The water is deep and the waves are quiet, and the expensive voice is low (incisive)

The water is deep and the waves are quiet, and the expensive voice is low (incisive)

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Liu Yong said:

some people have a loud voice, shaking three times around, while others whisper softly, such as bathing in a warm spring breeze.

the volume of speaking is like a yardstick, measuring the inner self-cultivation.


keep your voice down.

Soong Ching-ling entered a women's university in the United States at the age of 15.

in a class where historical issues were being discussed, an American student stood up and said, "the so-called ancient civilizations, such as China in Asia, have been eliminated by history!"

Soong Ching-ling, sitting in the front row, shook her head disapprovingly, but still listened patiently to the classmate's speech.

after the classmate finished speaking, Soong Ching-ling stood up. Although she was a little excited, she refuted what her American classmate said in a gentle and gentle tone.

Han Han has a good saying: the lower the voice, the greater the aura.

Hua Chunying is regarded as one of the most beautiful spokesmen in the history of Chinese diplomacy.

in the face of sharp questions from foreign reporters, he is still calm and calm, and can still reply to foreign reporters in a calm, confident and domineering manner.

speak slowly, but no one dares to underestimate her iron lady style.

as the saying goes: reason does not lie in the high voice.

Zhang Fei's voice can scare off the troops, but he is still the younger brother of the silent Liu Bei.

A loud voice doesn't make sense, and rushing to say it doesn't prove that you are strong, and a gentle and gentle voice can be resounding as well.

true self-confidence and wealth, without words, let alone publicity, it is hidden in the blood, waiting for the flowers to bloom.



an international organization once described Chinese tourists as follows: "if you don't see him, hear his voice first."

in recent years, more and more Chinese have gone abroad. Americans are the worst tourists in the world, followed by Chinese tourists, according to a survey of "least popular tourists".

the reason is that Chinese tourists bring more noise.

speaking loudly is human instinct, while whispering is a kind of civilization.

seems to amplify your own volume, but it actually narrows your pattern.


whisper, peace and happiness

Family is the place to relax. Family is the one who has been with you the longest. Don't solve the problem by yelling. No one can feel your love in your loud voice.

it's like a whisper between lovers. A soft voice can send love to each other's heart.

whispering is not only related to personal accomplishment, but also to physical health.

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Research shows that

there is a village in Turkmenistan where there are many elderly people who live for more than 100 years. Researchers have found that the secret to the village's longevity is to speak in a low voice.

both men and women, old and young, speak in a very low tone; the village has also promulgated a villagers' convention, stipulating that it is illegal to make loud noise illegal, and those who do not correct repeatedly will be severely punished or even go to prison.

therefore, the village is called "Longevity Whispering Village".

slowly we find that the quieter the place is, the more elegant it is.

the noise of the outside world makes the heart gradually impetuous, falling flowers and flowing water, and it is hard to hear birds singing in deep streams. People who are quiet in their hearts must be gentle and soft-spoken when dealing with others.

the water is deep, the waves are quiet, the people are expensive, the voice is low.

when you are in a formal situation, your voice should be loud; in a public place, your voice should be soft.

whispering is not saying nothing, and a loud voice is not noise. How to grasp, it all depends on the yardstick of your heart and your own self-cultivation.

May you and I both speak slowly, whisper softly, be considerate to each other, don't worry, and wait for the flowers to bloom.