There is a fixed amount of money in life! (the cause and effect is amazing)

There is a fixed amount of money in life! (the cause and effect is amazing)

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the world loves money, but they don't know where it comes from.

in fact, money is in our lives. If there is no money in life, even if the gold, silver and jewels are right in front of you, you can't get them.

if you get the wealth you don't have in your life, disaster will come sooner or later. If you have blessings in your life, you will be blessed wherever you go.


hit ten dollars, it is difficult to get a hundred gold

as the old saying goes: a drink and a peck is determined before, there is a reason.

everything has cause and effect, and there is a fixed amount of wealth you hit. If there is something in life, you can't lose it. If you don't have it in your life, you can't ask for it.

what's more, there are seasonal karma. Some people are developed when they are young, some people are developed in middle age, and some people do not develop until their old age. The seasons vary from person to person, so don't be afraid of temporary poverty.

in ancient times, there was a member Feng who had two daughters who were twins.

the eldest daughter's name is Yupei. She is dignified, mild-natured and fond of embroidery mandarin ducks. When she is old enough to get married, she is betrothed to the Childe Zhang. The youngest daughter Yuling is clever and intelligent, and her clever mouth is also very likable.

later, an old Zen master came to his home, and the old Zen master calculated his luck for the two daughters in the future.

as soon as he saw the jade dress, he praised her again and again, saying that she had been hit by wealth and that she would be a wife in the future.

on hearing this, Yu Ling hurriedly asked about her luck, and the old Zen master smiled and said, "these two young ladies are lucky in Bachang, and naturally they don't have to worry about food and clothing, but they are too smart, and I'm afraid they will lead to disaster."

when Yu Ling listens to this, isn't this the meaning of "eight cents in life and discontent all over the world"? Indignant in the heart, why do you have more money in your sister's life, but you only have eight cents?

once upon a time, Yuling accidentally pushed her sister into the river and married Childe Zhang instead of her sister. After marriage, Childe Zhang also loved her and often took her to parties of officials and family members.

at a party, she saw her dead sister in a trance and freaked out when she thought her sister had come back to ask her for her life.

it turned out that her sister did not die after falling into the water and was rescued by Liu Hanlin.

my sister lost her memory after she was rescued, but she was still kind and virtuous. Liu Hanlin married her sister and became Mrs. Hanlin. On that day, what my sister saw was her sister who had lost her memory.

the agency is too clever, but it leads to disaster. Although the elder sister falls into the water, it is still the fate of the daughter, and the younger sister insists on possessing the elder sister's fortune, but she is crazy and suffers. This is really a hit of ten dollars, and it's hard to get a hundred dollars.

everyone has a certain destiny, that is, how much wealth and income you have in your life is doomed.

what is not in life is not greedy, and what is not in life is got, either disaster or disaster.


ill-gotten gains are easy to get

people have ten thousand calculations, but heaven counts!

money cannot stand calculation, each has its own owner, ill-gotten wealth must not be desirable, after getting it, there must be disaster, no good.

the ancients said: those who want to covet ill-gotten gains must starve to death after death.

money obtained by improper means will bring unexpected disasters. You may get sick and spend all the money you have; or you may have a terrible disaster and your life may be lost.

there is such a story.

A man walked and found ten hanging coins. He was very happy along the way. He smiled for a long time and laughed when he saw everyone.

he was happy that he got ten hanging money without any effort, and just bent down to pick up a big bargain. He didn't tell his family, and he didn't say anything even if he was asked, just laughing.

then he smiled and his chin fell off. His family invited a doctor to see him, saw him once, spent a hanging of money, still kept laughing, but did not cure. He didn't get better until he saw it nine times in a row and spent all his money.

it is said that a gentleman loves wealth wisely, but ill-gotten wealth is not advisable. Our ancestors told us that ill-gotten gains should not be picked up or greedy.

although the story of ten hanging coins, people will think that it is an absurd story made up by the ancients. But in real life, there is no lack of people to seize ill-gotten wealth by improper means.

if the source of wealth is not as good as the law, it will suffer the consequences. Many people go from being rich to being imprisoned because they make money in immoral ways. In today's society, such cases are common.

it is said in the "University" that those who enter the goods are also contrary to those who go out. Ferocious wealth must be ferocious.

it is a certain rule that wealth is obtained in a bad and improper way, and it is bound to be dispersed in a bad way.

if your intention is to encroach on other people's property and always do things that benefit you at the expense of others, you will plant bad causes. once the good retribution is done, the bad karma will come.


give money and accumulate wealth

everyone wants wealth, so where does wealth come from?

only when there is a sacrifice in the world, you will have it. Only by understanding this cause and effect can you get the wealth and fame you want.

"University" also says: the virtuous is born, and the rich is the last. Virtue is fundamental, and wealth, fame and status are all branches and leaves. Only by being virtuous can we carry things, and only by planting the cause of wealth can we bear the fruit of wealth.

Wealth is given away by wealth, and wealth can only be gained by accumulating virtue.

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in ancient India, there was an old man named "charity" who was well-off and benevolent.

he gave away all his wealth seven times in his life, giving it all to lonely people. People respected him very much and called him "to lonely elders".

later, in order to build a fine house for the Buddha, he laid the floor with gold bricks and spent all his wealth. He became richer and richer all his life, and finally became successful.For the richest man in the area.

the more you give, the greater your wealth! Whoever is willing to give up his wealth will get the wealth returned by the whole world.

Fan Li, the "god of wealth" worshiped by everyone, has also given away all his wealth to the poor three times, but he has been able to make a new start every time.

Bill Gates donated 90% of his wealth, Buffett donated 92%, and Li Ka-shing donated 70% of his wealth.

there is a saying in the Book of the later Han Dynasty:

everyone knows that what you get is your own, but you don't know that giving and giving is what you really get.


there is a fixed amount of money in life. The rich are rich because they have given alms in the past. The poor are poor because they do not give blessings.

giving is like a field, only when there is a field can there be a harvest, and only with seeds of giving can it blossom and bear fruit in the future.