The world is warm, but three meals a day

The world is warm, but three meals a day

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there is a saying in "one Day Zen": "the fireworks in the world are the most appealing to the hearts of the people."

what is fireworks?

probably, the family sits idle, the lights are amiable, they cook for the people they like and eat the food they like;

for the most part, the days are difficult, but we inspire the hope of life in chicken, duck, fish, meat, melons, fruits and vegetables;

of course, life is dull, and we learn to enjoy piano, calligraphy, painting, poetry, hops and flowers in firewood, rice, oil, salt sauce, vinegar tea.


A room with three meals is full of happiness

Glamorous and trendy, formal country dresses are defnitely a must-have. There is no collection like ours.

"China on the tip of the tongue" says: Chinese people always hide bitterness in their hearts, and happiness is turned into food on the table of the four seasons. Therefore, a steaming table, family reunion, laughter, pushing cups and changing cups will become the simplest and most down-to-earth happiness for the Chinese people.

when it comes to enjoying delicious food and feeling happiness, Mr. Wang Zengqi is absolutely second to none.

he wrote a book and recorded all the interesting objects in the world.

Food is the most lively and fragrant.

he wrote about Toona sinensis mixed with tofu: "the tender toon head, the bud leaves are not comfortable, the color is purple, the smell is sweet, hot into the boiling water, the stem leaves turn green, fish out, knead with fine salt, Hou Leng, cut into chopped pieces, mix with tofu, add a few drops of sesame oil, a few drops of sesame oil, one cup of entrance, three springs do not forget."

the most common dish, it makes people drool.

there are many hometown and relatives and friends hidden in Lao Wang's food.

he wrote about his father: "my father is washing and scraping duck feet, and each web is broken apart to see if there is still a trace of dirt, just like making a delicate piece of craftsmanship. Two duck feet are white and clean, properly stopped, lined up in a row, four duck wings, also white, in a row, very beautiful, very lovely."

the words are simple, the food is ordinary, but the longer the emotion is fragrant.

over the years, Mr. Wang has tasted all the delicious food in the world.

Duck feet and wings in memory are mixed with thoughts and thoughts of more than half of life, but they are the delicacies of the world that can no longer be tasted.

many times, we think that three meals a day is too cumbersome, so we can just deal with it when we are busy.

but we don't know that the peace and happiness we spend all our lives trying to pursue are all in one meal and one vegetable.

Chen Xiaoqing, director of Flavor World, said: "it doesn't matter what you eat, but who you eat with."

relatives sit around the table and enjoy the current delicacies.

but what is immersed in the heart is behind the delicacy and the family's care and care for us.

A room for four seasons, three meals a day, can cook for the people you like, can eat the food cooked by the people you like, is a great blessing!


ups and downs, eating and drinking warm

food brings us daily trivial joy, but also imperceptibly gives us the courage to resist the disadvantages of fleeting time.

the movie Julie and Julia said: "as long as a person is still thinking about a bite of food, he will not lose hope."

this is extremely reasonable.

just like Su Dongpo.

although he is outstanding in talent, he has not had a good career all his life. He has been repeatedly demoted, and his life is very hard.

but unlike other poets with unrewarded ambitions, his poems are full of gloomy loneliness.

on the contrary, he is optimistic by nature and spends all his time besides being an official for the people enjoying good food.

when he was demoted to Huangzhou, life was hard, but he worked tirelessly to find out the famous dish-Dongpo meat.

buy the cheapest pork, wash the pot clean, put a little water, light firewood and weeds, keep abreast of the fire, stew slowly with no fire, and wait for the meat to taste good.

eating alone is not enjoyable, and he also wrote the poem "Ode to Pork":

Clean wash the bell, without water, the firewood head will not smoke.

Don't rush him when he is ripe. He is beautiful when he is hot.

good pork in Huangzhou is as cheap as dirt.

the rich refuse to eat, and the poor don't understand how to cook. They get up in the morning and beat two bowls so that they don't care if they are full.

Sour, sweet, bitter and spicy is the most instinctive taste of food.

in fact, it is also the taste of life.

of course we desire that life will always be sweet and beautiful.

but unfortunately, nine times out of ten, suffering is the norm in life.

but the harder life is, the more we have to stick to it.

the more we are at the bottom of the dark valley, the more we have to protect our bodies and satisfy our appetite.

because, when you are full and warm, your confidence and love for life can be accumulated little by little.

Zhang ailing once said, "in the worst of times, you know how to eat, you are willing to wear, and you won't make a mess."

the path of life is long and long. No matter how unbearable the situation is, as long as we still have the mind to cook a good meal for ourselves, we can understand that "bitterness" can also show "sweetness" in the depths of the soul.


ordinary life, enjoy fireworks

many people deal with sex work, rough live for secular standards.

but in fact, life is an art that requires painstaking efforts to turn trivialities into beauty.

while plain meals are most likely to ripple with joy through fireworks.

the Beauty of utensils says: "Happiness is always better than boredom, and delicacy is better than boredom.

even if you cook a meal clumsily, you will feel happy as long as you put on your favorite tablecloth and dress it with your favorite bowl and plate. "

I have a friend who is not afraid of trouble.

every windy autumn weekend, she invites her friends to the park for breakfast.

I don't know how long she prepared in advance, except that she brought a beautiful one.Tablecloths, exquisite dishes and flowers with dewdrops are as beautiful as breakfast of works of art.

under the big tree, the sun shows a mottled smile through the leaves, the dazzling flowers shine on the beautiful tablecloth, and the people they like are wearing outstretched clothes, eating and chatting enthusiastically.

I went there once. I had already forgotten the taste of breakfast, but I kept the atmosphere in mind at that time.

even for a long time to come, I felt very happy, precious and worthy of attention because of that breakfast.

I also deeply realized that three meals a day can make our hearts so wonderful.

also understood what "but a bowl of earthly fireworks" said: "people in the world, nothing more than 'eat and drink' two words, will chew life, live a good life, often do not rely on the mouth, but also have a heart soaked in smoke and fire in the world."


the days go by, living in a place with chicken feathers, vows of love and love are all clips in the movie, return to daily life, the family flies and dogs jump, the work is disappointing, and what awaits us is probably day after day, year after year struggling with the world.


all pain and helplessness can be cured and relieved in firewood, rice, oil and salt.

all happiness and joy can be extended and postponed in enjoying good food.

go to the vegetable market, green lettuce, sprouting orange tomatoes, green cucumbers, bouncing shrimp, domineering crabs.

next time in the kitchen, feel the moment with your heart, touch every green leaf, appreciate every cutlery, and patiently taste every mouthful of food.

Life is happy, but when we gather and disperse, eat and drink, life is full of enthusiasm in three meals a day.

Thanksgiving for a long time, cherish the warmth of cloth.

the so-called meaning of life is to eat three meals a day with your heart.

after all, the world is warm, but three meals a day!