These new cartoons, when it comes to people's hearts, humor does not lose its philosophy!

These new cartoons, when it comes to people's hearts, humor does not lose its philosophy!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is a complex and difficult problem, but if you can figure out a lot of things, you will take fewer detours.

the following group of Zhu Guangrong's "Happy Retirement paintings" hides the truth to make the rest of his life more interesting and meaningful. Let's take a look at it.



desire can never be satisfied. Never be satisfied, it is an epidemic. When we take a closer look, we find that there are no contented people around us, including ourselves.

Don't wait for retirement to learn:

A thousand rooms in Guangsha, sleep no more than seven feet; delicacies, solar eclipse only needs three meals.

maybe we wake up every day, let ourselves be content for three minutes, and sincerely say to ourselves, "We have enough, it's time to be content", and we will gradually have the original smile.


Happiness has nothing to do with status, happiness has nothing to do with wealth,

Happiness is a feeling.

the poor say: money is happiness; the rich say: leisure is happiness; beggars say that food is happiness; patients say: to be alive is happiness.

about happiness, a thousand people have a thousand different answers and a thousand kinds of happiness.

Don't wait for retirement to learn:

there is no standard answer to life. Whether you are lucky or not depends on the sky. Whether you are happy or not depends on your heart.

whether it is the search for happiness or the pursuit of success, or the indifferent pursuit of meditation without greed, or the pursuit of fame and wealth only for the purpose of living comfortably, it is the understanding of happiness.


the house of harmony is much fun.

Happiness lies in laughter.

Lin Yutang said: what is happiness? One is to sleep in your own bed, the second is to eat the food cooked by your parents, the third is to listen to your lover telling you love words, and the fourth is to play games with your children.

Don't wait for retirement to learn that

the joy of family is the most ordinary and priceless happiness.

the most important thing in life is the neat smiling face of the family.


"big watermelon"

big watermelon, sand and sweet, want to eat no money!

it was nice when I was a child. I didn't have to look at other people's faces, don't pretend to smile, cry when it hurts, go to sleep when I'm tired, and tell me all about anything sad and dissatisfied, unlike now, hiding it, for fear that others might see it.

Don't wait for retirement to understand:

Life can only move forward, not backward.

No matter how good it is when I was a child, I can't go back. No matter how annoyed I am when I grow up, I have to go on.


"Happy Life"  A happy life is not because you get more, but because you expect less.

the ultimate goal of human life is to pursue happiness, enjoy happiness and enjoy life.

Don't wait for retirement to learn that

Happiness is not having more, but expecting less.

A person who is full of desire is very difficult to be happy. In the end, he will not only be tired by desire, but also be swallowed up by desire and tired to death.


"old classmate"

old classmate,

one is introverted talent,

one is smiling often.

see you again 20 years later,

almost unrecognizable.

years are not only a pig knife, but also a bag of fattening agents.

Don't wait for retirement to understand:

the truest and purest people are their classmates and friends of that year.

No matter what your identity is and how thick your assets are, don't forget this feeling and don't show up in front of anyone.



share joys and sorrows for several decades,

know the cold and warm,

tap the total comfort,

is better than the professional masseur.

less husband and wife, companionship in old age. Spend the rest of your life quarrelling and quarrelling every day. After a fight, it's still the same. You should cook, you should wash dishes, you should clean up, you should take to the streets, and you should give in after a quarrel.

Don't wait for retirement to know:

when I am old, you are my biggest dependence. You don't think I'm thin, I don't think you're fat.

I would like to be in love with my wife all my life. I wish you happiness and good health in your old age.


the road is infinitely long, and when you reach this distance, there is another farther away.

Don't wait for retirement to understand:

when you move forward, don't forget to stop and look back.

maybe, looking back is a new landscape.


cloth food, cola for life.

Don't wait for retirement to learn:

days are insipid in busyness, life is fragrance in plain food.

Huang Tingjian, a poet of the Song Dynasty, wrote in the Preface to the Poems of Sixiu: "rest as soon as you are full, break and cover the cold and warmth, rest once you are full, and rest if you are not greedy or jealous of your old age." Plain food is the most nourishing.



waiting for others to rememberDo not bear grudges,

three or five bosom friends often chat,

talk about the past and the present,

also talk about heaven.

there is no great truth in life.

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Don't wait for retirement to understand:

living is a kind of mood, live in a good mood, tired do not say tired, bitter do not say bitter.

Thanksgiving, contentment, smile and simplicity can win the happy world.


there must be a world ahead and a world behind-some people only know the world in front and move forward, but do not know that there is a wider world behind

do not know until you retire:

know how to give yourself a way out, and there is room to turn around only when something happens.

if you limit yourself everywhere, you will never get out of your own dead end.



there are flowers in spring and moon in autumn,

cool breeze in summer and snow in winter.

it's rare to be light today.

enjoy the good times in the world.

the eyes are too small to see behind; the mind is too big to be satisfied with the present.

Don't wait for retirement to know that

enjoy the present is the happiest person.

even if life is 40 points less than you, so what? Of the 60 points you've scored, enjoy profligacy.


Life is like climbing a mountain.

you can see far from the height.

fame and fortune are in the blink of an eye,  success or failure is like smoke,

the surging river flows eastward,

the most beloved wife in the world.

wife, I have seen you young and beautiful when you are young, and have witnessed the vicissitudes of your face, but they still regard you as a treasure, holding you in the palm of your hand and carrying you in your arms. Although I don't talk about it, no one can do without each other.

Don't wait for retirement to learn:

parents will go before you, children will always have their own family, can accompany you to the end, never give up all the way, is the old wife.