Those who look young will always be these kinds of women. Are there any of you?

Those who look young will always be these kinds of women. Are there any of you?

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the hero is late, the beauty is white-headed.

it is said that time is fair to everyone in the world, but there is always a kind of woman who is not afraid of time, wind and rain, and lives happily and elegantly.

such a woman looks forever young, always youthful.

in fact, they are not given special treatment by time. Their youth stems from the fullness of their hearts and the confidence on their faces.

therefore, the "secret of youth" that everyone is looking for is hidden in your daily life and must not be ignored.


have a childlike innocence

No matter how old you are and there is a child living in your heart, you will not grow old.

Li Zhi's "Theory of childlike innocence" explains:

this shows the value of childlike innocence.

We often sigh that youth is fleeting and the happiness of childhood is gone forever, but in fact, what is really enjoyable in childhood is childlike innocence.

as long as you keep your childlike innocence, you will keep your happiness.

when a woman's childlike innocence flashes, she is the most real and attractive.

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at the same time, she will also bring you a lot of happiness beyond the reach of education, status and money because of her childlike innocence, kindness and dreaming heart.

so, a really smart woman will not change her original innocence because of her age or work, they will not keep a pure childlike innocence for themselves in their busy life.

innocence has nothing to do with age, but it makes you younger.


A woman who is kind in her heart

can be without beauty, but not without kindness.

Russell said:

people often say that women are made of water, so they are as gentle as water.

whether you are beautiful or plain, whether you are in your twenties or twenties, gentleness and kindness are the natural charm of a woman.

A kind woman is precious and lovely.

they often have some very obvious characteristics:

she always has a friendly heart, no matter who is treated equally, very friendly.

she knows very well that she respects everyone and has a kind heart for everyone.

they live a simple life, and when you get along with her, you will get a simple pleasure.

with clear eyes and gentle faces, they often emit a kind of light from the inside out, which makes people more and more pleasing to the eye and like to get in touch with them. Such women are generally very amiable, that is to say, the so-called all-you-can-eat.

so, no matter what the circumstances, the elegant, quiet, intelligent and loving woman will always be a charming woman, and her world will always be full of intoxicating legends.


those who keep exercising

will never grow old.

because, although time is not forgiving, time will quietly treat those who persist in sports, giving them healthy bodies, giving them full energy, and giving them the strength to live.

Chen Shu, 43, has been on the hot search again and again because of his perfect condition.

No matter from her face or figure, there is no trace of time on her, as if she were another woman forgotten by the years.

but in fact, the reason why Chen Shu has such a good state lies in her persevering exercise.

Life lies in movement.

exercise is a kind of attitude towards life, a kind of love for life, a kind of deep love for life.

keep exercising, it can really change a person, it can slowly exercise people's will and promote people to develop good healthy habits.

and these habits and changes have become an important factor in widening the gap between people, especially the older the age, the more obvious the gap in physical energy and appearance and temperament.

therefore, no matter how crowded life is, we must leave enough time to exercise, because having a good body can resist all the difficulties in the world.


people who love life

love life, everything in life is beautiful.

there is a scene in the movie "the Killer is not too Cold":

Matilda asked, "is life always so difficult, or is it just childhood?"

Leon said, "it's always the same."

Life is hard, but everyone who has expectations for life will rejoice in bitterness and give himself a taste.

some people say:

this is true. Women who love life live with moderate expectations, live attentively, record every fresh attempt, and savor every unique day.

Love to travel, love food, love craftsmanship, love fashion, find the shining points of life in the ordinary, and decorate life with romance and love.

so, women who love life are always full of young girls, because their happiness comes from every little thing in life, as long as they do what they like, their life can be wonderful enough.


persist in reading and learning

the belly is full of poetry and books.

in life, we always hear all kinds of malice against women:

Reading may not change the course of our lives, but it will make our lives more exciting and more to look forward to.

there is a good saying:

you can get beauty by plastic surgery, but you can never get temperament by plastic surgery.

because of the confidence that reading brings you, you can clearly understand what you want to do, sober and elegant.Alive, even if the world is cool, the hearts of the people are not ancient, but also to preserve their own original heart, the original heart remains the same, in order to complete the mission.

therefore, there are tens of millions of beautiful women in the world, but only those who insist on reading are the most beautiful.

A lifetime is not long. Only by living well can you live up to yourself.

know when to enter, when to retreat, what to do without regret, follow your heart, and live the easiest life.

own life, make your own decisions, live your own life, go on your own.

Don't look at anyone, just to love yourself. Only when you learn to love yourself well will the world love you.

May you be less persistent, a little more happy, a little less entangled, a little more relieved, a little less sad, a little more lucky, appreciate having, cherish companionship, and meet that better self as soon as possible!