There is a kind of advanced self-cultivation, which is called not to blame in case of trouble.

There is a kind of advanced self-cultivation, which is called not to blame in case of trouble.

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there is a hot topic on Zhihu: what is the sign of true maturity?

I remember a highly praised answer at that time: one day, you find that there are fewer and fewer people to blame in your life.

I think so.

the greatest accomplishment of a person is not to blame when things happen, and to understand tolerance and understanding.

not blaming others when something happens is not only a kind of courage to take responsibility, but also a kind of rare self-cultivation.


when you reflect on yourself in advance, don't blame others

remember that there was a saying in the Book of Rites and Music:

likes and dislikes are unrestrained inside, seduced from the outside, cannot bow back, and justice is extinguished.

take it for granted that introspection is a noble character of a person, and introspection is not only a sign of responsibility for one's own actions, but also a sign of self-cultivation.

A person can only reflect on himself, do not evade responsibility or blame others when something happens, so that he can constantly improve himself and become more excellent and mature.

as the old saying goes: people who are not saints can make mistakes.

data show that more than 95% of a person's pain comes from himself. Whether it is painful or not, others can't help it. They can bear the path they choose, let alone blame anyone.

as a human being, you should bow yourself graciously and blame others lightly.

all my life, I should reflect on myself three times every day, more introspection, more understanding, less tit-for-tat, more appreciation and less blame.

A person with real self-cultivation will find the reason from himself when something happens, while those who have no moral cultivation will point the spearhead at others. Such a person will eventually block his own way, and no one wants to get close.

when things happen, you don't blame others and often reflect on yourself. only in this way can you improve your deficiencies, constantly surpass yourself on the way of life, and win the crown of life!


tolerance  magnanimity is a sign of a person's true maturity

broad-minded is not only the embodiment of a large pattern, but also a noble virtue.

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tolerance is not cowardice, but the courage to accept all rivers.

broad-minded, know how to accept all rivers, that is, other people's inadvertent mistakes, do not care not to cling to it, but know how to let go and forgive, and be a kind and generous person at the bottom of your heart.

in small right and wrong, forgiveness is often more praiseworthy than radical revenge.

Psychology has had data analysis: when communicating with people, 70% is emotion and 30% is content. When the content is not expressed correctly, the misunderstanding will be further deepened by the intensification of emotion.

in fact, in life, the occurrence of a lot of right and wrong is not a major event that cannot be passed, but is too fussy, does not know how to be patient, tolerant, and insists on winning or losing.

do not realize that people's hearts are mutual, and when you take the initiative to give others a step, they will certainly respect you.

because in this world, the human heart is like the road. The more you care about it, the narrower the road will be, and the more tolerant and understanding you are, the smoother the road will be.

the most comfortable way of communication between people is to be heart-to-heart, not to be aggressive, not to blame others. May we all be magnanimous and tolerant in this life.


the greatest kindness is to compare your heart to heart

as the old saying goes: don't do to others what you don't want.

means that we must not force others to do what we do not want to do.

empathy is a kind of kindness, and worrying about the feelings of others is a kind of self-cultivation.

everyone in the world, it is not easy, each has its own difficulties, at this time, we need to be more kind-hearted.

only then do we know that each of us is ordinary, and when we fail to satisfy everyone, there will always be flaws, and there will be times when we get along with others and disagree.

at this time, if we know how to compare hearts to hearts, conflicts will be reduced, and if we know how to understand, the relationship will be more stable.

if you have anger in your heart, you must not act arbitrarily. You should think calmly and carefully. When you have misunderstandings, you should not bring bad feelings to others. You should think of others and compare your heart to heart.

people live in the world, the heart, appropriate tolerance will be worthy of their own, leave a line in everything, try to think from the point of view of others, but also to give themselves a way back, to win the respect and love of others.

Life is actually an echo. When you are considerate, understand the difficulties of others, and are not aggressive, others will treat you kindly and warm and beautiful.

especially agree with a sentence: always remember things, remember fewer mistakes, blame yourself for others, forgive yourself and forgive others.

in fact, blindly blame others, the pain is their own, rather than take other people's mistakes to punish themselves, it is better to let yourself go, but also feel relaxed!

when something happens, not blaming others is the highest level of self-cultivation!