had a "very wonderful feeling" when he saw the letters.

if you lose money and help others, you will benefit others and you will be happy.

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all people suffer losses in order to help others.

helping others can produce good physiological effects

A study in the United States found that when donors make decisions, a certain part of the brain neurons begin to emit comforting impulsive electrical activity.

A medical researcher in the United States wanted to know how people react when they help others. He did a project: 106 students under the age of 20 were divided into two groups: one group was a volunteer group and the other group was a reserve group.

within 10 weeks, the inflammatory symptoms, cholesterol level and body mass index in the volunteer group were significantly lower than those in the reserve group.

the conclusion is that helping others with their own strength will produce unspeakable feelings of pleasure and pride, which can reduce the level of stress hormones and promote the secretion of beneficial hormones.

this theory is supported by examples: at the age of 57, Rockefeller, the boss of Standard Oil, the largest consortium in the United States, suffered from a strange disease at the height of his career, with hair loss all over his body, digestive disorders, and no milk to drink. Life is worse than death.

the doctor gave him a prescription: keep happy. The specific method is to give more.

so he funded the Rockefeller Foundation, donating 6.7 billion dollars one after another. He himself was happy in his dedication, and he gradually got better and lived until the age of 98.

coincidentally, Hong Kong tycoon run run Shaw, who is 107 years old, donated tens of billions of Hong Kong dollars in his lifetime, with the Shaw Prize fund as high as 5 billion Hong Kong dollars.

the reason is very simple.When you send flowers to others, you are the first to smell the flowers.


to suffer losses is to do good deeds.

good deeds can be rewarded with goodwill

as the saying goes, people grow flesh.

the Zen saying: "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

you have ten points to me, I will never have only nine points to you; if you are kind to me, I will treat you as a friend; if you vote for me, I will reciprocate.

all giving is actually giving to yourself.

sometimes, we don't see and get this kind of return right away, don't worry, don't rush to ask life to give you all the answers, wait patiently, you will get something or feel something.

sometimes, we may not see or hear such a return for a long time, and we need to know that the return is invisible and silent.

A bioethics professor in the United States has found through research that there is a magical energy conversion relationship between giving and rewarding. People are also receiving energy rewards while giving, but this kind of return can not be felt by the body.

most of the losses can not be rewarded in a short period of time, and the results of good and evil are sometimes shown in the field beyond time and space.

although we do not see an obvious return, we are aware of its existence in our conscience.

even if we don't get a concrete return in the end, we have nothing to lose.

Zengzi said: "people are good and good. Although the good fortune has not yet come, the misfortune is far away."

isn't it a blessing that there is no disaster without disaster?


to suffer losses is a way of dealing with the world.

can establish a good image

have a sense of loss but no sense of glory, which is an important symbol for a person to see through life and understand the true meaning of life.

people who suffer losses for a long time will unconsciously show their mind, mind, and moral character on their faces, showing a good affinity.

A person who pays too little and asks too much will only make himself more and more greedy, more and more dissatisfied, more and more humble, and his image will become more and more obscene.

often suffering losses can correct the insatiable inferiority of greed, make yourself generous and be highly respected.

after Fan Zhongyan, a famous minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, became a famous official, he bought Yitian in his hometown and raised more than 300 people in his family. He also donated a real estate purchased by his family in Suzhou, which was greatly appreciated by the wind daffodils, as a school. As a result, it has established a good image, and its descendants have been high-ranking officials for hundreds of years.

the wild goose leaves the sound, the man leaves his name, but he suffers losses and does not speak, but it is like a bell.

Why not take advantage of those who lose money and benefit themselves?