There is a kind of top wisdom called stop loss in time.

There is a kind of top wisdom called stop loss in time.

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there is a saying in the "think tank": "if you keep breaking, you will be disturbed by it."

it is impossible for a person to live a lifetime without everything going well.

when you meet someone who is bothering you, knowing how to stop losses in time is the highest wisdom of a person.


when you encounter bad people, stay away from

self-media man @ Wu once wrote a story about his friend.

at a selection meeting of the company, a friend was promoted to be the head of the department of the company, and there was a lot of congratulations.

only another narrow-minded competitor is stimulated.

the man sow gossip in the company and spread rumors that he got to the top by dishonest means.

even when he takes part in some public welfare activities in his spare time, he is described as "fishing for fame" by his competitors.

some colleagues stood up for him and asked this friend why he did not choose to clarify and fight back.

my friend said with a faint smile:

"first of all, he's not telling the truth, and secondly, I don't have time to argue with him. This quarter's earnings report hasn't been handed in yet."

in life, it is inevitable that someone will slander you and slander you inexplicably.

if you face a doubt, defend it loudly and fight it in the face of a provocation, wasting only your precious energy and time.

people who haunt you will pull you down to their level and beat you with their rich experience.

you must believe that the best way to avoid falling into the abyss is to stay away from the abyss.

when it comes to bad people and bad things, it is a great wisdom to get out in time.

when director Jia Zhangke first joined the profession, he earned his living by writing screenplays.

on one occasion, he wrote a 20-episode TV series by appointment, but the other party refused to pay on the grounds that he had "not signed a formal contract".

recalling this many years later, Jia Zhangke said:

"the general is on his way and does not chase the rabbit. This is too small a thing, there is no need to change yourself. "

I think so.

people's energy is limited in life, and there are too many important things. Don't waste your precious energy on bad things.


changed feelings, learn to let go

Yakos once said: 90% of the pain in life comes from not knowing how to stop loss in time.

the greatest stupidity of a person is to punish himself with the mistakes of others.

I have seen such a story in a program.

there was a couple who had nothing to do when they got married, and they were running a small tailor's shop from morning to night.

because of being able to bear hardships and manage well, the business is getting bigger little by little.

from a small workshop, to a small factory with a dozen people, and then to a clothing company with thousands of people, their lives have undergone earth-shaking changes.

the days are good, but the husband is having an affair.

my wife had quarreled and cried until she fainted. There was nothing I could do about it. I asked for the program group.

facing her husband who was determined to leave, she said harshly, "I won't let you go easily. I'll drag you to death even if I procrastinate."

this remark made the audience saddened.

to tell you the truth, it's hard to be betrayed. It's hard to face the sunk cost emotionally and realistically when you walk along with your husband.

I feel unwilling and powerless, so I compete with myself.

in the end, you lose your future because of other people's mistakes.

in the face of changed feelings, it is difficult to get out, but for this reason, it is brave to dare to tear a hole from the pain and try to go out.

remember that some time ago, Mao Xiaotong went on Weibo several hot searches.

A few years ago, Mao Xiaotong returned to her apartment early after a business trip and had an affair with her boyfriend. She packed her bags and left the apartment without saying a word.

four years later, the ex-boyfriend jumped out again, trying to distort the facts and falsely accuse Mao Xiaotong of framing him.

Mao Xiaotong took the knife by hand, showed the recording, was resolute and decisive, and did not give the other party any chance to consume himself.

Be outstanding and elegant on any occasion by choosing homecoming gowns with long sleeves. The easy way with the highest high value.

this determination is even more sober.

writer Lian Yue once said:

"very often in the face of loss, in the face of non-human beings, indulging emotions, clinging to cause and effect is an instinctive choice.

but the final cause and effect can only be that I loved the wrong person, so I spent my whole life. "

in a relationship, indulgence and sinking are easy, but it's hard to stay awake all the time.

it is a person's top wisdom to give himself room to back off all the time and stop his loss in the face of injury.


take the wrong path and turn in time

A person's life will be faced with many choices, some people hesitate to choose, others go further and further on the wrong road, taking precious time and energy.

in the end, I spent my life in waste.

this is the famous "crocodile effect" in psychology.

when a crocodile bites your foot, if you try to use your hand to free your foot, the crocodile will bite your hand and foot at the same time.

the more you struggle, the more you get bitten.

so if you get bitten by a crocodile, the wisest way is to sacrifice one foot decisively.

whether you love the wrong person or go the wrong way, giving up is often the best salvation for yourself.

Zhang Ziyi once revealed in a program that her dream since childhood was to be a dancer.

at the age of 11, Zhang Ziyi was admitted to the Middle School attached to Beijing Dance Academy. She worked very hard because she didn't want to lag behind others.To practice lower waist, span, split.

every day, she arrives at the dance studio earlier than the others and is the last to leave.

but then she found that no matter how hard she practiced day and night, she could never compare with those talented actors.

after learning from the bitter experience, she changed the track.

because there was no way to black obsession, she finally became a powerful member of the show business rather than a passerby in the dance world.

Yi Zhongtian once said that if life goes in the wrong direction, stopping is progress.

in life, many people are afraid of sunk costs, so they stubbornly cling to a faint hope and are unwilling to give up. As a result, the more they do, the more mistakes they make.

not hitting the wall or looking back is sometimes not brave, but stupid.

learn to survive like a gecko, and the road of life has its own twists and turns and vitality.


there was a question on Zhihu: "what do you think is the best way for adults to do things?"

the high praise answer has only four words: stop loss in time.

in this life, people will inevitably experience all kinds of failures. It is common to love the wrong person and choose the wrong path.

anything, anyone's relationship, if the force is used backwards, it will only make more mistakes and go further.

stopping at the right time is a kind of progress.

unworthy personnel, give up in time, unsuitable road, turn in time.

click on it. Life is long. I hope you can afford it and let it go.

your life is very expensive, so don't waste it on unnecessary personnel.