There must be something hateful about the poor man?

There must be something hateful about the poor man?

I have a feeling after watching "you're weak and you're right" with a 13W retweet on Weibo.

just now my fans reminded me backstage to read an article, which is very interesting.

the name is "are you weak? are you right?" "

this article has been retweeted 13W + times on Weibo in one day.

it can be seen that this article speaks the minds of many people.

author @ Xun Yanyu, my opinion is later.

"you are weak and you are reasonable"

1. A former colleague of the poor road, every lunch, the same box of the same dish, be sure to take a few chopsticks from the poor road box lunch.

she said that she basically doesn't eat breakfast, because the conditions at home are not good, so try to eat as much as possible at noon.

when she ate fish, the poor road did not give it to her. She was very surprised and angry that day.

4. She asked me to borrow money to buy a car for her newly graduated son.

"I'm telling you, our family is so difficult. My brother-in-law just won't lend me one hundred thousand yuan. I'm telling you, they have two houses alone. They are girls, and they still buy a house?" What's this? This is greed! You said that as soon as he started the company, he couldn't even come up with 100,000 yuan? My family is a son. It's been like this for years. He doesn't care! He is a son of a bitch, the whole family is this beat up sex! The hearts of people are so bad now! I'll leave this here, their house, good morning! Late! Yes! Pour! Mold! "

7. A girl basically doesn't check out for every meal at a party. Even if everyone agrees to AA, she doesn't pay for it.

"I haven't paid my salary this month, so I'm really out of money," she said every time, with the same lines and the same regretful expression: "I'm sorry, otherwise, I won't eat, I'll watch you eat."

everybody says it's all right every time. Let's get together. After a long time, they all annoyed her a little bit.

but at every party she tries to find out the place and come here.

the above are some clips of "you are weak and you are reasonable". If you want to see it, you can search on Weibo. I think it's very interesting.

"Poor people must be hated"

in fact, the whole article "you are weak and you are reasonable" expresses only one point of view, that is, "poor people must have hateful things". First of all, we need to know what "pitiful" means.

is "poor family economic environment" equal to "poor"?

is "working three jobs a day" equal to "pathetic"?

is "immobility" equal to "pitiful"?

well, the answer to all three questions is "not equal". Because "pitiful" means "worthy of pity", it is a two-way choice, as long as one party disagrees, we cannot label "pitiful" to others. In other words, only when a person thinks he is "worthy of pity", and we also think that he is "worthy of pity", that person can become a "poor person".

it is as if we unconsciously feel pity for those who have suffered misfortune when we are watching the news of a major accident, but the parties do not necessarily think that they are "worthy of pity", that is to say, they do not feel sorry for themselves. it's just that they have encountered something that no one wants to face, so they can't be included in the scope of "poor people" by us.

when I was in junior high school, I heard such a fable:

one day, the monkey hurt his hands by a hunter's clamp. after he was rescued from the tribe, the doctor told him not to work until he was healed. Since then, he has never worked, nor does he have to look for food. he just needs to lie in the house and someone will bring food, and even the leaders of the tribes above usually come to ask him about his illness, because every time he sees other monkeys, he will open his scars, show them how badly hurt they are, and yell at the hunters who put the clamps how abominable and pitiful they are.

the monkey who came to visit him thought it was miserable, so he would bring him some food every time.

but because the wound could not be healed, it became inflamed and the monkey died soon after.

isn't that an interesting story? I think all of us have the experience of "self-revealing scars", including me. I still remember the early chaos, on which I often complained about my tragic experience, describing my experience of washing toilets at McDonald's as unbearable to read, and sometimes I would tell my fans what was on my mind, hoping that others would pity me. And then forward the disorganized articles to their moments.

Yearn for flirty dark green gowns for maid of honor and be the spotlight of crowed? Our newest arrivals are waiting for you!

but I later found out that no one will pity me because of my tragic experience, let alone forward my article because of my "sadness" except those who really care about me. They want things that are "useful", not things that are "useless" to them. It's a good thing I woke up, otherwise the mess would never have been like this.

Let's go back to the article "you are weak and you are reasonable". The examples cited by the author are all those who think they are pitiful. They rely on their own "weakness" and ask those who are "strong" in their eyes for something that does not belong to them. They feel that there is nothing wrong with doing so, because "the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility." But no matter how big our responsibility is, what does it have to do with them?

when I was in high school, I would never teach others to do exercises unless they were girls I liked. Because I think that the teacher clearly explained the solution in class, and that you can't do it means that you didn't listen carefully in class, and even if you don't listen carefully, as long as you carefully read the examples in the book again, it should be no problem. If you listen to the class and read the examples, you still won't. I have nothing to teach, because that's how I came over.

so I never ask questions from people I don't like, because it's a waste of other people's time.

especially in the third year of senior high school, some good friends have it.When a math problem asked me what to do, I refused directly, because I knew that as long as I answered it once, he would ask it a second time. So instead of pretending to be a good old man, don't break point, lest I hate him later if he asks too many questions. Otherwise, at that time, not to mention brothers, my friends may not be able to do it, because I will feel that he has not thought about it for me from my point of view.

and every time I forward my article to moments, I never say anything more, because I know that if this article is good enough, you will naturally forward it, and if it is poorly written, even if I say in moments that it took me 20 hours to write, no one cares.

so why do poor people have to be hated? It is because those who think they are pitiful do not know how to give, but only take. But they live their lives, but they only complain, throw all their mistakes to society, and pour all their bitterness to their friends. In addition to complaining, there seems to be no other skills, clearly choose such a life, but at some point in the face to beg for other people's "pity", and there is no room for others to explain.

so in fact, I am most afraid of people telling me that he envies me, because every time I seriously tell him that he can, too.

he will only squint ahead like Tony Leung in Infernal Affairs and say thoughtfully:

"but it's too late."

then he waved his sleeve and continued to do nothing and envy me.

remember that I said something to encourage myself and all of you on the first anniversary of chaos, and now I also use it as the end:

in our lives, we are bound to encounter all kinds of difficulties, but you have to remember, don't sympathize with yourself. Because once you begin to sympathize with your own experience, you will ignore your own subjective initiative. You will feel that you really can't fight fate, and you will also feel that the success of others is all luck. At that time, you will fall into an endless cycle, the more difficult, the more pitiful, the more difficult.