There are children at home, these four kinds of education must not be less, it is worth learning for all parents!

There are children at home, these four kinds of education must not be less, it is worth learning for all parents!

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two days ago, Uncle Fan was deeply touched by a video entitled "Primary School students take their first salary to invite their parents to dinner" on Weibo.

in the video, the little girl works in her own store during the summer vacation for a total of nine days and gets her first salary of "180" yuan.

after getting the money, the little girl didn't think about buying snacks or clothes for herself, so she turned around and invited her parents to dinner.

during the meal, the family of three enjoyed themselves and clinked glasses from time to time to celebrate.

when the father finally checked out, when the father asked the girl "distressed or not distressed", the little girl smiled and said:

at that moment, the whole network was warmed by this little girl. This is really a little angel. I would like to ask which parents do not want such a "sweet little cotton-padded jacket" ~

it is said that the girl's parents wanted their children to experience the difficulty of making money, but they did not expect that their children not only did a good job. Also know how to "feed the crow back".

inviting them to dinner with their first salary is really an unexpected and pleasant harvest.

in this regard, many netizens are not stingy with their praise:

my God, if this were my little cotton-padded jacket, I would have burst into tears on the spot and took out my heart.

A good girl with filial piety must have a good family education and atmosphere at ordinary times.

after watching this video, everyone would like to ask the parents: how on earth did they raise their children? they are so excellent!

in fact, there is no unified standard for excellence, but as long as parents are willing to work hard and give their children a tolerant and loving environment, they can thrive and shine.


give children proper "hardship" exercise

in recent years, hardship education has become popular.

in line with the mentality of training their children, many parents begin to consciously exercise their children's comprehensive abilities.

Uncle Fan also agrees with this, because if he has not really honed his mind, how can he be brave in chopping waves and chopping waves?

how can the flowers growing in the greenhouse face the wind and rain outside alone?

therefore, suffering is not the goal, but the ultimate meaning is to exercise the independent quality of children.

and the so-called education to bear hardships is not to bear hardships, but to make children have the ability to bear hardships and stand hard work, and choose to face them bravely rather than cowardly escape in the face of difficulties and setbacks.

this point likes the best friend's method very much, she will not specially let the child bear hardships, will only exercise the child's independent quality in the life bit by bit.

for example, in daily life, she will never develop the habit of "opening her mouth with food and holding out her hand with clothes". She will guide her children to explore and do what they can.

when her child's exam and grade scores are not satisfactory, she never fights anxiety, but lets her child fight more and more bravely in setbacks.

she usually takes her child to do some social practice during winter and summer vacations. take the child to experience a different nature life.

it is these long "hardship" education that give the child the courage and courage to spread his wings and soar, so that he is not afraid of the wind and rain ahead and forges ahead.

so making children endure hardships is actually laying a solid foundation for their future!


teach children to be grateful

to be parents, the greatest wish is to raise a grateful child, which is not only a comfort to themselves, but also to cultivate the good quality of the child.

but the reality is that in life, parents often focus on their children, give everything for their children, take care of their children's big and small things, but forget to teach their children the right to be grateful and give.

but go too far. Parents love too much and the more they give, the easier it is to encourage their children to feel worthy, and they are often unable to raise grateful children.

just like Mrs. Wang, who lives on the top floor in the hit TV series "just Thirty," she "can catch anything and let anything go" for the sake of her son.

will spend more money to send their children to the best schools and let them learn what is fashionable;

they will also want to buy asteroid naming rights as their son's bar mitzvah.

but the more she pays, the more the distance between the child and her will gradually deepen, and even the child will in turn dislike the mother's low education.

hit the key point, love the child is not blindly give, the important thing is to give, let the child understand the importance of gratitude and giving, in order to cultivate an excellent and grateful child.


allow children to make mistakes

Uncle Fan has always agreed that

allowing children to make mistakes is actually giving children a chance to grow up.

because behind the insistence on not letting their children make mistakes, it is the parents who criticize them harshly again and again, and are as careful as their children treading on thin ice.

if it goes on like this, children will certainly lack the courage to try, and they will also lack their own sense of security.

I remember that actress Xiao Tao Hong once shared a story in which her daughter accidentally spilled milk. She couldn't help it and yelled at the child, "what's the matter with you?"

my daughter froze when she heard this, and stood still looking at her mother, too scared to speak or cry.

seeing her daughter's frightened appearance, Xiao Tao Hong realized that she was too emotional to give her daughter the impression that her mother would not allow me to make mistakes.

after reading many parenting books, Xiao Tao Hong began to reflect and change herself, trying to give her children sufficient support and trust.

later, when her daughter accidentally broke something again, Xiao Tao Hong did not blame her for the first time, but hugged the child and comforted her softly: "are you afraid?" It's all right. "

it is such simple actions and words that make the daughter cry, because she has found sense of security with her mother and the courage to make mistakes.

making mistakes is not terrible, what is terrible is that people face the attitude of making mistakes. Only by allowing children to make mistakes and let them try more, can they continue to grow and improve!


accept the imperfections of children

there is no doubt that every child places innumerable expectations on his parents.

but when expectations are exceeded, they can also become shackles for children to grow up and fly high.

because most of the time, the so-called expectation of parents is to let their children carry their dreams that they have never realized and let them help them realize them.

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and when the child's performance is not satisfactory, or when there is something missing, the parents' disappointment is also overstated.

but in fact, only by accepting the child's imperfections can the child really be himself, find his own bright spot, and keep glowing.

like the hero in the movie "call me first", he suffers from Tourette's disease when he is young, and his hands and feet move uncontrollably and make strange screams.

received a strange look from the teachers and classmates around him, and even his father was extremely disappointed in him.

only his mother, accepting his imperfections, always encouraged him not to be knocked down easily, to be himself bravely and to pursue his dreams.

although the man was unable to overcome the disease in the end, he succeeded in pursuing his dream by virtue of his own efforts, and set up his own happy little family, and his life was very complete.

Uncle Fan hopes that every parent, like the mother in the movie, is not in a hurry to deny their children, teach them to pursue their dreams bravely, face the storms of life, and live their own wonderful life.


there is a long way to go to raise a child, and each step is a spiritual practice for parents.

I hope that every parent can make progress and grow up on this path of spiritual practice, so that they can become better themselves and rely on each other strongly together with their children.

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