The true identity of 68 top students in the college entrance examination was exposed: "the best education is to fight for your father."

The true identity of 68 top students in the college entrance examination was exposed: "the best education is to fight for your father."

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with the release of the college entrance examination, the top students from all over the country have gradually surfaced.

Tang Chuyue, the top science student in Hubei Province, scored 725, and Yin Tianji, the top science student in Jiangxi Province, scored 705.

while the top students in the college entrance examination have attracted much attention, people's attention has also begun to focus on the parents behind the top students.

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the best school district room is my parents' study

Tang Chuyue, the top student in Hubei science college entrance examination, is a versatile girl.

she scored 725 in the college entrance examination, 146 in Chinese and full in her composition. It is 6 points higher than Yang Chenyu, the No. 1 winner in Guangxi who attracted a lot of attention last year.

Tang Chuyue's teacher said: Chu Yue has always enjoyed the learning process, and the learning efficiency is very high, will learn to play.

in addition to good academic performance, Tang Chuyue has a wide range of interests, such as swimming, playing ball, playing chess, calligraphy and painting.

from primary school to junior high school, she has always been a sports member of the class, and she can be seen in all kinds of school activities.

behind Tang Chuyue's becoming the number one student, it is inseparable from the influence of her parents and the education like the spring breeze.

in Tang Chuyue's attention these days, there are a large number of educational methods that can be used for reference online.

and what moves me most is the detail behind these educations.

after Tang Chuyue's grades came out, Mother Tang shared her diary from 11 years ago. According to the

diary, when Tang Chuyue learned that the total score of the college entrance examination was 750 at the age of 7, she set forth lofty ambitions:

most parents would not take what a seven-year-old child said seriously.

Mama Tang wrote it carefully in her diary, and the most moving thing was the sentence at the end:

seeing here, I can already guess the positive influence brought by her parents when Tang Chuyue was growing up.

she can't stand out in the college entrance examination without the inspiration given to her by her parents from an early age.

as the mother of Yang Chenyu, the top student in the college entrance examination in Guangxi in 2019, said:

this year, Xie Xinying, the top student in science in Chongqing, scored 726 in science. She was the top student in Chongqing high school entrance examination three years ago.

when asked about the secrets of learning, Xie Xinying's head teacher said, "I admire her very good study habits."

in order to cultivate Xie Xinying's concentration, her parents took her to practice the piano since she was five years old, and finally passed the CET-10 piano exam. Her parents will also deliberately exercise her logical thinking and independent thinking ability.

some people say that genius cannot be copied, but excellence must be traced.

the famous German philosopher Jaspers said:

the essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul summons another soul.

it doesn't make a sound, it just lets the people in front of you do their own thing, go their own way, and then let change happen naturally.

if there is any shortcut to learning, it must be the good habits and good mentality that parents help their children develop.

the best school district room is the parents' study;

the best famous school is a warm and loving family;

the best education is the parents' words and deeds.


behind every miracle born out of nowhere, parents are struggling to lift

writer Baldwin said:

Xie Na once lamented on Weibo that the child's imitation ability is so strong that what she does, the child will follow, and feel that he has met a strong opponent on the road of imitation.

some people say:

Wu Yishu once stunned the whole audience in the Poetry Conference and became a "talented girl" who attracted much attention.

Wu Yishu's mother said:

"genius does not exist. Any good child is not a miracle born out of thin air, but a cause and effect that can be followed.

its cause is in the family. Its roots are in the parents. "

behind every excellent child, there are parents struggling to lift.

Wu Yi-Shu's father turns off her cell phone at 4:30 every afternoon. Sometimes I focus on my own affairs, and sometimes I discuss poems and songs with Wu Yi-Shu.

what is the strength of a father who is immersed in games all day to require his children to concentrate on their studies?

how can a mother who likes to complain all day make her child sunny and confident?

Anders Erickson, a professor of psychology, said in "deliberate practice":

Real education has never been a skill of turning stone into gold and standing to become a Buddha, but a process of spring breeze and natural inaction.


the essence of education is "fighting father"

data show that in the past 10 years, the proportion of top students in the family of senior intellectuals has increased year by year.

in 2018, the family background of the top student in the college entrance examination was exposed. The results show that

has to admit that the educational resources created by parents can make children walk more leisurely in the college entrance examination when thousands of troops cross the single-log bridge.

in 2018, a 5-year-old Mudu boy introduced himself to PPT in order to qualify for admission to a certain school.

5-year-old children with rich hobbies, covering Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Macao, Guangdong and Guangdong, Japan and Southeast Asia.

this 5-year-old's resume puts many adults to shame. Some people sighed, "if there are really talented people born, they will already win."

others say, "the children of other people can only be envied."

everyone knows that behind all "other people's children", there is one.A "other family's parents".

the parents of the controversial child are both top students who graduated from Fudan University.

the height of parents determines the starting point of children.

if you work hard, your children will get better educational resources.

in an episode of extreme Challenge, there was a special segment:

the host asked all the children to stand on the same starting line, then asked questions, and if the answer was yes, move on, otherwise stay where they are.

1. Have parents received any education above college?

2. Have your parents ever hired an one-on-one tutor for you?

3. Do your parents let you continue to study a special subject other than your homework and still maintain a certain standard at present?

4. Have you ever traveled abroad?

5. Did your parents promise to send you to study abroad?

6. Do your parents always regard you as proud and show off you in front of your friends and relatives?

six questions are over. Some children have walked into the gym from the starting line, some are still on their way, and some are still staying where they are.

those children who stay where they are, even if they try their best for the rest of their lives, it will be difficult to surpass those who walk first.

the essence of education is to fight for parents.

it is only the struggle for parents in the context of education, not the parasitism and inheritance of the second generation of government officials and the second generation of rich people.

once there was a photo that sparked discussion among parents. A mother was reading on the subway, and her children were naturally holding books.

next to them, another mother is staring at her mobile phone and playing games, and the child sitting next to her is also looking at the phone with her head.

where your time is, your child's future is.

if you don't make progress, the child will be humble all his life.

so if you want to raise good children, you must first become good parents.

the way you deal with people and your attitude towards life will exert a subtle influence on your children.

if you use the time you spend playing mahjong to work out and the time you spend playing with your mobile phone to learn new skills, your child will be self-disciplined and self-motivated.

these qualities and habits are all ordinary parents can give their children, so that they can enjoy the precious wealth of life, is the capital for them to face the cruel social competition when they grow up.